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Some people can act very audaciously towards Muslims. Actually Muslims are the ones who should be respected and loved. One can only feel a measure of compassion towards profane people with the aim of saving them.


There is a rage in the hearts of some people towards people of faith. For instance, they behave perfectly respectful towards a profane person and speak in a very appraising fashion with them. But when they come across a Muslim they feel a strange, evil rage; that is an evil instinct one should seek refuge in God. But of course that is something in favor of a Muslim. It enables Muslims to attain good deeds every minute, every hour without doing anything.


What CHP (Republican People's Party) should do is to be very religious. They would come to power if they become religious. That is it. There is nothing complicated about that. They need to be modern religious people. If they do that, everyone would be proud of them. How could it be possible to do politics in 2014 with a leftist approach remnant from 1800's.


The good ones, the loving ones, those who look for love should unite and look for each other all over the world. We need to expedite this. Those who want terror, fear and anacrhy find each other and support one another everywhere. But most of those advocating love are unaware of this. People advocating love should be very well connected with each other and we need to make a serious effort for that.


Ebola Outbreak: Not simply some figures


... And to Him shall we return


Disunity: The Reason Behind The Bloodshed In The Islamic World


The executioners of the Western world have established a system that uses Muslims to slaughter Muslims (10.08.2014)

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Love will conquer all the troubles of the world


ISIS must stop threatening Turkey and America. They should repent for having shed the blood of Muslims (09.08.2014)

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Only the love of God can provide a solution to violence against women


Many Islamic scholars approve ISIS’ killings (09.08.2014)

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Religion may be enjoyed on beaches and in the discos

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Solution against High-Speed Train Sabotages with Hidden Cameras

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A 'New Turkey' after the election


The Changing Face Of War


Field Hospitals Established For The Injured Gazanians

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A bill for new trial for Salih Mirzabeyoğlu


Step by the Government to Building Sanctuary on Beaches

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The Safety of Israeli Guests Remaining at the Airport Must Be Ensured

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21-40 / Total: 22198
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