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If you believe in God, it would be cruel not to wake up for the morning prayer. That is because you promise God and say, "I love you," to God: You say, "I appreciate your blessings and I'm thankful to you." But then you say, "I do not want to thank you!" How is that acceptable?


One wakes up for the morning prayers with love. God created you with all these details and gives you uninterrupted blessings. In the morning God gives you food, He feeds you at lunch time and also at dinner. He gives you your breath constantly and has your heart working uninterruptedly night and day. If He stops your heart for a moment, you would be dead. If He stops your breathing for a moment, you would be dead. If you consider prayers to be too much for God, that would be foul play against God.

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Love: The core of Islamic Ethics

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For the survival of our country, for securing our unity and integrity, this policy of hatred should be put away. The retrogressive spirit should be put away. That is because hatred is the main policy in the traditionalist bigoted mindset. There is hatred towards everything in that spirit.


An immense spirit of hatred prevails among youth. Hatred towards Russia, hatred towards Israel, hatred towards Greece, hatred towards Iran, hatred among themselves, hatred against other parties, hatred against other football teams, hatred against other cities; I mean they develop an incomprehensible spirit of hatred. Overthrowing such societies would then be very easy. That is why before all else this spirit of hatred should go away. That is one of the most urgent matters.


Our Prophet (saas) states that when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) reads the Qur'an, some scholars will claim that some sections are excluded from the Qur’an

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Once they attempt to subvert a country, first they turn their people into loveless, vindictive, crude, brutal, crass, blood-shedding wild people far removed from aesthetics and arts that spread seeds of hatred around, who do not love any race or any society. After that, annihilating those people, wiping out that society, becomes very easy. That is the preliminary phase of that destruction.


Even the prettiest, the most beautiful body will disintegrate under the ground. Life is very short: We thank God for the current form He gave us but it is not acceptable for one to get attached to that body. When the grave of even the most beautiful one in the world is opened there is nothing other than a skeleton, a skull and some bones. All those strong men, all those sturdy men, are in their graves with their decayed bones.


Galata is sacred for the British deep state. They carried out all their malice such as murders and torture there. It was the center of their intelligence. They used the Galata Tower for intelligence.

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Let us think that no one objects when we preach religion and that they accept everything we tell them, that everyone supports and applauds us and we've gone to the Hereafter, what would happen then? The good deeds attained would be one in a million. But if we meet opposition, if we strive in the path of God, you would be attaining millions of good deeds. God creates resistance specifically for Muslims to attain a lot of good deeds. It is presented to Muslims by God as a blessing.


Since Galata is the center of the Mevlevi dervish monasteries, the members of the British deep state attach great importance to Galata. That district is crucial for them; they regard it as the meeting point of their spies, of their agents.


Turkey should be a model country. Primarily the British deep state is trying to annihilate Turkey for the last 200 years. Instead of being annihilated, turn Turkey into an ultramodern country that the whole Islamic world would take as a role model so that Turkey would serve the Islamic world very good.


The British deep state wants to present all the Muslims as ISIS and Al-Qaida followers and create a terror bloc in the world so they developed a strategy to move ahead with the mentality claiming that “Muslims are terrorists and all terrorists are the same, they are a whole, we should annihilate them altogether." That is to say they are trying to create a perception equating the word “terrorist” with the word “Muslim". That is a grave danger.


The Western deep states, primarily the British deep state, have developed a new trick, a new technique; they want to define Muslims as terrorists as a whole. I mean they want to equate the word “terrorist” with “Muslim”. That is what they work for.


Our Prophet (saas) informed that when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) communicates religion, people will flee from him mindlessly

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Can Events in Myanmar Be Erased from the Pages of History?

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Why Plans for Redrawing the Middle East Will Fail?

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Why Plans for Redrawing the Middle East Will Fail?

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A call for sanity: How the Quran-abiding Muslims view the Jews

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One needs to be compassionate towards Muslims in any case; that is because if one looks with rage, he would have to discard almost ninety-nine percent of Muslims. For instance, you call ISIS terrorists - we are of course against the violence they are inflicting but the majority of Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India have the same mentality because they are educated that way. That is why instead of discarding them, we need to concentrate on saving them and approaching them with compassion.

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1-20 / Total: 27510
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