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I am against radical Islam. I maintain an understanding of Islam in the European sense, in the sense that the Companions of our Prophet (saas) lived in, in the sense that the residents of the Heaven live in. This world should be like Heaven; there is a mistake if it turns out to be Hell.


In many countries people are acting hostile towards Israel just to look nice to radicals.


It is wicked to persecute priests who have dedicated themselves to God (28.07.2013)

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It is very difficult to govern a radical society without being a radical. Similarly it is not easy to preach Islam to them while standing against radicalism. As our Prophet (saas) has foretold Mahdi will run into these difficulties as well.


Immaculate Muslims are sniped at because of radicals.


It is the extremists, not Jews, who made the Ottoman Empire collapse from inside (14.09.2013)

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In Egypt they can to come power not by radicalism but by Islam (24.09.2013)

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If American television was to broadcast programs describing the true Islam for a month, radicalism would largely disappear from the world (24.01.2014)

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Islamophobia is formed because of radicalism. That is the doing of bigots. Without the system of the Mahdi, bigots would have erased Islam from the face of this world. The system of the Mahdi is the reason why Islam remained in this world. The system of the Mahdi is the reason why they fail to disintegrate Turkey. Or else, they were planning to raze Turkey to the ground.


It is not right to look at a bigot with hatred. Bigots are actually people who've developed a sickness over time. We see that this sickness progresses in time as people reinforce one another with this sickness. That is why we need to approach them reasonably with a kind, compassionate manner.


ISIS is guided by superstition. The solution is pure Qur’anic education

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ISIS cannot be destroyed with guns and bombs


I am stating clearly that, Islam will prevail all around the world and those who are expecting bigotry will see a very modern and quality way of life. The Age of Bliss and bigotry are totally different. Furthermore, atheists and communists will say “if we knew it would be like this, we would have supported it with all our hearts”.


In the period of Hazrat Mahdi (as); like the collapse of Darwinism and materialism, bigotry and obscurantism will be wiped out. The system of the Mahdi will sweep over obscurantism so much so that it will never come out again. But just after the period of the Mahdi (as) time, communism will rise from the grave again; though [the terror of] the doomsday will break out over those [communists]. That form of communism will be a much more corrupt and bloodier form.

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21-34 / Total: 34
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