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Mullah's execution and lessons to learn


It is time to reflect


Death penalty: Justified murder


They executed Abdulqader Mollah by beating him up (29.12.2013)

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Everyone But Turkey Kept Silent

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Bangladesh’s Problems Are Large, But Not Insuperable


Those who sentenced the president of Jamaat-e-Islami to death in Bangladesh and those encouraging it are committing crimes

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Executions will only drag Bangladesh into darkness

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Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs should step in to prevent the execution of Rahman Nizami in Bangladesh

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Our brothers and sisters should take legal action against the executions in Bangladesh. No one should remain quiet.

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Bangladesh should see that executions would not bring any solution.
 All Muslim countries and the world should stand against these executions.


An open letter for stopping Mir Quasem Ali's execution - 2

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The British Deep State has literally taken Bangladesh under its control. This is the reason for the continuing executions of Muslims in Bangladesh. We sent letters to all officials and NGO's in the US, Russia and EU countries to stop the execution of Mir Quasem Ali. When there is no reaction to the executions, it becomes almost ordinary to execute Muslims. People live in a careless and indifferent manner. We did all in our power to stop execution of Mir Quasem Ali. Insha'Allah, he will enter Paradise, and those who execute him will go to Hell.


No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas

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21-34 / Total: 34
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