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Middle East

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Turkey is the key actor in Middle East

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The birth of the New Middle East

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The purpose is to be a peace envoy in the region

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Turkey: The sole leader state in Africa, the Middle East and Asia

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Turkey Will Be the Leader of the Middle East

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Time to remember a huge claim

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The destiny of the Middle East and Asia is such that they will be saved through the system of the Mahdi.


The unity of Islam is a great ideal. It is the ideal of all of us, of all the Muslims. It is the common policy of the Middle Eastern countries.


The discrimination in between Shias and Sunnis should be wiped off the region and Shias and Sunnis should embrace each other. The system of the Mahdi should be made an agenda and the unity of Islam should be formed. Actually the region is like Heaven. Iraq, Syria are all historical places, there is an amazing flora in the region but because love and friendship does not come into play, the region has turned into a living hell.


The world is not at ease at this moment, the Middle East is in a bloodbath. Not fear, but terror is going on in the Middle East at this moment. Without the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) that is what happens.


The majority of the armies are organized against their own people in the Middle East, they are organized to make havoc of Muslims. Look at Syria, look at Egypt; they both are afraid from Israel yet they act like bullies when it comes to their own people.


Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none


The Way Forward For The Middle East


The Unending Storm in the Middle East: SECTARIAN WARS


Tribalized States Or Tribes That Are Effectively States In The Middle East


The right wing, conservatism, should not promote a life lacking quality. There is a mass of people who speak a lot and misinterpret rightist ideology most unbecomingly; because the Middle East is under their control, this darkness, this impure appearance can be widely seen in many places.


Time to reset basis for forging alliances


The Christian Church in the Middle East


The Middle East Needs Love and Unity More Than Ever


The Islamic world is paying the price for ignoring Hazrat Mahdi (24.07.2014)

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21-40 / Total: 58
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