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If Israel, Egypt and Turkey unites, the region becomes a sea of peace.


If the supporters of Morsi were to adopt an modern understanding of Islam, an understanding of Islam like that of the Companions of our Prophet (saas), it would bring a great contentment.


In Egypt, a policy of compassion should be adopted towards Israel as well. An attitude that would make Israel uneasy is not compliant with religion. Showing compassion to the People of the Book is the command of the Qur'an.


Ikhwan should assume a sound attitude against fanaticism.


Ikhwan should make up with Israel. They should support religious Jews and Christians in Israel. Our Prophet (saas) used to show compassion to Jews. Showing compassion to Israel is a necessity of the morality of the Qur'an.


Ikhwan should never accept statements of hatred. Their being precise about acting on love and compassion would be very nice.


It is the obligation of Muslims to protect Muslims in Egypt

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In his hadiths, our Prophet (saas) foretold in details that there would be great incidents in Egypt.


If compassion toward People of the Book rises in Egypt, the tension will decline.

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It would be persecution; it would be a horrible thing to see Jews as weak people and to follow a hatred policy against them. Persecution brings about persecution. Approaching a handful of Jews with compassion, with kindness would be one of the very important basic reasons in decreasing that tension in Egypt.


If an advisory council is established in Egypt, if they act through a consultation procedure, if they put compassion and love to the forefront, if they put the modern understanding of Islam, the understanding of the companions of our Prophet (saas) to the forefront and if they put forth arts, science, aesthetics and democracy in all its simplicity, Egypt would become a very nice place.


In Egypt, there are faithful Muslims on one side and again Muslims who have faith yet abstain from bigotry on the other side. Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will unite the two sides. That is because the system of the Mahdi puts forth a modern, loving, peaceful, beautiful understanding of Islam. The system of the Mahdi represents an individual, a belief that puts forth a system that both sides would accept.


It is Islamic Unity that will save Egypt (13.07.2013)

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If people speak of the system of the Mahdi in Egypt, the result will be ease and prosperity (13.07.2013)

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In BBC World sister Ceylan told that a coalition government must be established in Egypt (14.07.2013)

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In Egypt, instead of voicing only their own concerns about the salvation of their country, they should be saying "May God save us all".


It is sheer immorality to attempt to make people slaves to one's opinions by -supposedly- intimidating them and by using violence.


Islam can prevail in Egypt through love and friendship (16.08.2013)

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If Turkey is not another Egypt, another Iran or another Pakistan today; it is all because Ataturk.


If Egypt becomes known with slaughtering and killing, the world would hate them.

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