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Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith


How can a suckling baby breathe at the same time?

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Bacteria, misrepresented as primitive, by evolutionists, have turned out to be marvels of engineering

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It is a miracle that a great majority of people don't have faith in God

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Prophets are not human beings with extraordinary talents; they are pious believers.

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Miracles do not happen in a way that will eliminate the free will, the trial goes on…

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What were the Miracles in our Prophet’s (saas) Life?

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People cannot perceive spectacular miracles as if they are hypnotized. May God remove this hypnosis

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The universe is full of miracles. The believers should pray to God to be able to keep all these miracles in their mind. They should pray to be able to feel the excitement and amazement of how magnificent these miracles are. And they should ask from God the capacity to offer the appreciation they feel in the face of such knowledge to God.

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It is the indoctrination of satan and the dajjal's system that debilitates people's sense of wonder and awe towards wonders. Yet we encounter miracles every moment of our lives.


If the human mind had capacity to ponder on 100 miracles at once, one would be spiritually overwhelmed. God's artistry is astonishing and delightful.


God created miracles for Pharaoh’s people to make them believe. They promised to believe every time, but broke their promises every time. This is a miracle.

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