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As followers of the Mahdi we have come to crush satan underfoot

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Why are you killing women, children and grannies who are all blessings to us?

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The number of preaching Muslims needs to rise

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Muslims must put an end to inter-sectarian slaughter

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America never thought of using Incirlik against the PKK in all these years. And we will not let Incirlik be used to kill Muslims now

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Mouloud Achour, Kim Chapiron and Elsa Scetbon from French Television are the guests of Mr. Adnan Oktar

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Artistry of Allah in the spider’s web


Dr Abdullah Almuzavizk

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Ebola: A threat that may unite mankind


The solution to poverty lies in love


The Position of Turkey in the War against ISIS


Persecuted but noble: Uyghur Turks


The world will attain peace, but not through political maneuvers


Disagreements Can Only Be Resolved through Understanding, Not Sanctions


Myanmar’s self-image as a nation must change


Professor Mohsin Usmani, Director Highier Studies, Jamia Islamia Darul-uloom Hyderabad, India

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There is light in homes in which the Qur’an is discussed

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Prosperity and abundance would come to America if Obama and his team would stand up for Christians and employ a religious language

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Violence against Rohingya : Myanmar should beware of radicalism


Radicals make up prohibitions that are not in the Qur'an, but they fail to observe even those prohibitions

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1-20 / Total: 22797
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