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Economic Crisis

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (29 March 2013)

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When people assume an attitude against Allah- may Allah forbid- Allah takes away their sustenance, Allah takes away their richness. This is the explanation of the economic crisis.


Turkey is the most blessed country while Europe is in dire straits. Turkey is the country with the most healthy economy. There is a sound balance in between foreign trade and in domestic trade. And that happened thanks to AK Party. Ak Party has been instrumental in that success.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 July 2013)

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This economic collapse that has never been seen before in the American history is a portent of the coming of the Jesus Messiah.


For an invincible country like the US, becoming helpless and the state going bankrupt, is a portent of the appearance of the Mahdi and a portent of Jesus Messiah being on his duty. God does that specifically for them to turn their faces to God. Almighty God does that to show the importance of love, mercy and compassion.


U.S. Economy Collapsed

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The reason why there is economic depression all over the world is because people grew away from God.


The Italian Economy is in a Worrisome State

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Third Major City Bankruptcy in the U.S.

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What Is the Main Reason for the Crisis in Countries’ Economies?


State obliterating forces


Economic instabilities in the world would completely end with the moral values of the Qur’an


God is the One Who gives goods to people. If people attempt to keep all they are given as their own possessions, the body becomes gangrene, the whole system becomes gangrene. The social system, life becomes gangrene, economic crisis starts and people plunge into afflictions.


Countries swamped by debt and interest


Miracles of the end times of our Prophet 19 Iraqis will run out of money

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The European Union is paying the price for having an economic nature above all else

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How Can USA Get out of the Recession?

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History Repeats Itself

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A New Crisis Is about to Rock Europe

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61-80 / Total: 98
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