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Bashar Al-Assad

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President Beshar al-Assad: Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same


Bashar al-Assad: Turkey is the unique country with its intermediary role


Beshar Esad is insistent about Turkey's becoming the negotiator


Bashar al-Assad: Turkey is the unique country with its intermediary role


A first in Beirut, years later


A letter demanding unity from Beshar Esad


President Beshar al-Assad: Turkish blood and Arab blood are the same


Bashar al-Assad: Turkey surely must be a mediator


Bashar al-Assad and the Ergenekon of Syria


Bashar al-Assad: Turkey surely must be a mediator


Putin should not support Syria's immoral leaders


Putin says that Assad must step down


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 September 2012


It is possible to convince Bashar Al-Assad. Turkey should get in contact with Al-Assad and Ahmadinejad. Mr. Ahmadinejad and Bashar Al-Assad should come together and announce that they want the Unity of Islam.


US- Turkey – Iran should do good by forming an alliance; they should take Al-Assad out of Syria.


The deep state in Syria is holding Bashar Al-Assad captive. It is possible to convince Al-Assad by telling him that he would not be approached with a vindictive spirit and to take him out of Damascus right away. However he is very anxious and afraid at the moment. Let us reassure him and take him from there and bring him to Turkey at all costs. We should be in contact with Ahmadinejad about this.


Al-Assad can be talked into establishing the Unity of Islam


Bashar Al-Assad should ask for the Unity of Islam. The scorched and dead systems should be removed in Syria and the system of the Mahdi should begin to develop.


We’ll do everything we can for the peace


‘Putin will convince Assad to leave’


Granting political asylum to Assad and his family


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 23 December 2012)


Bashar Al-Assad and Öcalan share the same mindset. They both are Stalinists.


There is no power to be ascribed to Esad, Putin has the power. The minute Putin withdraws his support from Syria, the regime will be overthrown. Syrian dissidents should back Putin.


Allah shows in the Qur’an how the situation in Syria can be resolved.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad doesn't make a sound at all. He should step up and say "Allah!" He should openly say that he wants the Unity of Islam.


If Al-Bashar Al-Assad were to talk about the system of the Mahdi, Allah would take this scourge from him, the scourge would glide over him.


We ask al-Assad to say that he wants the Unity of Islam and to get in touch with us


If Al-Assad says that he wants the Unity of Islam, if he declares that he is against bigotry, if he says; "there is no discrimination among Alawites and Sunnis, they are all brothers," if he prays saying; "may Allah send us the Mahdi (pbuh)," these scourges upon him will disappear.


Al-Assad should say that he loves Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and that he is waiting for him. He should say that he is advocating the Unity of Islam and state that “Sunnis and Alewites are brothers”, he should say that he is against bigotry and radicalism. And then we will strip that scourge off of him, insha’Allah; our promise is one and Allah is One.


Al-Assad should make a beautiful statement regarding the issues that I have stated. He should start his statement saying; "Bismillah Ar-rahman Ar-Rahim." He should not say things like "principles of mutual interest," and such. When interests are started to be talked about, friendship disappears. He should leave aside such turns of phrases.


Bashar Assad must say he loves the Mahdi.


The Baath regime in Syria is definitely a communist regime


Al-Bashar Al-Assad presents himself as if he is a Sunni but he is not a Sunni, nor an Alawite. He is in a wretched situation at the moment. He is in a very difficult position. US and Russia should come to an agreement, get hold of Al-Assad and smuggle him out of the country, they should save him from there.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad can come to Turkey as well. He should come be our guest. We can take care of him for a life time. We would not let even a strand of his hair be hurt in Turkey, we promise. Our word is one, Allah is One.


Let us save Al-Assad, let us bring him to Turkey. Let our Alawite brothers come in power in Syria. Alawite means the lover of the Mahdi. When they hear the name Mahdi (pbuh) they feel exhilarated.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad is in the hands of a godless, bookless, communist gang. Putin is a brave man, he is courageous. He should take Al-Assad taken secretly and help him sneak out of Syria. Someone strong and capable like Putin cannot easily be found to lead the Russians. His existence should be very well made use of.


Alawites are lovers of Allah. In Syria Alawites must come to power. With a special operation, Putin can take Assad out of Syria


It is unlawful (haram) for Muslims to oppress others. The reason why communist system is prevalent in many Islamic countries is their presenting Islam as a religion of savagery.


We request Putin to take Bashar Assad to a secure country, not to surrender him


''If Putin takes Al-Assad and his family under his protection and get them out of Syria, the war would come to an end.''


The panic of the current Syrian government should be calmed down. They are consumed in a fear of death. Giving them a guarantee to ensure that they will not be trialed if they withdraw might have a calming effect.


''It is not acceptable to sit back and watch the cruelty our Syrian refugee brothers are experiencing.''


Davutoğlu: Al-Assad can run for election if he thinks he will be supported


Davutoğlu: Al-Assad can run for election if he thinks he will be supported


Master Tayyip and Putin can solve this matter by taking the US support as well. They can make it possible to go to the democratic elections by giving a guarantee to Al-Assad and by saving him from there.


An affectionate and conciliatory policy should be adopted while establishing connections with other countries. For instance Al-Assad could have been persuaded at the outset of the events, however the incidents have been watched for a while. But still it is not too late. Even in the brunt of a fight it is possible to reconcile. It is not acceptable to come to deadlocks in various issues.


In his hadiths our Prophet (saas) drew attention to the war intensifying in Ghutah Syria and foretold that Ghutah will be the place where there will be the greatest number of martyrs. That is a great miracle.


Adnan Oktar: The US Could Direct The Funds Reserved For Bombing Syria To Refugees


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”


No result can be attained with a military air intervention to Syria. The best thing to do is to evacuate the public from there. That is the soundest method. Syrian people should cross the border to take refuge in the surrounding countries. They can return to their countries when the regime is changed. They should not worry at all; Syria belongs to Syrian people.


It is not possible to have an impact on Syria through politics. A new Syria can only be possible with cultural education.


It is highly risky to have an air intervention to Syria. Loses might be suffered no matter what. I do not find air bombing reasonable even if it targets particular points. No result can be attained with rockets and bombs. They should give up that idea.


It is not a reasonable movement to wait for the rescue of the US for Syria.


We do pray for the salvation of people in Syria but the prayer done through actions is what needs to be done. God wants us to hold on to all means and actions. The Companions of our Prophet (saas) strived on the Way of God all through their lives with all they have.


The only solution to the suffering in Syria is Islamic Union


Islamic countries are after their own pleasure, they are indulging themselves. They are watching Syria as if they are watching a movie from a distance.


The attempt to collect all chemical weapons in the region is merely a movement to stall things. What should be done is to unite the Islamic countries as soon as possible.


If Islamic countries go into Syria from 70 different points, the war will end in 70 minutes. (16.09.2013)


In a sense, Al-Assad is saying; "Alright then, I will not kill by chemicals, but by choking, by hanging and chopping, by burning."


Assad's license to kill with conventional weapons


It is simply unbelivable that people are thanking Al-Assad for the destruction of chemical weapons. All forms of killings are atrocious, and as such there is an abdication of reason in the world about this.


Al-Assad should be taken out of Syria without any harm reaching his life and possessions. Russia doesn't want the humiliation of Al-Assad. If precautions are taken to prevent the humiliation of Al-Assad, he might be taken out of the country.


The 30.000 people killed in Syria during the last 6 months were killed by conventional weapons, not chemical weapons (07.10.2013)


Russia would only let a change in administration in Syria without Assad being dishonored (08.10.2013)


Syrian children ask, “What have we done to Assad?” (05.10.2013)


Al-Assad is a miserable person who has been left in the hands of a deep state gang; he is a captive. Actually he is one of the wronged ones, and he should be saved as well.


Our Prophet foretold devastation in the lands of Sham (15.11.2013)


Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith (22.11.2013)


Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith


Even if Assad goes, the opposition between the groups will not end. The solution is the system of the Mahdi (05.12.2013)


A solution in Syria will come about through the logic of the system of the Mahdi, not the crazed logic of Assad (07.01.2014)


Islamic unity key to solving Syria's war


Islamic peace force can stop Syria killings


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s analysis of the photographs of torture in Syria (21.01.2014)


How Russia Can Help Bring Relief to Syrians


What if you were living in a refugee camp?


Will the fighting end if Assad goes?


What is going on in Homs?


Is Bashar Assad the sole Bashar Assad?


Almighty God tells Muslims He will stop the bloodshed through the Mahdi (08&09.05.2014)


Not a struggle against men or armies, but ideologies


Our Prophet (saas) foretold that in the time when Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, there would be a war in Ghouta province of Syria and Muslims would be martyred


1,400 years ago, our Prophet (saas) foretold the name of Assad


1,400 years ago, our Prophet (saas) foretold the name of Assad


The PKK's aim is not democratic autonomy in the region, but an independent communist Kurdistan


The condemnation of Bashar Assad, who killed hundreds of thousands of his citizens, of the incident in France shouldn’t be considered as normal


Our Prophet (saas) foretold the incidents happening in Iraq and ISIS 1400 years ago


ISIS will stop shedding blood by Mahdi being instrumental for it and turn to the morality of the Qur'an


Our Prophet (saas) foretold the sequence of the incidents occuring in the Middle East in our time


Syria should be a whole but there is no place for Al-Assad in Syria. Syria's integrity is of course very important; we would not want it to become a country that is all in pieces. But Al-Assad should be changed and a rational, loving person should come as his replacement.


Yarmouk cries for help


Why does the World ignore the Syrians’ ordeal?


Those wishing to send back the Syrian refugees back to Syria would be persecuting them more than Assad


Who is US ally in Middle East?


Our Prophet (saas) foretold that Bassar Assad would pay homage to Hazrat Mahdi (as)




New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 September 2015)


About one-third of Syria's land could be under the control of Bashar Al-Assad and the remaining two-thirds of it could be bound to Turkey as a federation. Turkey can be a guarantor state and the matter will then be closed once and for all. It will also be under the guarantee of NATO: Turkey is affiliated with NATO and that federation will thus be included in the lands of Turkey. The matter will all be solved.


Bashar Al-Assad may establish a state in Latakia. The other part of Syria may be annexed to Turkey as a Federation.


Our Prophet (saas) informed that a fire will flame the tribe of Assad in the era of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


What should Assad do for the salvation of Syria?


Putin: “No Solution to Syria Crisis Without Assad”


Putin: “In Syria, a Solution can not be Arrived Without Assad”


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 September 2015)


Adnan Oktar’s live talk with Ms. Rafif Jouejati Jouejati, Syrian activist for Local Coordinating Committees in Syria and Director of Free-Syria and her activist friends


Adnan Oktar: We proposed a political solution, which includes Bashar Assad for Syria


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 February 2016)


It is not essential for Assad to be the president of Syria, but a government accepted by the people must be formed as soon as possible and talks must be held with them.

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