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The People of the Book

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A response to Terry Jones, leader of the church planning protest actions against Islam on the anniversary of September 11


Allah is one. Christians must avoid a confused conception of religion through belief in the trinity


The final caliph of the age of happiness: the blessed Ali (as)


Adnan Oktar's meeting with Joel Richardson (Conservative Christian writer and speaker)


Muslims living in the west have a responsibility to represent the peaceful and loving moral values of Islam in the finest possible manner


Humane features of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the Bible


The very first in the Islamic world: Adnan Oktar establishes brotherhood between Jews and Muslims


Verses regarding the people of the book


Love and justice towards the people of the book during the Ottoman Empire


Policies applied to Jews and Christians in the time of our Prophet (saas) and the four caliphs


Various hadith of our Prophet (saas) regarding the people of the book


Surat An-Nisa', 159 (Glad tidings of Jesus' (as) return to earth)


It is revealed in verse 159 of Surat an-Nisa' that before the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) dies, no member of the People of the Book will not believe in him


What is the explanation of the ghargad tree mentioned in the hadith?


''Not taking the people of the book as friends'' means not making members of the people of the book our rulers


Adnan Oktar and Sanhedrin rabbis on live TV program (December 1, 2009)


Rabbi Abrahamson: ''Islam is the religion of the Prophet Adam (pbuh) himself.''


If devout Israelis are in the administration, a climate of mutual trust and brotherhood will at once be established


Adnan Oktar and Rabbi Menachem Froman on live TV program (November 10, 2009)


How was Moshiach [Hz Mahdi (as)]Told in the Torah?


We love the word “Israel” because it is the name of a Prophet


Views of religious freemasons while performing prayer in the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque


According to true faith of Judaism, the Israeli government will become the army of the King Messiah [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] who is awaited by Jews


A Call for Unity


A call for unity - 2


A call for unity - 1


The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not Allah, but a manifestation of Allah


Our Prophet's (saas) Affectionate, Protective and Loving Attitude Toward The People of The Book


It is important for genuine Christians to understand the true purpose behind the articles about Christianity on this site


People of the book are one another's trusted friends


What should be the outlook of Muslims to Judaism and anti-Semitism?


Harun Yahya Conference at San Antonio Air Base, USA


A Call for Unity-Leaflet


They met in a religious ceremony for the sake of compassion


The Qur’an is full of affection for Jews and Christian, while the nonsense of bigots is full of hatred.


Three religions met at the Hatay compassion table


Friday Prayer at Martyrs' Square affected Libyan people


Knesset political adviser Prof. Avraham Diskin asks about the hostility towards Israelis


The People of the Book are responsible from the Qur’an. Some of them say Prophet Jesus (as) is “Allah” (Allah is beyond that). 99 percent of the Christians are thus faithless. What is the point of being adrift in such misery while there is the true religion of Islam emanating light?


John Hirling - Christ Presbyterian Church Minister / USA


Dr. Richard Hellman - Founder of CIPAC / USA


Rav Dr. Izhak Dayan / Chief Rabbi of Geneva


David Schenker - Fellow and Director at The Washington Institute / USA


Ambassador David L. Aaron - Senior Fellow at The RAND Corporation / USA


John Kyl - United States Senator from Arizona / USA


Trent Franks - Congressman from Republican Party / USA


Bob Turner - Congressman From Republican Party / USA


Compassion for the People of the Book is a very vital issue. It is the morality of our Prophet (saas), it is a commandment of the Qur’an.


Gershon Mesikha-Mayor of Shomron Regional Council / Israel


Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not someone who entirely rejects the Torah. He embraces the just sections of the Torah and the Gospel. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will advocate the just sections of the Torah and the Gospel, insha’Allah.


Reverend Amy Bezecny - St. Luke's United Methodist Church / USA


Reverend Herschel Moore - Christian Church Disciples of Christ / USA


A Muslim will have the spirit that embraces the entire world. He will love the entire world, all the human beings. He will have compassion for disbelievers, Christians and Jews. He will struggle to save all of them as the servants of Allah.


Christine Stone, Carlv Agresti Georgetown University - USA


Dr. James Bankston - Saint Pauls United Methodist Church Minister - USA


Muslims should protect Christians, Jews even the pagans-unbelievers according to Quran


Hazrat Ali (ra) is from the line of the Prophet David (pbuh)


Our brothers must tell that there exists no enmity against Jews in the Qur’an


With interfaith dialogues unity will be attained in many aspects


Knesset Member Rabbi Nissim Zeev, Founder of Shas party


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 October 2012)


People of the Book


New Statemenst by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 November 2012)


Almighty Allah says; " There is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before he dies," for Jesus Messiah. What does this mean? The freemasons will come to believe. The Buddhists will come to believe, everyone will believe in him, says Almighty Allah. But how will the Jesus Messiah behave? He will treat everyone with love and compassion. In his time the Jesus Messiah embraced everyone, he was compassionate towards everyone.


At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) all the world will run towards Islam. Christians and Jews will be content with his justice as well. Everyone will live by their religion freely, there will be peace and abundance, wars will come to an end, weapons will be done away with, blood will not be shed, there will be no terror, no anarchy. A welfare, beauty, gayety will enfold the whole world. Love will embrace the whole world. There will be no place left without love.


A Muslim would want people from all faiths to live happily; he/she thinks about everyone and says "my brothers/sisters come first," and never puts himself/herself before others.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (7 January 2013)


“According to the Qur’an, ‘Jews and adherents of Judaism’ are one and the same thing, not different...”


Our brothers act fully in compliance with the statements of Bediuzzaman who said that Muslims would ally with Christians.


With the Unity of Islam, you will also be protecting Christians, Jews and the irreligious. You will show the world justice, peace, brotherhood and love. You will attain the best result when you show people by being a living example that there will be a world in which there will be no blood, no weapon, no violence and no terror.


Minorities Are Called On For an Official Invite for The First Time


Chuck Morse speaks with Oktar Babuna (Feb. 2013)


Showing compassion towards Christians and Jews should be an indispensable characteristic of our brothers and sisters, insha'Allah.


Destroying the Dome of the Rock means the destruction of the world.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 18 February 2013)


The kindness of our Prophet (saas) towards ladies.


Allah says in the Qur’an that you can eat food prepared by and even marry with the People of the Book.


We do not cast people out calling them communists. We strive for them to attain faith. We do not cast people out calling them Masons. We strive for them to attain faith. We communicate religion to Christians, to Jews, to everyone. We do not feel hatred or hold grudge against irreligious people or atheists or Buddhists, or against any community, tribe or religion. We approach them all with compassion so that they can learn about Islam and the Qur'an, insha'Allah.


Israelis are the People of the Book. By forging an alliance with the devout people of Israel, we need to strive to annihilate irreligiousness from the face of this World. Living in peace with the Israelis, living brotherly, friendly with them; backing them up and having them back up the Palestinians would be the best move. And that would be made possible with the Unity of Islam, with the system of the Mahdi, with the appearance of the Moschiah.


Due to their love for Prophet Jesus (as), the Americans are very polite and gentle people


The Pope not making the sign of the cross and reunification with the Orthodox after 959 years is a sign of the presence on Earth of Jesus the Messiah


There is no one else who is as compassionate as we are towards the Jews. There is no one else who is as compassionate as we are towards the Christians. We have never seen anyone or any community who approaches them in such an inclusive manner as we do.


Barry Farber speaks with Oktar Babuna (Feb. 2013)


According to the Jewish creed, King Moshiach (Mahdi) is superior to the Israeli state. Jews will command by King Moshiach whose weapon will be love.


Jans-Jörg Jenewien, Parliamentarian from Austria


Prof. Efraim Inbar, Director of Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies, Bar-Ilan University


Prof. Eytan Gilboa, Director of School of Communication and Director of Center for Int. Communication, Bar-Ilan Uni.


Prof. Hillel Frisch, Departments of Political Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, Bar-Ilan University


Prof. Reuven Amitai, Prof of Islamic History, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew Uni. of Jerusalem


Steve Linde, Editor in chief of Jerusalem Post


We submit our efforts related to relations between Israel and the Islamic world for Allah’s approval


We should protect and watch over the People of the Book, we should protect and watch over Christians. We should approach them with compassion. We will altogether annihilate the system of the antichrist (dajjal) spiritually. Hand in hand with the Christians and hand in hand with the Jews, insha'Allah. They also say that "Allah is One".


Islam Should Be Described, Not with Classic Mystical Accounts, But with Reason and Logic


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, Rabbi Ben Abrahamson, and Mr. Samuel Sokol from Jerusalem Post (A9 TV, April 14th, 2013)


We should show compassion to Christians. They are very inoffensive, they are very dear. Very rarely, they have small churches here and there. There are people who make fun of them and some who attempt to batter them. They are striving to protect their beliefs in Allah and to express their love for Allah under very difficult conditions. You should be very compassionate towards them. Treat them with compassion and love. Our brothers and sisters should protect and watch over them everywhere.


You should all embrace our non-Muslim brothers and sisters, Jewish or Christian. They are very much oppressed all over the world. When they go out in their traditional clothes they are mocked and cursed at. There are a lot of irreligious, atheistic people around. For that reason, show compassion and mercy everywhere you see them and embrace them.


Christian and Jewish people all love Allah. Almighty Allah entrusted them to us. And He entrusted us to them. That is because we are all friends of Allah. We will approach them all with love and compassion.


Evil forces attempt to prevent love in between Jews and Muslims. We have exterminated this evil approach. We love Jews very much. And Jews love us as well. They have attempted to prevent our love for Christians as well and we have defeated their such attempts. We have put an end to it.


Show compassion to Christians and Jews. Go to synagogues, churches and show compassion to them. How nice it is that they believe in Allah. How nice it is that they believe in all the prophets, how nice it is that they believe in angels and that they believe in the Hereafter. Insha’Allah may Allah make them Mohammedans as well.


Christians and Jews are very few in numbers, there are a handful of them. And they are being oppressed everywhere. They fear and are leery of saying that they are Christians. Let them say “We are Christians” proudly. Let them say “We are Jewish” proudly. Why should they be leery? It is very important to put away their fear and to show them compassion.


Mr. Adnan Oktar and His Representatives Host Author and Political Analyst Mr. Larry Greenfield, President of the Media and Public Affairs Strategy Mr. David Spady, and Conservative political commentator Mr. Guy Benson


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (3 May 2013)


There are some who consider killing Muslims as an act of worship


Rather than distributing roses, people should communicate the true message of Islam, that is, those who are most affectionate to Muslims are those who say we are Christians


Pictures from Peace and Brotherhood Conference


Let us embrace our Christian brothers and sisters fervently with love. Our brothers should protect and watch over them everywhere. In the streets, in the malls, they should love and respect them everywhere. They should thus keep their bonds of neighborhood strong. Allah wants us to treat Christians compassionately. Allah wants us to treat the People of the Book compassionately; so we should treat Jews compassionately as well.


Time will come for the People of the Book to come to believe in the Jesus Messiah altogether, insha’Allah.


Our brothers’ meeting with Prof. Darrol Bryant, Director of the Centre for Dialogue and Spirituality in the World’s Religions


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 June 2013)


The fact that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) is a prophet is revealed to all people’s hearts


Allah does not tell us not to take the People of the Book as friends.


In Egypt, a policy of compassion should be adopted towards Israel as well. An attitude that would make Israel uneasy is not compliant with religion. Showing compassion to the People of the Book is the command of the Qur'an.


Feeling rage and hatred against Jews and Christians would be a sin.


If compassion toward People of the Book rises in Egypt, the tension will decline.


It would be persecution; it would be a horrible thing to see Jews as weak people and to follow a hatred policy against them. Persecution brings about persecution. Approaching a handful of Jews with compassion, with kindness would be one of the very important basic reasons in decreasing that tension in Egypt.


The origin of the disaster Egypt is facing is a thousand of their 1001 books. This scourge would have not landed on them if they were to abide by one single book. This scourge came upon them because they abided by a thousand and one books. For instance this is the origin of the hatred towards Jews, that is the origin of the hatred towards Christians as well.


Within the radical mindset there are some people who give a so-called sanctity to hatred towards Jews. Jews are People of the Book, God would not consent their being persecuted.


There are hundreds of verses in the Qur'an that talk about the Jews. Disregarding Jews would not be compliant with the Qur'an.


Animosity against Jews is a reflection of a crude point of view.


An attitude that regards Jews as inferior is unproductive and inauspicious. In hundreds of verses of the Qur'an, Jews are mentioned. God says; "you can marry devout Israeli ladies." Animosity towards Israel would bring about inauspiciousness, it is not compliant with the Qur'an and it is a sin.


Unwarranted enmity toward the devout people of Israel is incompatible with the Qur’an (27.08.2013)


The Pope must put an end to evolution propaganda (24.09.2013)


Armenians are the People of the Book. In the Qur'an God demands us to treat them kindly.


Bashy Quraishy, Secretary General - EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg


The Malaysian justice must let Christians say 'Allah' (14.10.2013)


Anyone can say 'Allah', not only Muslims


Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement, “We will protect Jews, Christians and atheists” is very fine (27.10.2013)


We are friends with Israel and we are friends with the Israeli people. We have always loved our Jewish brothers and sisters; we loved them in the time of the Ottomans, we loved them in the time of our Prophet (saas) as well. We've always shown them compassion and no one would or could ever do anything contrary.


Forging alliance with Christians is one of the marks of the system of the Mahdi.


Dialogue is the only way forward


The book and the special Trabzon-made mishaba gifted to the Pope by Mr. Adnan Oktar (04.01.2014)


God reveals in the Qur’an that Muslims can marry women from the People of the Book (21.02.2014)


We used to live together with Jews, Armenians and Greeks as brothers. They are the People of the Book and are entrusted to us by God. Again with the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union we will insha’Allah embrace all of them with love.


Our brothers activity inside a Russian Orthodox church (16.05.2014)


Lee Man Hee, Chairman and President of HWPL Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation on A9 TV with Mendi Safadi from Israel’s Likud Party (23 May 2014)


Rabbi Yehuda Glick was Mr. Adnan Oktar's guest on December 3, 2009 and recited Surah al-Fatiha and al-İkhlas during the live conversation


The rise and fall of anti-Semitism


Muslims and Jews Living in Peace in Morocco


What needs to be done in Iraq in line with Gospel and Torah


Our Prophet (saas) informed that Mahdi (pbuh) will address the People of the Book by authentic parts of the Torah, Psalms and Gospel


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will recite the uncorrupted passages of the Torah, the Gospels and the Psalms to the People of the Book


A Call for Unity


A viewer’s question about Gharqad


The people whom Saladin Ayyubi trusted most were Jews


Animosity against Israel is presented as if it is a merit, a sign of piety or superiority. Actually animosity against the People of the Book is atrocious. We love Jews, we love Christians. We are compassionate towards atheists as well.


Mr. Adnan Oktar's representatives' interview with the i24news national TV channel of Israel


There is no hatred for Jews and Christians in Islam. On the contrary, they are protected as the People of Book in the Qur'an. A Muslim cannot have any aversion neither to them, nor to their places of worship. God tells us in the Qur'an that Muslims may marry Jewish and Christian ladies; indeed, some of the wives of our Prophet (saas) were Jewish and Christian.


What kind of interpretation of Islam is it if you do not preach to atheists and Darwinists? Who are we meant to command good and forbid evil to? Who are we meant to struggle against? Muslims have a duty to talk about Islam to Jews and Christians, known as the People of the Book, to atheists, to pagans and to everyone, in the kind of language they can understand. That is God’s command. You cannot talk about Islam using hostile language, only through love.


Why try to show that Muslims hate Jews?


The Christians and the Jews are the People of the Book; all should be treated with fondness and as allies


A Call for Unity (Introduction)


The Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) exemplary approach toward The People of The Book


The Morality of The Quran inoculates believers from every kind of extremism


Muslims' love for The Prophet Moses (pbuh) and The Prophet Jesus (pbuh)


Muslims' attitude toward The People of The Book


The Balyans: A family of architects in the Ottomans


Uniting against the threat of radicalism


Jews are the People of the Book, and they have faith in One God. Muslims should approach pious Jews and Christians with compassion.


Overcoming Misperceptions about Jews Is An Urgent Necessity


In the Qur'an, God refers to Jews and Christians as the People of the Book and states that it is unlawful to kill them.


God commands Muslims to approach the People of the Book with compassion and love, not with hatred.


Once upon a time there were Christians in the Middle East


God commands Muslims in the Qur’an to approach Christians and Jews with love and compassion. Muslims should act accordingly.


God commands Muslims in the Qur’an to approach People of Book with love, respect and compassion.


Muslims and Christians – Hand in Hand for a Better World


Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner Rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, Closter, NJ. President of the NY Board of Rabbis


People of the Book are one Another's Trusted Friends


The global secret state wants war between Muslims and the People of the Book. We do not want a bloody war against the People of the Book. We have a duty to speak the gentlest words to the People of the Book. ALLAH WANTS CHRISTIANS TO SAY “LA ILAHA LA ILALLAH”.


The People Of The Book


THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK HAVE A DUTY TO ACCEPT OUR PROPHET (SAAS). There is only one true Book, the Qur’an. EVERYONE MUST ABIDE BY THE QUR’AN. If Christians say, “We are followers of Muhammed,” then the Prophet Jesus (as) will be very pleased. The Prophet Jesus (as) will come as a follower of the Qur’an, insha’Allah.


I SPEAK OF ALL THINGS, PROVING THEM WITH VERSES AND HADITHS. We treat the People of the Book as commanded in the verses. Allah says we must invite the People of the Book to say ‘La'ilaha'il'Allah’ (Allah: The One and Only God) in a kindly manner.


Our brothers must have nothing to do with the corruption of bigots and fanatics who want to “slaughter the People of the Book.” It is the way of the dajjal that encourages them in that perverse way of thinking. CHURCHES AND SYNAGOGUES ARE UNDER ALLAH’S PROTECTION. That is in a verse from the Qur’an. OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS MUST MAKE UP FOR THE OPPRESSION OF JEWS AND CHRISTIANS BY TREATING THEM WITH LOVE.


I have a duty to support the innocent, let it be Christians or Jews, I am responsible for the protection of the People of the Book. This is something the Qur’an commands me. It is Allah’s command. Allah does not tell us to kill the People of the Book wherever we find them. They are entrusted to us by Allah.


The behavior recommended to all Muslims in the Qur’an is to treat the People of the Book with love, respect, affection and compassion, to protect and watch over them and to meet their needs in the finest manner. The pronouncement of the Qur’an regarding the People of the Book is crystal clear, and is also clear from the Sunna of our Prophet (saas). The people of the Book are our La Ilaha IllaAllah (there is no god but Allah) brothers.


The People Of The Book In The Qur’an


How should one preach to the People of the Book?


Turkish Islamic Union will bring happiness and freedom to the People of the Book as well


Muslims and People of the Book should unite against antichritianism


Adnan Oktar's views on the People of the Book and antisemitism


Adnan Oktar's call to the People of the Book let us rally to a common formula that is we worship none but Allah


The Prophet Muhammad's may Allah bless him and grant him peace exemplary conduct towards the People of the Book


Outbook of Islam on the People of the Book


Muslims and the People of the Book will live as brothers in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)


Common beliefs and values of Muslims and the People of the Book


How should be the outlook of Muslims to the People of the Book


Armenians are the People of the Book and our brothers


Alliance of Islam with the People of the Book


Some of the Prophet's (saas) reminders to the People of the Book


He called upon the People of the Book to have faith without ascribing partners to God


Mr Adnan Oktar's Views On The People Of The Book 1


Examples from statements by Adnan Oktar on the subject of the people of the book


Muslims apply their own beliefs to live in friendship with the people of the book


Muslims and the people of the book in history


It’s wrong to call Christians and Jews ‘infidels’. They are the People of the Book, with whom Muslims are allowed to marry and socialize.


May Allah destroy the games and plots of the hypocrites. May Allah grant beauty and blessings to the people of the Book and grant faith to atheists


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live talk with Rabbi Ben Abrahamson and Mrs. Rebecca Abrahamson


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with his guests Rabbi Yehuda Glick and Israeli politician Mr. Mendi Safadi (A9TV, July 1st, 2015)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Interview with i24News TV of Israel (February 20th, 2014)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Rabbis from Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, Sanhedrin (November 21st, 2012)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with the Christian Catholic author Ms. Stephanie Saldana (January 20th, 2012; 22:00)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with former Israeli ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker on A9 TV (27 December 2011; 11:00)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with political adviser Prof. Moshe Maoz on A9 TV (22 December 2011; 10:00)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Mr. Moshe Amirav (Former advisor to PM Ehud Barak) on A9 TV (December 8th, 2011)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview with Ms. Hana Levi Julian, Senior Correspondent of Israel National News on September 21st, 2011


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Dr. Mordechai Kedar from Israel on A9 TV, October 3rd, 2011


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview with Samuel Sokol, Jerusalem based journalist for 5T Jewish Times, Ami & Zman Magazines


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Channel 10 TV of Israel (September 18th, 2011; 22:00)


Joint press conference of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Israeli Delegation (May 12, 2011)


Mr. Adnan Oktar's statements in the press conference with Israeli delegation (May 12, 2011)


Adnan Oktar replies to foreign press questions at Ciragan Palace (18 September 2008)


Adnan Oktar's live interview with Jewish Guests from Derusha Publishing (USA) on (April 14, 2010)


Adnan Oktar and Rabbi Yehuda Glick on live TV show (December 3, 2009)


A separated Syria will not bring happiness to anyone. It is nice to be Shia, Sunni or People of the Book. They should all live together.


Ruthless enmity against Christians and Jews does not befit Muslims. God teaches that they are People of the Book and they should be shown compassion.


God has made the food of People of the Book lawful for Muslims, and Muslim men are allowed to get married with Christian and Jewish women.


Harun Yahya's article about the Jews and Muslims living along in peace in the Israeli Press


Jewish Human Rights on the Temple Mount from an Islamic perspective


The provisions of the Qur'an are valid until the Day of Judgment. Those who allege that the verses about mercy and compassion have been annulled commit a great persecution. Claiming that the verses about love and mercy had been annulled, some bigots ban approaching Christians with compassion. None of the verses the Qur'an had been annulled. God decrees us to approach the People of the Book with compassion and mercy.


Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict


Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict


Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict


A call for sanity: How the Quran-abiding Muslims view the Jews


The tranquility The People of The Book experienced under Muslim rule


It is only natural that there are similarities between the People of the Book and Muslims; they are all divine religions. The Mahdi movement can be found in all divine religions.


God explains in the Holy Qur’an that there are sincere believers among Jews and Christians.


We love all innocent Christians and Jews. According to the Qur’an they are the People of the Book and are under the protection of Muslims.


Some circles ask for a confrontation between Muslims and Christians. Everyone should avoid language that could set the stage for it.


A Muslim cannot be averse to Christians. On the contrary, Muslims should ally with pious Christians. An anti-Christian attitude is wrong. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also said that pious Christians and Muslims should ally. Christian and Muslim clashes should be avoided at all costs.


The clash of civilizations is the British deep state’s invention. Depicting the crescent and the cross to be opposed to each other would be falling into that trap.


Declare war on terror, but how?


It is not proper to claim there is a quarrel between the Crescent and the Cross. Devout Christians are the allies of Muslims.


Rabbi Mr. Mordékhai Chriqui is reading from the Torah


Once upon a time there were Christians in the Middle East


Who Has the Right to Live in the Land of Milk and Honey?


God does not tell Muslims to be hostile to Christians and Jews. On the contrary, God advises us to socialize and have good relations with them.


Traditional A9 TV Iftar banquet – a place where different ideas meet

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