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Prime Minister

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Talk of Islamic Union from the prime minister


Prime Minister: No division in this period


Turkish Prime Minister: Our Jewish citizens' security is under our guarantee


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''A secular state is equidistant from all religious groups.''


Prime Minister Erdogan: ''I told Gaddafi to withdraw.''


Mr. President: 'We were able to survive the economic crisis with the feelings of gratitude and contentment


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 December 2011


Egypt greeted Prime Minister Erdogan with exuberance


Friday Prayer at Martyrs' Square affected Libyan people


Prime Minister Erdoğan: There is no turning back


Prime Minister Erdoğan: Some Don’t Wish To See Turkey Embracing Its Brothers


The statements of our Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan inviting the whole Islamic World to unity are very important


Putin can form the Turkish-Islamic Union together with our PM Erdoğan


Our Kurdish brothers and sister have gone through devastating tortures at the time. We need to make them forget about those dark days. An amazing love, an amazing compassion is what our Kurdish brothers and sisters deserve. And our Prime Minister approaches them with the compassion of a Muslim. That is great masha'Allah.


Turkey can spread the companions' understanding of Islam to the whole world.


Our people longed for such a government for years. We have a President and a Prime Minister both of whom perform their prayers. That is a great blessing and a great beauty.


Our Prime Minister is here in the morning and there in the evening, he doesn't stop day or night. He continuously works without any break. That can only be possible when one is specially provided with that strength, when one's way is opened, when Allah gives that special power. That is a hidden secret of Allah. Allah gives him that strength, He makes his feet firm.


We should support our Prime Minister both with our prayers and with our actions, we should strengthen his hand. This would be very effective against external powers as well. It would be very beneficial for them to know that the prime minister is not alone and that he has the support of 70 million faithful people behind him.


We are by our Prime Minister's side until the very end. He should keep his heart at ease. If any pressure comes upon our Prime Minister from external forces, we, as a nation, would give the necessary response by means of law.


It was the longing of every person of faith in Turkey to have a President and a Prime Minister who are masters in tasawwuf.


''The success of Mr. Tayyip Erdogan and the government is based on the importance they place on love and compassion...''


There is the radiance of a Muslim on our Prime Minister, it is clearly understood that he is a good person. We trust him, his heart should be at ease.


Voters of the AK Party stand up to presidential system


It is not acceptable to leave our Prime Minister on his own means. We should altogether support and help our Prime Minister compassionately. We should reinforce his hand as a nation. Let us say; "For the unity of our state, we are behind you as a nation to the death."


CHP, MHP, BBP.. All political parties should support our Prime Minister about the unitary structure of our country.


''May Allah grant a long life to Mr. Tayyip. May Allah give you beauty and goodness. May Allah remove all troubles from you. May He give peace and abundance and open your way in the way of Allah and Islamic Union. May Allah make you victorious. May He neutralize your enemies and make your friends closer...''


Prime Minister Erdogan is created as an officer who will render his services to the Unity of Islam.


We submit our efforts related to relations between Israel and the Islamic world for Allah’s approval


There must be an end to this trend toward hatred in the Islamic world


We request from our Prime Minister to abolish RTUK (Radio and Television Supreme Council). They should close RTUK and leave television free. RTUK is an application that hinders freedoms. If someone commits a crime we have courts to deal with that anyway.


Leaving the Prime Minister alone and saying; "You do whatever you do!" would not be a conscientious manner. We should be supporting him as a nation.


''ADNAN OKTAR: We ask our mother Mrs. Erdogan to explain that she is against Darwinism and materialism''


We trust our Prime Minister. Our Prime Minister is a very vigilant, very strong person, he is at a rate of knots Masha’Allah. MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency) is very strong as well, so is our army, they are very keen and active, by the leave of Allah.


It would be nice if our Prime Minister could stop by Israel before and after his trip to Gazza. His embracing Jewish children and having discourses with Rabbis would be a beauty.


We congratulate our Prime Minister, he is governing the country with very rational maneuvers.


Let us, as a nation, roar like a lion in the democratic platform against the danger of separation. This would strengthen our Prime Minister’s hand.


A holy light pours out of our Prime Minister, he constantly prays, good words comes out of his mouth all the time, masha’Allah.


Our prime minister is the greatest leader since Ataturk


Let us keep all these beautiful speeches of our Prime Minister; these words should not be forgotten.


Our Prime Minister is not a person that could be intimidated. Furthermore those who assume that our Prime Minister is alone are in a grave mistake.


Our Prime Minister’s bravery and courage for our nation and homeland is evident. Our people should have a profound feeling of loyalty towards our Prime Ministers. We will not let anyone act treacherously. Being treacherous against the Prime Minister is both cruelty and ingratitude.


We will not let anyone to be disloyal and treacherous against the Prime Minister. Treachery is an abnormal behavior that Allah does not like, it is a collapse of good conscience.


Our Prime Minister exclaims about the events in Syria because he is a conscientious person.


Our Prime Minister looks at the incidents with the eye of the Hidden Knowledge, with an eye seeing the hidden aspects of events.


Our Prime Minister is a very candid Muslim. His services are perfect and his hardworking nature is perfect.


Our Prime Minister approaches our Syrian brothers and sisters very compassionately and very reasonably.


''Our Prime Minister speaks like a Muslim on the subject of the refugees who have come to us from Syria''


''Our Prime Minister truly hurts because of the oppression in Syria''


''The Ottomans have always opened their doors to those seeking help. Our Prime Minister is doing the same for our Syrian brothers and sisters''


Allah opens the way for our Master Tayyip, there is a sign in this. Our Prime Minister is not an ordinary leader. There is no permission for our Master Tayyip to put a limit to his service in this post with 3 terms. Our master Tayyip is in charge about the system of the Mahdi and the Jesus Messiah. He should be Prime Minister in the year 2023 as well. He should continue to serve until he dies, insha’Allah. Our people want our Master Tayyip on his post.


Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement that he opposes ideologies that regard humans as animals is highly important


Our Prime Minister is living a very difficult life devoid of compassion. A lot of people advance upon him. His life is very tiresome. At the end of the day, he is human as well, he might be carrying that tension on himself but our Prime Minister is not an arrogant person, he is an enthusiastic man of service. He wants to serve beauty to his people. It is not compliant with good conscience to advance upon him this much.


Our Prime Minister is an inoffensive, religious person. He is making a great effort to serve our people for years. It would be wrong to say that a Prime Minister who says “I am the servant of my people,” is arrogant.


Our friends should approach our Master Tayyip more compassionately. Being subjected to a continuous spirit of hatred would harm a person’s psyche deeply and it would wear him out. Gross insults to the Prime Minister and his kin are both a sin and a shame.


In such difficult times, there are not much people who advocate our Master Tayyip. Many people are merely watching Prime Minister, however they should protect and watch over him. But our nation loves him.


It would be very nice for our Master Tayyip to be humorist and joyous. The well-intentioned, innocent ones among the demonstrator youth are very sweet. There is good in joining their joy. Young people are proud, flattering their pride and talking to them with an affectionate and witty language would be very nice.


Our Prime Minister is a person open to criticism and suggestions. But that cannot be done by putting someone on shame, ideas should be voiced eloquently.


Our Prime Minister is an immaculate, compassionate Anatolian young man. He is a person who knows compassion very well.


It should not be forgotten that our Master Tayyip needs compassion as well. Being a Prime Minister is the most difficult, most stressful post in the world. Let us help our Master Tayyip.


Our master Tayyip loves youngsters a lot but our brothers and sisters should not forget that our master Tayyip is under a great pressure.


Our people should pray for our Master Tayyip. May Allah give relief to his heart.


Our Master Tayyip has always lived a life full of sufferings. Those insults he had been subjected to will turn to him as good deeds.


Our Master Tayyip is a God-fearing, reasonable and modest person. It is a duty of loyalty for our people to show love to our Prime Minister.


Our Master Tayyip is very dear. They should not tire him that much. The talented people around our Master Tayyip should start taking more responsibility.


In the latest incidents, other than us, there has been no one supporting our Master Tayyip. Most of them remained silent. They only watched. They are expecting everything from our Master Tayyip. He is a human.


Adopting an attitude against the Prime Minister of a country in times of commotion is against good-conscience.


It is very nice that new trees are being planted in Taksim.


Our Master Tayyip is a radiant person, as long as he acts in compliance with the approval of God, he will never be defeated, insha'Allah.


Some people are trying to present our Master Tayyip in a very different way. Our Master Tayyip is an inoffensive Anatolian young man, he is a radiant person.


Some people are constantly criticizing the Prime Minister. Aren’t there any positive aspects about the Prime Minister, aren’t there any good things that he had accomplished? That is not acceptable, that is not a sincere approach. One can make a constructive criticism when necessary but you also say things that are good as well.


Our Prime Minister is not someone who resists things that are good and beautiful. He is very nicely atoning for the Gezi Park incident.


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not be a Prime Minister in the political sense, he is a spiritual leader.


It is very important to help our Master Tayyip and not to leave him alone. We should protect our Prime Minister so that our nation’s understanding of loyalty can be seen.


As a nation we should not leave our Prime Minister out of our feeling of loyalty. Leaving a person who is constantly given a hard time alone during those times or attempting to waste that person would not become the spirit of youth and bravery.


Our Master Tayyip should make a great move in modernity and in the field of arts and cause the whole world to marvel.


By using the word “Çapulcu [marauder]” our Prime Minister meant those who attack our police officers, those who vandalize, those who have the determination to shed blood. The description of the word “çapulcu” should be given tenaciously. No one should declare themselves as “çapulcu” in vain. To spare the soul of the wit, such jokes should not be overdone. A joke should not be repeated a hundred times, a thousand times.


Our nation will never accept discrimination based on race (27.06.2013)


Yalçın Akdoğan is a very clever blessed person. Our Prime Minister has acted very wisely by making him his advisor. Masha'Allah.


PM Tayyip Erdogan has never played politics with religion. Our PM acts only in the way his piety requires him to behave. There is no such thing as playing politics with religion.


They should not give such a hard time to our Master Tayyip. That is a shame and also is not compliant with good conscious.


Because he devoted his heart to God, because he sides with those who are wronged, because he is not played by people with ill-intentions, God's help will always be with our PM Tayyip Erdoğan, so will the help of good people.


They should not upset our PM Tayyip Erdoğan. Calling him a dictator is a shame and also a sin. And he should not pay attention to those things they say. That is because we do not think that way. On the contrary Mr. Erdoğan is the most moderate, most reasonable leader of the Middle East.


Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan's task is very difficult. People should avoid giving him such a hard time. On the contrary he should be approached with respect and compassion.


“They must use a very affectionate language toward our PM Tayyip Erdoğan”


Prime Minister Erdogan said that he asks for a Moses who will save the Islamic world (15.08.2013)


It is very important development that our prime minister has eliminated the gangs within the state (18.09.2013)


Our Prime Minister is a precious politician who had gone through many sufferings and hardship (27.10.2013)


Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement, “We will protect Jews, Christians and atheists” is very fine (27.10.2013)


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has given our Alawite brothers a fine message (03.11.2013)


Our Prime Minister’s words about Karbala are very significant (11.11.2013)


Our Prime Minister is an altruistic and virtuous person (06.12.2013)


The importance of reconciling Muslims is emphasized in the hadiths (07.12.2013)


The owner of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is our nation, no one can do any harm to him (17.12.2013)


God supports our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and he is blessed with the abundance of the system of Mahdi (17.12.2013)


It is stated in the hadith that in the End Times the two Islamic communities with the same goal would struggle with one another (18.12.2013)


“My humble request from our people is that no one should write anything provoking that would create tumult”


Our nation believes in our Prime Minister's sincerity (23.12.2013)


Our Prime Minister’s statement is so important: ''Believers are brothers'' (23.12.2013)


Let us not offend one another over trivial things, but speak positively (25.12.2013)


It is a violation of good conscience to strive against the prime minister on artificial pretexts (27.12.2013)


One of the reasons for the opposition to the government in that our government desires Islamic Union (27.12.2013)


The corruption operation is delighting some of the neocons in the American secret state (27.12.2013)


It is very important that our prime minister made a speech about not abandoning the countries in the region (16.01.2014)


Our Prime Minister assists Muslims countries by looking on them with affection (18.01.2014)


Instead of taking sides, we must look at things with justice and the spirit of the Qur’an (23.01.2014)


Our Prime Minister is an upright and modest man. He has served us very successfully, and we will not let anyone damage that (21&26.01.2014)


It was very good how our prime minister referred to Iran as his second home (29&31.01.2014)


It is fine that Prime Minister Erdogan is interrelated with people (17.02.2014)


It is fine that Prime Minister Erdoğan calls every girl, whether with headscarf or without headscarf, as his daughter (23.02.2014)


Every attack and incident strengthens our prime minister (15.03.2014)


There is no risk of fanaticism in Turkey (22.03.2014)


Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can relax; the nation is with him (21.03.2014)


Ali Babacan: We Cannot Let Anyone Overbear Our Prime Minister


Our prime minister is in the prayers of hundreds of thousands of Syrians (23.04.2014)


Our prime minister is the prime minister of the age of the system of the Mahdi (27.04.2014)


Our prime minister has shown Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani great respect (23.04.2014)


What is the reason for our prime minister’s success? (02.05.2014)


What our prime minister said about protecting the Yazidis, that it might have happened to us, was very important


Japanese Prime Minister saved the money, and got the people killed


Ten Thousand Village Guards To Be Appointed Upon Approval by Prime Minister Davutoğlu


Meetings held with Mr. Netanyahu and Israeli Ministers on behalf of Mr. Adnan Oktar


Our friends provided the details of their Israel visit and their meeting with Netanyahu on behalf of Adnan Oktar


Turkey enters new era


Prime Minister Davutoğlu: “We Will Give an Aid of One Thousand Liras to the Families in the Region”


Mr. Davutoğlu: “The source of the terrorist activities of the PYD and the YPG is Qandil”


Winds of change in Turkey


The beginning of a new era in Turkish politics


The Prime Minister of Yemen and many other countries started to disclose the villainous deeds of the British deep state

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