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The USA Must Not Build A “North Korea” in the Middle East

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Is the demand for mother tongue education a need or a ruse?


The Solution to Violence against Women: Love of God


Joining forces to bring about world peace


The Insidious Danger of Physical and Mental Sloth


We have to think sensibly regarding the incidents at the al-Aqsa Mosque.

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Intellectual mobilization must be declared against the terror of the PKK

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What if your entire memory was erased?


Oktar Babuna on BBC WHYS 13 October 2014

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Summer Nasser, Peace Activist, New York

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Summer Nasser, Peace Activist, New York

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Response to Israeli journalist Hana Levi Julian’s question of whether the Muslim Brotherhood would join ISIL

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Pseudo Intellectual Sycophants who Infiltrate Muslims

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Mr. Adnan Oktar’s comments regarding the incident in which bags were placed on the heads of American sailors in Istanbul

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The Global Secret State Plan to Split Up Turkey


Actually the regime in Iran is a communist regime; they likely support the PKK. That is because Iran has very close ties with all communist countries. They appear to have an Islamic regime, but in truth they have a communist regime as a foundation. But to appear reasonable to the public they present themselves as Muslims. That is the say, the state is actually communist but the people are religious.


Iran should be compassionate. They should become a European society. We should be able to go to Iran fearlessly. All women are living there in fear. Why do you impose an obligation about headscarves? Let those who want to cover their heads cover them, and let those who do not want to cover them don’t.


The PKK is recruiting 99% of our youth by intimidation. There is a pileup system of intimidation: They are all afraid. They are all afraid of each other. The PKK is an empire of fear.


The PKK is the world’s most despicable, most characterless, most treacherous mafia group. Abdullah Öcalan is the leading man of this organization. He has instigated murders, caused tens of thousands of our soldiers and police officers to be martyred.


Manufacturing a molecule in a laboratory environment is not evidence for evolution

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21-40 / Total: 22981
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