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The System of the Mahdi

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A friendly environment would only be formed in this world with the warm attitude of the system of the Mahdi.


Allah makes people remember Himself through many incidents like earthquakes and meteors. He makes people remember the system of the Mahdi constantly, reminds them of the Jesus Messiah and the Unity of Islam. Allah will make the world embrace Islam by making them love Islam.


After the year 1980 there has been a concentration on two matters. One of them is about the earthquakes; the number of the earthquakes occurring after that date is twenty-thirty times more than the number of the earthquakes that took place in the history of the world. The meteors have almost formed a cloud. Previously they were only a few and easily could be counted but now they started to enwrap the world like a cloud. These are all signs of the system of the Mahdi.


At the moment the system of the Mahdi is active in the world to do away the bigoted and ruthless understanding regarding religion.


Allah shows in the Qur’an how the situation in Syria can be resolved.

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A movement that has the support of the system of the Mahdi, the support of the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the Mahdi would most definitely be successful.


All Mahdis have been mocked, all prophets have been mocked. But in the verse, Allah says; ".. what they used to mock at will engulf them." In the end they are defeated. This is all because of their idiocy and stupidity. Mocking Prophets, mocking the Mahdis is a sign of idiocy. It is one of the 101 signs. The idiots mock Prophets. And there are also many other signs of idiocy.


Allah has left the most glorified period of religion to the End of Times. He had decorated the time of the system of the Mahdi amazingly.


Allah has opened the way of the system of the Mahdi, the way for the Jesus Messiah. Apart from that, all other ways are closed. What Allah has predestined will happen eventually.


Allah carries Turkey through by means of religion. When religion goes, neither the concept of family, nor morality or state would remain behind. Religion is the main factor that holds people together.


Allah will remove the embarrassment of captivity from the Islamic world by means of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

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All barbed wires, all protective measures remind us the system of the Mahdi and the need for the system of the Mahdi.


Allah says in the Qur’an that He will not help those who embrace violence, but that He will assist the merciful.

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Adnan Oktar: ''World leaders must select a teacher of love for the solution of problems''


After communism and wild capitalism, there is a third way. And that is the system of the Mahdi. When you get into the path of the system of the Mahdi, you start living in heaven on earth.


Adnan Oktar: Despite many slanders and plots, I have been continuing my cause since 1980. (14.07.2013)

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America and Europe will soon recognize the system of the Mahdi (02.08.2013)

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America is in no position to be a bully anymore. America's salvation is in Mohammedan Christianity, it is in asking for the system of the Mahdi. The same is valid for Russia as well. If Mohammedan Christianity spreads, if Islam spreads around, the country will turn into Heaven on Earth.


American politicians have failed to grasp fundamentalism, which is why no solution can be reached (09.08.2013)

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