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A question that people must constantly ask themselves: Do I always bear in mind the fact that Allah creates all things?


A question that one needs to constantly ask himself: ''Do I every moment think that it is Allah Who does everything?''


What Darwinists Fail To Consider


The Perfect Design in the Universe Is Not by Chance


Ever Thought About The Truth?


Let’s Learn Our Islam


Are natural disasters a precursor of the end times?


Seeing the clear proofs of Allah's existence


Every moment, every second


Prayer in the Qur'an


Knowing our lord - for children 12


The fact of creation


The Qur'an leads the way to science


The secret beyond matter


Deep thinking


The miracle of the brain


The deceit that the human ability to think is the same as that of other living things


The Day After Tomorrow: The recent alarming blockbuster provides much food for thought


Deep in his heart, everyone must have a private, profound sincerity and intimacy towards Allah. Having an indifferent and distant style even in such secluded moments is an important deficiency that needs serious consideration…


Not to show an erroneous courage saying, 'I can compensate it anyhow'


Thinking and the information that comes with thinking is the information that comes to us through Allah's inspiration.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (11 August, 2013)


We may be constantly experiencing miracles but only those who think could become aware of them. God has set a special trap for those who do not think, He has set a trap with the reasons. Some are suffocated inside those reasons and fail to see the truth. They imagine that they are walking about by themselves, in fact God is the One Who makes them walk, they want to go to somewhere but God is the One Who takes them there.


God makes people to think about Himself with the incidents He created. It is very important to think, in the Qur'an God encourages people to think.


Information does not flow to the brain out of the blue. The brain should be disciplined; it should be educated. It is not possible to do by sitting back, one needs to work for it. Thinking is an act of worship, just like prayers.


One doesn't need very detailed technical knowledge to constantly think about and remember God.

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