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The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and the Prophet Lot (pbuh) - introduction

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Congratulations to the Muslims all around the World on the occasion of greeting Ramadan

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Congratulations to the Muslims all around the World on the occasion of greeting Ramadan

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There should be No More Guantanamo's in the World

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Women should be positively discriminated

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Those who strongly hold onto worldly values cannot find happiness

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Reflections from the 2nd International Conference, The Origin of Life and the Universe

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The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and the Prophet Lot (pbuh)

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One’s intellect and articulation are created every instant. God grants and creates wisdom, intellect and the capacity to speak.


The Mahdi is one of compassion and mercy. In Mahdi’s era, all weapons will be removed; hostilities, hatred and fights will terminate entirely.


I am not the Mahdi, and I will have no such claim throughout my life. Despite this, some people are in an unacceptable panic.


The authenticity of the hadiths about the Mahdi is confirmed when the happenings informed in the hadiths become reality. All the portents described in the hadiths about the Mahdi have occurred exactly the same way as informed in the hadiths.


The Prophet (saas) says "The Mahdi’s name will be compatible with mine”, he does not say their names will be the same.


God wants believers to love one another. Believers’ love for one another doesn't weaken their love for the Prophet (saas), but fortifies it.


Being disturbed of the love between Muslims is not a normal way of thinking.


Preparing grounds for fighting or inciting conflicts do not conform with Islam. There is brotherhood between Muslims, not conflict, according to the Qur’an.


Those claiming there is goodness in conflict should see Muslims slaughter one another due to this logic. Conflict is disastrous, as the Qur’an says. Conflict only causes bloodshed and war amongst Muslims. That is why the British deep state uses conflict as a tool. Muslims should be in unity.


Attacking believers who worship in church is - not - a part of the Islam revealed in the Qur’an. That is an atrocious tyranny and cruelty.


There is no fight between the Crescent and the Cross. The only struggle is an intellectual one between the dajjal (antichrist) and believers.


The attack against Coptic Christians in Egypt during their worship is a cruel atrocity. All places of worship are to be protected by Muslims.

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21-40 / Total: 35661
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