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The latest developments regarding Flores man


Darwinists' greatest embarrassment on the agenda: Pointless efforts to keep the myth of whale evolution alive


Darwinists now raise their hopes by importing pagan priests from America


The Vatican conference is anti-democratic


Unable to Account for a Single Protein, Darwinists Now Place Their Hopes in Fossilized Footprints


Darwinist Propaganda Techniques


The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution in 50 Themes


Atlas of Creation - Volume 3


Why Darwinism Is Incompatible with the Qur'an


The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution


The Evolution Deceit


New Research Demolishes Evolution


Why are Darwinist journals ceasing publication one after the other?


Darwinists' Latest Tactics: Feeble Stories of A Punished Darwinist Teacher, an Apologetic Darwinist Imam and So-Called ''Wronged Darwinism''


Why these constant efforts to use Denisovan fossils as a vehicle for evolutionary propaganda?


Why have Darwinists been silent for so long?


Why are Darwinists so determined to humiliate themselves?


''Aggrieved Darwin'' propaganda is a trick


Errors of Iran's propaganda film about the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), ''The coming is upon us''


There are some cartoons about angels or hereafter. They draw birds flying overhead, men flying upon clouds. The demons of hell chase people. These exist in all cartoon journals. THESE ARE SECRET METHODS THAT ARE EMPLOYED TO DECREASE ONE’S AWE OF ALLAH AND LOVE OF ALLAH.


PKK is making propaganda uninterruptedly and is using fake science to do that. They are carrying out Marxist propaganda all over the world. Consequently scientific propaganda is very crucial in the struggle against the PKK.


After teaching Darwinism day and night in Islamic countries, they then wonder why the new generation that emerges is materialist.


Counter propaganda activities should be carried out against all sorts of anti-Turkey ideas that would disrupt our national structure. The state should have a unit about counter propaganda. There might also be a general directorate related with that.


We reply to those who say there is no more communism.


The Pope prays for peace but Vatican makes Darwinism and materialism propaganda (12.10.2013)


The Rise and Fall of PKK Propaganda


Atheistic propaganda is carried out with some paintings, poems, novels or statutes, yet some people are unable to realize this danger. They aim to ruin the subconscious minds of Christians with the details added to religious figures in some statutes to carry out atheistic propaganda. Those who try to ridicule religious values- in their own minds- and revolt against the commands of God by using religious figures are doing this with covert methods.


People take open propaganda techniques into consideration and ignore the secret ones. Yet, secret propaganda techniques are much more effective. The dajjal's system is causing great damage by influencing people’s subconscious through poems, novels, paintings and sculpture. A very loveless and tense worldview is being inculcated in many entertainment shows. In such shows, you cannot hear one word reminding God.


It will work for love


False Flag Operations


Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict


In a turbulent world, what is truth?


It will work for love

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