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Prof. Dr. Max Hilaire, Author, Professor of International Law and International Relations and Chairperson of the Morgan State University Department of Political Science

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Guidelines to win Turkish presidency


A very healthy month with Ramadan


Small steps that could make a big difference


The Problem of Leadership in the Islamic World


One cannot fight terror with a defeatist spirit positivity is the key to defeating terror


Humanity First. No to Hatred


The European Union Is Unrealistic for Bosnia-Herzegovina


The European Union Is Unrealistic for Bosnia-Herzegovina


Attacks against Muslims spread: Now targets in Sri Lanka


An Open Letter To The Burmese


The Joy of Ramadan in Ottoman Times


Cleansing One’s Lower Self in Ramadan


The holy month of Ramadan: A blessing for the souls of all Muslims


Women should be shown the respect they deserve


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with Sir Iqbal Sacranie (May 18th, 2014)

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Presidential system is not suitable for Turkey; it would be risky and bring about separation may God forbid.


Votes of Kurdish people are legitimate but PKK votes are illicit. That would bring about troubles. That would bring not bring about abundance. The votes of our Kurdish people are immaculate on the other hand. Turkish, Cherkes, Kurdish and Laz people are all beautiful elements of our nation.


A country with a strong judicial system is a safe country; such a country is one in which people live comfortably. If the judicial system is on a shaky ground, the whole country will be on a shaky ground. The judicial system is in an awful state in the great majority of the Middle Eastern countries.


Women are being oppressed everywhere in the world and people are merely watching this oppression. With the system of the Mahdi this scourge will be removed. Mahdi (pbuh) will annihilate this scourge. The system in which women are held in high esteem, in which women enjoy utmost freedom, is the system of the Mahdi.

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41-60 / Total: 21980
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