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Hazrat Mahdi (as) will look young even in advanced age


A free youth having a broad knowledge of culture, with the faculty of judgment, broad horizons, and free will was the goal of Ataturk. This is our goal as well, insha’Allah.


The system of Mahdi (as) will bring freedom and joy to young girls. It will bring the spirit of love and the spirit of profundity and joy to the young boys.


The faith of the youth should be reinforced but that cannot be done through giving them knowledge of religious law. I mean knowledge of religious love would not increase people's faith. It would be partial even if it did. Faith increases through facts leading to faith, through scientific evidence. There should be a way of explaining that addresses people's mind, people's hearts.


An intense anti-Darwinist, anti-materialistic activity should be carried out all around the world. Only then the evil tick on the faiths of youngsters will give up sucking their faiths. Darwinism, Materialism has stuck on them like a vampire. If they rid themselves from that scourge their brains would be relieved. They will then start to ask for the Unity of Islam. A great love, great affection towards the system of the Mahdi will start to develop in their hearts.


Darwinist materialist education should not be taken lightly. The state should put an end to Darwinist education. With the Darwinist education the number of faithful youth would decrease sharply.


The supporters of PKK have an enthusiasm, an excitement, an ideology. In the face of this our youth should also have an ideal and an excitement for the Unity of Islam. We need a cultured, loving, highly dynamic and very ambitious youth.


PKK has raised ten thousands of communist, determined, raving youngsters. In the face of this, we should attach importance to raising our youth to be cultured, sophisticated, loving, compassionate, impassioned and enthusiastic with the ideal and goal of Unity of Islam.


The state should follow an education policy that scientifically criticizes Darwinism and materialism. And our youth should have ardent ideal. They should have an ideal about the Turkish Islamic Union, they should have an ideal about the Unity of Islam. For instance PKK have an ideal of establishing a Kurdish state. They have an ideal about the Great Kurdistan. Our youngsters should have an ideal about the Great Turkish Islamic Union with a great ambition and excitement. But it should be an ambition full of love.


For our youth to be strong the state should openly and officially support the thought of Turkish-Islamic Union.


There are many circles that want to passivation of our youth. They try to raise our youngsters as Darwinists-materialists. However raising our youth to be Darwinists and materialists is giving a very important material to PKK that they can use. The state should clear away this disadvantage, this abnormality, this situation that is the opposite of science.


An amazing social movement should be started throughout Turkey to raise an ardent, fervent youth with an ideal, a youth that aims the Turkish Islamic Union. Such o movement should be started so that we can clear off the idea of PKK with a strong attack.


It is a beauty for youngsters to be free in their beliefs. No one is obliged to accept any idea, let everyone be free.


Youngsters are living the essence of religion. That is because religion is love, compassion, goodness, beauty and good morals.


Our youth wants modernity, they want sweetness. There is a spirit of concretion, a greyness all around and youth does not want this. Being grey is not good; a Muslim should be full of life and joy.


A high quality youth is very important, we do not want an introverted and senseless youth. We want our Master Tayyip to target such a lively, joyous, quality youth.


The youth of Beşiktaş is an active power for Turkey, the youth of Fenerbahçe is an active power as well, so is the youth of Galatasaray. I mean these are powers strong enough to shake the World. They possess a thorough strength in loyalty to this homeland, this nation and to our flag, they are a thorough power in the defense of indivisibility of Turkey.


Devout Turkish youth against fundamentalism


Mr. Kılıcdaoglu: Young people aspire for freedom, democracy and love


If our youth is not educated so as to become strong in faith, it means that colossal disasters are at the door for our future generations.


Our brothers ask if it is wrong to have long hair or tattoos. (13.07.2013)


Helping AK Party youth and illuminating them with ideas would be very nice.


Young people educated in a manner compatible with the Qur’an will be influential across the world (08.01.2014)


It is important to produce devout people who live for God, not technical types (10.01.2014)


A statement by the head of the [Turkish] Religious Affairs Department, that young people are not being raised properly, shows that the only solution is the system of the Mahdi (12.01.2014)


Head of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez: I keep telling the youngsters that they should not measure Islam using us


There can be no national awareness in young people who are ignorant of the scientific response to Darwinism and materialism (07.06.2014)


The global secret state plan to split up Turkey


The PKK's aim is not democratic autonomy in the region, but an independent communist Kurdistan


Difficulties turn into blessings that make Muslims more beautiful and look even younger, that opens the minds of Muslims, increases their profundity and reinforces their foresight and perception.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 April 2015)


Clearing the region completely of the PKK is crucial for future generations as well


It is very important that Turkish youth is raised with national awareness and moral values


Foreign powers can't have an effect on the educated youth. A "National Values" class should be introduced in schools


The government should find a solution about the young girls who are forcefully abducted to the terrorist camps in mountains


The PKK trains thousands of people day and night, persuading them to adopt a Marxist philosophy. What we should do is to talk about the falsehood of the Marxist, Leninist and Stalinist philosophies through education, and to teach our young people how to respond when they come across such ideological expressions.


Teenagers waste their times on pointless TV programs. This is a dangerous culture that numbs their minds. The new generation should be raised being deeply aware of our national values and culture.


A mentality that is devoid of productivity, technology, creativity, art and aesthetics, that is only consuming and freeloading is spreading like wildfire among some teenagers. Measures should be taken against this by introducing a class on national consciousness in schools.


They aim for a benumbed, insentient youth instead of an energetic, vigorous one. Through the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic mentality, they want people’s brains and souls to decay; they are corrupting their nature and trying to turn them into misogynists. They are destroying the [idea of] feminine beauty. And this is how they sneakily devastated the Middle East. People should not fall in to this trap.


It is the Darwinist materialist education system that forces young women [of terrorist PKK] who do not even know how to hold a gun to detonate bombs.


The youth should open up their horizons. They should think more broadly and rationally. For once, their hearts should be receptive of love. This is a disorder. They should realize this and take drastic measures against it. "Why am I highly susceptible to anger, to lovelessness? Why am I fully closed to love?" they should ask themselves.


Mr. Erdoğan: “Our young people find 140 characters adequate to express themselves; they do not have general knowledge”


AK Party: “We Have Lost the Votes Of Women, Young People and in the Coastal and Southeast Region”


Unbelief spread amongst the young people because religion was shown as something completely unreasonable.


50% of the European youth uses antidepressants. A great majority of the people are unhappy and depressed.


Hate culture, narrow-mindedness are serious problems. Young people who will be the leaders of future should have broad scopes.


Intellectual young people like the morality of the Qur'an that we preach.


Youth is encouraged to adopt a rebellious, aggressive character while being kind, obedient, gentle is shown as unfavorable traits.


It is important that the youth have a loving attitude and constantly talk about and encourage love on social media.


Brainwashing our youth


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 June 2016)


Prominent artists, politicians and celebrities should assume the mission of being a role model about talking nicely and encourage the youth.


It is very common among young people to use a language based on conflict. This makes ground for lovelessness and division. Muslims must always be compassionate.


The subconscious minds of the youth are inculcated through movies to make them see themselves as false idols. Cultural measures should be taken against this.


The language and tone of some dark-souled, physically dirty, hateful young people is always dull. Building only roads, bridges or dams are not enough. The most important matter should be raising a generation that is high-quality, modern, faithful, intellectual and full of love.


The most crucial invasion is that of brains. Youth’s brains need to be saved from the Darwinist materialist invasion. It’s possible only through education.


There is almost a clannish society consisting of loveless youngsters; this mood ruins them. This hatred prevents them to be mentally healthy.


There is a group of loveless young people who are using the same words, the same sentences and the same tone of language in everyday life. They must have different horizons to express themselves.


The freeloader's mindset is spreading quickly. Many young people want to live a life without making any efforts. Some TV shows encourage this mindset.


The only thing some people want is an empty life with empty talk, without any love for God or consideration to the threats our country is facing.


A mechanical and soulless youth who lack profundity and don’t know about love, passion and fineness is raised for the benefit of British Deep State.


How does the British deep state convince the youth into working for them as spies?


Under the influence of the British Deep State, a non-starter, unhappy youth who hates everyone and makes a habit of evil belligerency is raised. These are specifically raised, small group of people. They wanted to use this nasty lot in riots, etc., but the faithful generation proved to be stronger.


Winning over the millennials


The culture of self-indulgence


Winning over the millennials


Some young people behave as if they will live to be 100. Actually youth passes away very rapidly. A 20-year old person would grow old in only two decades.


Winning over the millennials


Winning over the millennials


Winning over the millennials


It is surprising that some people live without thinking about God. Young people assume they will never die and this leads them to a state of heedlessness.


In the absence of love, there will be only pretending. Many young people pretend to like each other, when in truth they don't.


Young girls usually suffer from loneliness because they cannot find people worthy of their love.


It will work for love


Islam was presented as an introverted, loveless model to youth. We showed them the true religion of the Qur’an in which they can enjoy their lives. The bigoted mindset was about to ruin Islam with their loveless, joyless attitude devoid of arts. We showed a high quality way of life, joy and modernism exist in religion.


We’ll not let Turkey be turned into another Syria or Iraq. Youth and women will be modern and free, arts and quality will prevail.


The salvation of the Italian, French and the world’s youth and their becoming real Christians would make us happy.


Universities should be places where terrorism ends, not its breeding ground


The world must rally together to help children in dire straits


Some young people have ruined their lives with their lovelessness. It is important to help and advise these people patiently and carefully. Slowly and gradually, they will be able to get rid of that soul.


It is such a beauty to see vivacious young girls, taking care to look attractive. I believe that everyone should enjoy utmost freedom everywhere.


Education should be given the first priority. Raising a faithful generation should be given priority. Fossil exhibitions should be held and facts leading to faith should be explained everywhere.


For a Better Future with the Millennials


Young girls –some with headscarves, some without- and young boys having fun together, dancing is great. It is good that young people are happy, vivacious.


Our young viewers are very cultured, vivacious, enlightened. We all respect all their ideas, we love them all.


A lack of love forces young people to put up an act and keeps them from being themselves and being sincere. In sincere love, there can be no acting or pretending.


Turkish young people today are level-headed, pious but against bigotry. This is very good.


Sport strengthens the body. Professionals should encourage and help young people into sports.


This is the time of the Mahdi. It is clear that God’s name ‘Al-Hadi’ (The One, Who continually shows the right way) is surrounding the youth.


For years, we have emphasized the importance of raising a good generation with a particular focus on their spirituality. Now everyone sees its importance and understands that constructing bridges and roads alone, will not be enough.


Many young people look disheveled and despondent. They don't even want to look good or be happy. This is bad.


Young girls should always be well groomed and look like flowers. But since they feel it’s wrong to look good, because they were made to think that way, most of them became withdrawn.


Social Media Should not be an Arena of Lovelessness and Cruelty


For a Better Future with the Millennials


Young people should be educated based on their talents.



Young people are offered two options; either a conservative, orthodox world or a cold, distant socialist world. Therefore, they don't realize that there is another option, which is the loving, free, happy, pleasant life offered by Islam as described in the Qur’an.


It’s great that our youngsters are very kind and caring. Their love and protectiveness towards disabled people is commendable.

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