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Armenia, arm info independent news agency, April 9, 2009, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Aram Gareginyan


Armenia, capital daily, April 9, 2009, interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar by Karen Harutyunyan


Armenia, ARM TV, September 10th 2008


The strong bond between Turkish and Azerbaijani people was once again proven on 14 October 2009


Russia also pleased at Turkish-Armenian initiative


TRT World started broadcasting in Armenian


The Armenians do not have land request


Turkey's brotherly attitude towards the Armenians


Russia is also pleased with Turkish-Armenian expansion


TRT world started broadcasting in Armenian


Not just the Turkish-Armenian border, but also the Azeri-Armenian one will be opened up


The citizens of Van are opening their doors for Armenians


The Promise of A House for Armenians


1500 Citizens of Van hosted Armenians


The citizens of Van are opening their doors for Armenians


Armenians willing to withdraw


THE ARMENIANS ARE VERY DEAR TO US. Let them come. Let them and the Greeks wander round as they like. We will live as friends and brothers, side by side, in the same way we did in Ottoman times. We are all servants of Allah. But they are also brothers in religion among themselves. Of course they will watch out for and protect one another. Muslims will also watch out for and protect one another. But there needs to be a climate of friendship and brotherhood.


Our Armenian brothers love us dearly and we love them dearly as well. We will open up the borders with Armenia and embrace those dear ones.


Our Armenian brothers are very dear to us. We have embraced them for years as the Loyal Nation. It will be the same; they will be able to live in peace and security like they did in the time of Ottomans.


There is a constant search of hatred in some people. They have hatred against Christians, against Jews, against communists, against Armenians. There is no end to their hatred. Nothing can ever be attained with a policy of hatred. Let us live in love and let us see what one could ever lose that way?


When we say Turkish we mean Armenians, Kurdish, Laz people, the whole Turkish nation, everyone living inside the borders of Turkey.


Armenians are the People of the Book. In the Qur'an God demands us to treat them kindly.


Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement, “We will protect Jews, Christians and atheists” is very fine (27.10.2013)


Just as how Azerbaijanis are our brothers, so are Armenians (16.11.2013)


There are two key countries; Armenia and Israel. These are two beauties that should definitely take place within the Turkish Islamic Union. They both were our children in the time of Ottomans; both Armenians and Jews. We will protect and watch over them just like we did back then insha’Allah.


Israel and Armenia are two key countries. Both of them are important parts of Islamic Unity, both of them are important beauties within that structure. Both Jews and Armenians will enjoy utmost freedom. We will all live in peace and beauty within the boundless Turkish Islamic Union together with the whole Islamic World.


We used to live together with Jews, Armenians and Greeks as brothers. They are the People of the Book and are entrusted to us by God. Again with the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union we will insha’Allah embrace all of them with love.


Prime Minister Erdoğan: I Hope That the Armenians Will Apologize As well


If you teach hatred for Israel to your people, the whole Islamic world would also learn hatred for each other. If you do not love the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), how will you love Muslims? You should love the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh); you should love the Armenians, Greeks, Catholics, Protestants, so that you could also love Muslims. They all are the servants of Almighty God.


Our colleagues’ visit to Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomeos


Turks, Kurds, Arabs also suffered along with Armenians during WWI. The Pope must speak after acknowledging the historical facts


How nice it would be if the Aght’amar Church was surrounded by Armenian villages


Resurrecting ghosts of the past won’t help


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on Armenian issue by LifeNews TV, Russia


Adnan Oktar’s comments about the 1915 Incidents


Those who employ hatred against minorities should be called to love


How can the Armenian problem be solved?


Adnan Oktar’s response to Sargsyan’s words regarding the Armenian issue


Since we do not make any claims about a genocide, it would not be right for our Armenian brothers to make any claims about a genocide. There was a war going on. What should be done is to bind up the wounds of that war altogether with friendship and brotherhood.


We need to open our borders with Armenia and abolish the necessity of passports and visas. Let us embrace our brothers and remove the damage that has been caused by a one-hundred-years-old fascist spirit. A lot of blood had been shed on both sides. This has been brought about by the ruthlessness of fascism. Let us show the whole world that we have put an end to this scourge.


The name "Turkish" incorporates all Kurdish, Circassian, Armenian and Jewish people living in this country


Adnan Oktar's live discussion on A9 TV with Richard Giragosian, director of the Armenian think tank RSC (13 December 2014)


It is very important that we are on good terms with Israel. Jews, Armenians and Greeks are a beautiful part of Turkey.


Hayko Bagdat is a well-mannered, honest young man, we are proud of his being an Armenian


Turks and Armenians must put WWI pain behind them


The Armenian genocide allegations are fallacious. One cannot call a war 'genocide, war is called war. Both sides sustain loses in war. What does genocide mean? If one side does not take arms and fight, and the other side comes and annihilates them; then this is called 'genocide'.


The existence of the Greek, the Armenians and the Jews in our country are a beauty. They are the ornaments of our country and we consider all of them as brothers and sisters. It is virtually impossible to run into a Jew in any other Islamic country, whereas they should be and live comfortably all around the world.


It’s unacceptable that the captured PKK militants turned out to be Armenian commanders. We have to send a diplomatic note to Armenia.


When we say ‘Turk’, we refer to everyone in Turkey; Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Circassian etc. We don't care about people’s genes.


Armenians, Kurds, Circassians, Turks are all true owners of this country. As long as they are democrats, it doesn't matter what views they hold.


I love Armenians, I love Jews, Catholics, Orthodox, all Christians. I love everyone whom God has created.


Greeks, Armenians, Jews; they are all Turkey's delight. Protecting and watching over them is good morality.


Armenians are pure, decent people. They are senselessly bearing Armenian hatred, yet many people in Anatolia carry the Armenian genetic code.


Armenians are a loyal nation to us. We had Armenians pashas in Ottoman empire. We entrusted our dear soldiers to them.


Persians, Armenians, Russians are all dear to us. We will approach everyone with love. Lovelessness was taught to people through Darwinist education.


It was the British deep state that ensured the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the 1887 Russian War and organized the Armenian uprising


It is wrong to use a language condemning a whole nation. We need to avoid making speeches that would draw a wedge between our Armenian brothers and us. The British Deep State is the chief of the chorus that tries to draw a wedge between Armenians and Turks. It is wrong to be fooled by this plot.


God granted me the opportunity to write over 300 books which are translated into more than 70 languages. God ordained me to write in numerous papers. If I had chosen to pursue worldly goals, I could have considered a weekly TV appearance sufficient but I devote my whole time to service of Islam. God gave me the honor of intellectually defeating Darwinism, exposing the British Deep State and neutralizing radicalism. The educated and elite part of society had almost completely cut its ties with Islam. We reestablished that bond and now they also serve Islam. We were the ones that effectively worked to end the animosity towards different religions and sects and to rebuild ties with Israel.


Anti-Semitism is immoral behavior. It is a satanic approach. Being hostile to a community, be it Jews, Armenians etc, is a sin; it is a behavior that God would never approve of.


The Kurdish people are noble, honorable, brave, selfless. They are great people. Some people consider it an insult to be a gypsy. It’s unbelievable. Gypsies are kind, cheerful, genuine, great people. People can’t appreciate each other because of the twisted suggestions of racism. Greeks, Armenians, Arabs, gypsies, Kurds, all ethnicities are all great.

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