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God is the true and the most glorious Artist. God beautifies the entire world with His art; He also created our souls with art. He taught us how to love.


Believers, for the sake of God, always act in earnest. God helps those genuine Muslims, who use all their resources for God’s sake.


It is incumbent upon all Muslims to engage in an intellectual campaign until Islamic moral values prevail around the world. This is called Mahdisim.


There is nothing in the Qur’an that encourages believers to live impoverished lives. On the contrary, believers lead beautiful, decent lives and watch over the needy.

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Music, art, dance etc., they are all allowed by Islam. Some circles limit the freedom of people for no reason. Let the people live comfortably in peace, with joy. Due to their self-made and unnecessary rules, they are turning life into a living hell. Without love, arts and music, life itself becomes hellish.

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Dr. Fazale Rana: The eye in octopi and squid is very similar to human eye, What does this tell us

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When God loves a person very much, even the whole world together would not be able to defeat him. When a person loves God very much, he will be very successful, even if he is alone against the entire world.


As I’ve always said, Alawites are great people. They are artistic, wise, deep and they are against radicalism. They are people of love.


Sirat bridge is not mentioned in the Qur’an. There is only questioning in the Hereafter, which will be easy for the believers and difficult for the unbelievers. The questioning of believers in the Hereafter will be very short and easy, but difficult for unbelievers. Unbelievers will be held to account for every little detail.


Marriage should be based on a desire to please God. While choosing a significant other, one must ask if that person is devoted to God. In choosing spouses, one must choose a partner for eternity and see if they love God, intellectually work to spread Islam and is selfless or not.


Pure Islam - easy, joyful and beautiful as in the time of the companions, who followed only the Qur’an - is the real Islam.


Believers get healthier by forgiving. Forgiveness is the basic component of love, passion and friendship. Without forgiveness, there can be no love.


The main quality of ladies is to love and to be loved. Without love, a lady starts to wither away, she loses her joy of life.


For a lover of God, love for God is eternal. A believer’s love will never be a source of pain. For them, there is no such thing as heartache. Some people idolize their beloved ones. When that happens, God punishes that person by turning that idol into a source of trouble.


General knowledge is great, of course. However, some people, despite their education, have temperamental and unreliable characters.


A noble person wouldn't get spoiled when they are praised. But some people are erratic and can get unstable when they are praised. Getting spoiled and acting out of control when praised is a form of mental disease; it is a character flaw. A loving person that loves God, that fears God, on the other hand, is always reliable and levelheaded. That person would never get spoiled when praised.


A beautiful character will make a person physically more beautiful, too. For example, a kind, smart woman is naturally very attractive.

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The education system should not offer only a technical education . Its main purpose should be instilling love and compassion in hearts.


In most shopping malls [in the Muslim world], mosques are in the basements; they are small and not very well-kept. On the contrary, they should be spacious and very clean.


May God make us the followers of the Mahdi and Jesus. May God make us see the beautiful and blessed reign of Islam.

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61-80 / Total: 36901
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