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Those who claim that their hearts are in the right place yet do not thank God despite seeing the existence of God, are not being sincere.


All sincere believers of God will go to Heaven. A sincere person clearly sees the glorious existence of God and lives a life to please God.


We are told in the Qur’an that fully abiding by the Qur’an is a cure. Following the Qur’an makes people physically and mentally healthy.


Everything happens for a very good reason. If you have a headache, or if you trip over a stone, you should know that there is always a good reason.


Terrorists are raised with a Darwinist, materialist mindset. Draining that swamp would fundamentally solve the problem of terror. Many young people who are religious become communists after they learn about Darwinism in high school and begin to see violence, conflict and terrorism as ‘legitimate’ methods. The only solution to this problem is providing the right education to young people. Intellectually annihilating Darwinism and materialism would be the greatest victory.


No one should even suggest an alliance with the YPG.


A lack of love should be regarded as a national problem and should be dealt as a top priority.


There should be well-kept gardens, flowers in front of every house. Houses, clothes and even people’s lives are mostly only for the purpose of serving their functions. It is as if ‘survival’ is the only goal in their lives. However, without a desire for beauty, for quality and elegance, the life losses its joy too.


Ladies are not complimented for their beauty. On the contrary, sometimes beauty is frowned upon. As a result, ladies stop caring about their looks. This is wrong.


Children should be given basic medical skills. Everyone, not just medical school students, should know about basic life-saving skills. Children should also learn arts and should be taught how to make everything more beautiful and aesthetic.


Education in essence should have the purpose of raising refined people. Students shouldn't be stressed with exams, they should be able to have fun while learning.


An education system that disregards spirituality, will make children shallow. As a result, lovelessness will spread and lead to a disaster.


Children should be educated in a fun, conversational manner. Children should understand why it is important that they receive education.


People should be shown and reminded of God’s artistry everywhere.


Believers fear losing God’s love and offending God. This is how they strengthen their love for God and how they get closer to God.


The Weight of Clouds

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Miracles of The Qur'an - introduction

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The Formation of The Universe

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The Expanding Universe

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Creation From Clay

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41-60 / Total: 36312
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