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None of the suffering in Kyrgzstan would occur if the Turkish Islamic Union were established


Russia also pleased at Turkish-Armenian initiative


The increasing role in the Islamic world is in favor of Russia


Visa with Russia lifted


Visa with Russia is being abolished


A friendly hand from Russia to Islam


Russia demands its Islamic educators to be raised in Turkey


Turkey and Russia To Benefit upon an Agreement on Visas


100 billion dollars is the target with Russia


100 billion dollar trade with Russia is opened up


Visa is lifted, Turkish people flocked into Russia


Mr. Adnan Oktar Replies to Questions From The Wordyou Web Site Published in Russia – February 22, 2012


Erdoğan and Putin's talks on Syria


Putin should not support Syria's immoral leaders


If the world does not surrender itself to the system of the Mahdi, exhaustion, unrest, weakness will spread throughout the world


Iran is a communist country that has adopted dialectic - Darwinist- materialistic education system


First Russian public TV channel for Muslims goes live


Putin, “Islam is an Integral Part of Russia”


Putin is courageous person who supports true religion


Putin will carry out a historical mission when Islamic Union is established


First and foremost, Russia should step in for the Unity of Islam. Russia, Israel and Turkey. These are three crucial points. When they include Egypt as well, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Russia would form an amazing power. After that all the other countries will join this unity one after the other.


Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist Russian deep state and former Marxists, former Stalinists are supporting PKK extensively right now. The communists of Europe support them. CIA supports them in the US but because the Turkish people are faithful, because they are all very brave people, they cannot do anything.


The meteors falling on Russia are among the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


With the meteors falling upon Russia, Allah has sent another spiritual sign. Such incidents will become frequent, portents will be more frequent. People will start to look for Mahdi (pbuh). They will understand that there is something unusual going on. They will say that Allah wants something. That He has a goal and they will go find the Mahdi (pbuh) and find Jesus Messiah and thus the Unity of Islam will prevail in the world.


The meteor's passing by very close to the world is a great incident. After that one, other meteors came and struck Russia. Remarkable incidents are taking place. The End Times is taking its course at full speed. Every single day a wonderful incident happens, every single day a miraculous incident takes place. Earthquakes that used to happen once in a while previously, started to happen every single day.


The space rock that burned up over a city in Russia


Our Prophet (saas) foretold that in the End Times the frequency of earthquakes would increase and meteors would fall on Earth.


Although the portents of the coming of Prophet Jesus (as) have all occurred according to Gospel, we can’t hear our Christian brothers praying duly.


Let us embrace Israel with compassion, let us embrace Armenia with compassion, let us embrace Russia with compassion, let us embrace Greece with compassion. Let us establish a beauty in all our borders. Let us put aside visas and passports. And let us establish the Unity of Islam.


''If Putin takes Al-Assad and his family under his protection and get them out of Syria, the war would come to an end.''


The Communism that Has Drenched Mankind in Blood - 1


Some people assume that US is an independent power. They assume that Russia is an independent power. Yet the whole power belongs to God. God is the One Who rules over the atoms, Who rules over the electrons. God is the One Who rules over infinity.


America is in no position to be a bully anymore. America's salvation is in Mohammedan Christianity, it is in asking for the system of the Mahdi. The same is valid for Russia as well. If Mohammedan Christianity spreads, if Islam spreads around, the country will turn into Heaven on Earth.


Adnan Oktar: The US Could Direct The Funds Reserved For Bombing Syria To Refugees


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”


There is a communist regime in Iran. A cover of Islam is being put over it; a cover of Muslims is being put over that regime. They are almost mocking religion- may God forbid. They have an expectation of a ghostly Mahdi. And they are keeping the communist system up and alive. They have formed a communist alliance with China and Russia.


Al-Assad should be taken out of Syria without any harm reaching his life and possessions. Russia doesn't want the humiliation of Al-Assad. If precautions are taken to prevent the humiliation of Al-Assad, he might be taken out of the country.


Russia would only let a change in administration in Syria without Assad being dishonored (08.10.2013)


Russia Supports Syria


There is a struggle between America and Russia in Syria (23.01.2014)


How Russia Can Help Bring Relief to Syrians


Russia has other roles to play in Syria


Turkey, friend of the innocent!


It is unacceptable for Syria to attack our Turkmen brothers (26.03.2014)


Rather than a policy that excludes Russia, the world should approach it with love (30.03.2014)


Russian people sufferred a lot. The world should protect them and show compassion to them. We should not leave them to their own means. It is a cold country, a cold climate, an outcasted community. We should put these away and approach them with compassion.


Isolated Russia


Another Cold War is out of question


President of Georgia: It Is Not Right to Alienate Russia


EU-Russian power struggles and Eastern Ukraine


It would be great if the Islamic world were to embrace Putin, cooperate with him and if they were to include Russia as an important member of the Islamic Union. What Russia is concerned about the most is to be left alone. All will be solved if the Islamic world would embrace Russia. Islam would prevail throughout the whole world in a flash.


Our brothers activity inside a Russian Orthodox church (16.05.2014)


Time to reset basis for forging alliances


Turkey: A country at the center of energy corridors


Putin’s endearment towards Islam with love is very delightful


If they approach Russia with love, then Putin will respond very well


Our books attracted great interest at a book fair in Russia


A friendly attitude that does not alienate Russia should be taken as a basis in the world.


Disagreements Can Only Be Resolved through Understanding, Not Sanctions


Isolating Russia: A perilous policy for the World


The global secret state plan to split up Turkey


The 'Eastern Question' Still Persists In Europe


Putin is leaving the G20 Summit!


They should approach Russia with love and accept it into the European Union


How Russia and Turkey can work together


The antagonism against Russia should end in Europe. Russia must not be isolated.


Adnan Oktar: Turkey will not leave Russia alone


Russia and Turkey are longstanding friends and they will remain as friends. Our mutual love is very strong. Our trade is strong because of that, I believe, but trade is of secondary importance for us. Love, friendship, brotherhood, mutual trust; these are the most crucial topics.


Russia and Turkey can save EU from economic recession


History Repeats Itself


God brought down the American economy. The reason behind this has to do the special groundwork for the appearance of Moshiach, the Mahdi (pbuh). God brought down Russia as well; all of that is for paving the way for the Moshiach.


A committee decided the collapse of the Russian economy. Almighty God uses a committee, a committee headed by Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). The Archangel Michael is also responsible for this.


A committee decided the collapse of the Russian economy. Almighty God uses a committee, a committee headed by Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). The Archangel Michael is also responsible for this.


Russia: Syria’s game changer


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 December 2014)


Turkey and Russia can eliminate risk of new bipolar world order


Russia should open the doors to the students of Treatise of Light. Anything to the contrary would bring about inauspiciousness. A country closing doors to the students of the Treatise of Light cannot remain standing. Such a country would be devastated with that inauspiciousness.


Is EU stepping back from Russian sanctions?


News relating that Putin has been reading the Qur’an and he has interest in Islam for a long time


Muftu Ravil Gaynutdinov whom Putin awarded is a Muslim clergy whom we love dearly.


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on Armenian issue by LifeNews TV, Russia


The US used to praise God's name profusely and it used to be rich. They started to grovel when they started to invoke God's name less and less. Russia used to invoke God's name less and they were groveling. Now they've started to talk about God and God gave them a little relief.


How Turkey and Russia change international energy hub


'Islam as religion of peace' is more than just a cliche


What Can Russia Do For Syria?


Before and after: Nuclear deal and its implications for Russia-Iran relations


Russia’s new moves in Syria


Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Russian Life News television on A9 TV (29 November 2014)


Adnan Oktar: We proposed a political solution, which includes Bashar Assad for Syria


USA, Russia and masons of the world are paving the way for the coming of Moshiach (Hazrat Mahdi (as))


Russia’s stance on the Muslim world


The USA, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia Allied for a Resolution in Syria


The United States, Russia, Turkey and Arabia Convened for Syria


The future of Turkey-Russia relations


Russia should say, "We will tackle the issue of Syria peacefully and kindly"


More than friends: The Russia, Turkey relationship


A sensitive time both Turkey and Russia to act with reason


Russian-Turkish friendship can’t be damaged by crises


Adnan Oktar: I like Russian people


Seeing the big picture


Russia-Turkey: Long-lasting Friendship Should Not Be Damaged


The friendship between Russia and Turkey must not be frittered away


Putin can adopt a friendly approach towards Turkey to foil the plans of isolating Russia


Putin must see the fact that Turkey always stood by Russia


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 November 2015)


Let's reconcile the two old friends: Russia and Turkey


PYD/YPG is a treacherous organization. They will betray Putin and target him as well


Turkey objects to the hate policy of the world towards Russia


Getting Russian-Turkish Relations Back On Track


Russia And Turkey In Harm’s Way


A hateful character is very common amongst young people. They hate Russia, Israel, Greece, Iran; they hate rival political parties, rival football clubs, they even hate the cities they don't live in. They harbor incredible amounts of hatred in them. Such societies naturally become easy targets: That’s why it is crucial to end this hateful character. It should be a top priority.


Ahmet Davutoğlu: “The YPG is Russia's Mercenary”


The US and Russia pretend not to understand the position of the YPG. The YPG is a pack of coyotes including thieves and usurpers, dishonest and perverted people, and assassins in the region. They are allegedly the only power fighting against the ISIS and al-Nusra whereas in fact, they are scared to death of the ISIS and Nusra. They have not clashed with the ISIS in an open field in any way; they always make progress depending on air support.


Putin is a well-liked leader among the Islamic community. Some of his decisions might be taken under the compulsion of the Russian deep state


The English shadow state looms over the people of Russia and the USA as well. They seek to manipulate these communities for their own ends.


Time to move on for Russia and Turkey


We warned the Russian shadow state several times about not backing terror. Terror would ultimately strike anyone backing it.


We would be delighted with the prosperity and welfare of Russia. Russians are an innocent nation with Ottoman raising; no enmity towards them is allowed.


Many people regard the Russian or American shadow states to be powerful. However, it is the British shadow state that aims at control over Turkey. The plot of the British shadow government must be deciphered.


The British shadow state is a very sly structure. It might sometimes look like it is Russia or the USA that is behind things. But they are all controlled by the British shadow state.


Turkey and Russia must restore its relations as soon as possible. Offering an apology is a virtue; apologizing is being gentle. Offering an apology doesn’t degrade a person; on the contrary, it elevates him. Feeling ashamed of apologizing is unbecoming. Apologizing is kindness.


Russia’s Trustworthy Ally: Islamic World


Being able to apologize is a virtue. There is nothing wrong with Turkey apologizing to Russia.


Without losing time, an apology should be extended to Russia. Apologizing complies with Islam and our customs.


Apologize in line with our Islamic morality and traditions; there is nothing wrong in apologizing and paying compensation to Russia.


The downing of the plane hurt Russia’s national pride and that is why Putin’s hands are tied with regards to changing Russia’s stance towards Turkey. But a Turkish apology can fix it.


One apologizes for many things during day. Turkey’s apologizing to Russia, especially considering that a life was lost, is definitely the right thing to do.


After Israel, we will make friendship agreements with Armenia, Greece and Russia. And we will attain beautiful results by the will of God.


President Erdoğan did the right thing by sending a letter to Russia. We have been encouraging rapprochement with Russia for a long time.


Mending fences with Russia and Israel is the rational approach. That is exactly what Turkey should be doing.


Turkey had been shut out from the rest of the world, but now the windows have started to be opened one by one. Having good relations with Israel and Russia are doors opening to the Islamic Unity.


Those who claim that we should not be friends with Israel and Russia, in truth want to be enemies with everyone. Enmity would not help anyone.


By apologizing our President showed the decency of Muslims to the whole world. An apology is extended when a mistake is made. And that is nice.


Russia would not let the disintegration of Syria. The British Deep State is used to draw borders with rulers but that won't be the case this time.


We were the only ones saying that it would not be wrong for President Erdoğan to apologize to Russia and we've labored the point persistently.


Syria will not disintegrate. Within the spirit of the system of the Mahdi, all the countries in the region, all the Balkan countries including Armenia, Russia and Israel will unite.


For a very long time we suggested that we should reconcile with Russia; now that we've reconciled with Russia is an answer to our prayers.


Against all kinds of criticisms, we advocated that we need to be friends with Israel and reconcile with Russia.


We have explained several times that offering an apology to Russia is compatible with both Islam and our traditions. Turkey did the right thing by offering an apology to Russia.


Exciting countdown for Turkey and Russia


Let’s fortify our alliance with Russia. Russians are people of sound mind. Russia is against the division of Turkey.


Turkey must sign a military agreement with Russia immediately


Turkey’s improved ties with Russia


Turkey’s future is a modern Turkey and the Islamic Union. Islam’s love will lead this union and will include Russia as well.


We should once more voice our apology for the deceased Russian pilot and explain the truth behind these matters to Putin.


Our President Erdoğan should embrace Mr. Putin in his visit to Russia and should state that Russia and Turkey are allies in defense.


The British Deep State is very insidious; for 300 years it hid itself. It’s not the USA, Russia etc,, but the British Deep State that has that slyness.


Russia and Turkey can act together and ensure in Syria the foundation of a technocratic government that the people would embrace as well.


Neither Russia nor Turkey can struggle against the British Deep State alone. If Russia and the Islamic world act as allies, its plot would be thwarted.


Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey must form a political, military and economic alliance as soon as possible.


It’s pleasant that Russia regards Turkey as a friend and emphasizes that it will not leave Turkey alone if it’s attacked.


If Russia, Turkey and Iran ally, great developments will happen.


Even in the most tense periods, we suggested that Turkey should offer an apology for the plane crisis and that Turkey and Russia must be friends.


If Syria, Russia, Iran and Pakistan stand firmly by each other's side, they can thwart the British deep state's scheme


Cooperation with Putin, including an economic one is important, but the most important is a military cooperation, which should be formed at once.


When we proposed that Turkey should apologize from Russia, many opposed that idea. Apologizing is a virtue of Islam. Results have been great.


Iran and Russia are beautiful countries. They might have errors, but they're not treacherous like the British Deep State. Turkey must be allies with them.


Turkey is not against NATO or the EU. But we will become allies with Russia and Iran.


Our sectarian differences are not important. We believe in the same Qur'an as Shiites. Let's become allies with Iran, Pakistan and Russia.


Hard times reveal true friends


Russian Christians have always been oppressed. Turkey should be friends with the Russian Orthodox church and protect all our Christian brothers in the region.


If Turkey, Russia, Iran and Pakistan come together and decide on it, it means the Islamic Union has been established.


There are many Muslims in Russia, which is therefore an Islamic country. Through Turkey’s friendship it will be a part of the Islamic Union.


Turkey should establish a strong alliance with Russia and Iran. Shia are pure Muslims. This friendship will be of great benefit for the region.


In my articles published in Russia’s prominent newspaper Pravda and in our dialogues with certain people we persistently suggested the rapprochement of Turkey and Russia.


Persians, Armenians, Russians are all dear to us. We will approach everyone with love. Lovelessness was taught to people through Darwinist education.


It would be very beneficial for the entire region and its people if Turkey, Russia and Iran act in union.


Turkey-Russia Rapprochement


Appologizing is a virtue. Our President did the right thing by apologizing from Russia. Those claiming otherwise are acting insincerely and unscrupulously.


A new ploy is to collapse the economy and take hold of Turkey. Our nation is vigilant and will overcome this. Let's ally with Iran and Russia.


Turkey, Russia will gain from Canal Istanbul


Russia’s frequently bringing up the plots of the British Deep State is an important and a very nice development.


Mr. Adnan Oktar said that it is very urgent for Turkey to engage in a political, military and economic cooperation with Russia


Russian President Putin is a brave person. Turkey’s alliance with Russia is very significant. Cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan would be very good in the region.


Turkey should have a definitive stance against the separation of Syria. Turkey can act together with Russia and Iran on this matter.


Everyone has mistakes and Putin has some wrongful practices too but in essence he is a good man. Turkey and Russia should be allies.


Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and all other Islamic countries should definitely unite and ally.


Turkey, Iran and Russia should definitely act in alliance. This will bring power, peace and prosperity to the region.


The British Deep State employs a special strategy to ruin relations between the US and Russia. The US and Russia should invalidate this by allying.


We are aware that British Deep State wants to drive Russia into a corner. Yet both Turkey and Russia will grow thrive and grow stronger.


Invasion plan like the 20th century


It is imperative that Turkey allies with Iran and Russia. It is important that the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq are preserved.


If Turkey, Iran and Russia form an alliance, they can render the influence of the British Deep State ineffective. It is important to behave rational and poisedly.


Russia and Turkey should be quicker in forging their alliance; there is no time to lose. These are troublesome times. They have to act quickly.


It appears that there is not a system that provides good protection for Trump. Both Russia and Turkey should support Russia.


It would be great if Russia, Turkey and Iran support Trump. We want the US to return to their former religious and happy days and to revive the American Dream.


If Turkey strengthens trade with Iran, China and Russia, it'd be beneficial. Temporary economic crisis may occur, but Turkey will never topple.


If Russia, the US and Turkey disclose the plots of the British Deep State, this 300 years-old structure can collapse immediately.


The war in Iraq and Syria would be ended if Iran, Turkey and Russia were to act in alliance.


Russia and Syria should definitely provide help to assist the aid convoys to reach to Syria. Civilians and the vehicles passing should be provided with means.


Aid convoys heading for Syria should place big signs on their vehicles in order prevent themselves becoming a target and be protected from Russian and Syrian jets.


Trump might be able to revive the religious America, the former American Dream. Turkey and Russia should support him.


The British Deep State will be completely defeated in this century if Turkey, Russia and the US forge an alliance.


Russia should not miss its chance to be Syria's hero


Turkey, Iran, China and Russia must trade with their own currencies. There is no need to trade with Dollars and Euros.


The Russia's Ambassador to Ankara, Mr. Andrey Karlov was a kind-hearted person of good moral character. May God grant his family and loved ones patience


The British Deep State wants to make Muslims get into conflict with other Muslims. The armies of Iran and Turkey are two of the world’s greatest armies; they want to make them fight each. Iran and Turkey, two great powers of Islamic world will not fall foul of each other, on the contrary we will be united. And we will take Russia on our side.


We will reinforce Turkish-Russian relations even more. Russian people are very much like Anatolian people in terms of nature. Russia will always be our friend.


It appears the British Deep State has launched an attack against Russia. Russia will foil that plot by fully allying with Turkey.


Attacks against Iran and Russia started because they criticized the British Deep State. It is imperative that Turkey, Russia and Iran ally.


We should act quickly to build a very strong alliance with Iran and Russia, cooperate with them in everything.


If Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and Iran ally, it would be impossible for the British Deep State to target such a great force.


Shooting someone in the back who is an ambassador in our country and who is entrusted to us is severe turpitude. It is not an action that a Muslim would do.


Russians are decent people. They struggled to make Russia and Turkey foes, yet we did not let that happen. We won’t let hostility with Iran either.


There are attacks against Russia because Russian politicians have drawn attention to the British Deep State. Russia must not be left alone.


An alliance between Iran, Russia and Turkey would paralyze the British Deep State. And if Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia joined, the force would be very impressive.


Russia becomes the target of attacks as it reveals the schemes of the British deep state


We requested Russia to make a ceasefire in the conflict in Aleppo and evacuate the wounded. It’s great that Mr. Lavrov said they’re working on it.


48 hours should be given to evacuate civilians from Aleppo. Russia should be determined on this. There should be nothing to disrupt the ceasefire.


It's so fine that there are devout Orthodox, Jews and Muslims in Russia. It would be so fine to see synagogues and churches to be full of devout people.


Strengthening Russian-Turkish relations and taking immediate steps for this purpose would be the best answer to plotters.


Mr. Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was a very kind, decent and honorable man. May God give patience to his loved ones.


Some cannot stand to see friendliness between Russia-Turkey. Let’s make our friendship even stronger despite the conspirators.


The British Deep State cannot stand to see the fact that Turkish-Russian relations are getting stronger and that Russians are getting more religious. We will foil the plots through love.


Mr. Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was cowardly shot in the back. His assassination is a severe wrongdoing and an atrocity.


We should act quickly to strengthen our amity with Russia. Let us invite President Putin to Turkey and sign new trade and military deals.


We’ll be friends with Iran, with Russia. The British Deep State is wrong to think that with their feeble games they can manipulate our people.


The attempts to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey is an exercise in futility. As a nation, we’ll not allow such sedition to occur.


Russia, Iran and all countries have realized the plots of the British Deep State.


Some people wanted to distance us from Russia and Iran, but the voices of those seeking enmity were silenced by our calls of brotherhood and friendship.


The British Deep State is trying to take revenge against Russia for their defeat in Syria. Successive assassinations and plane crashes happen because of this. The system of the dajjal [antichrist] will engage in a series of attacks from now on. Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Israel must be allies to end the dajjal's movement.


The British Deep State wishes to replace Mr. Putin with someone who will be under their control. All the Turkic Republics should support Mr. Putin.


If Russia, Iran, Turkey and Israel form an alliance with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the whole world will find peace.


Both Turkey and Russia are against the separation of Syria. It is the right policy to protect the territorial integrity of Syria.


Let's strengthen our ties with Iran, Russia, and Azarbaijan. We must have complete cooperation on natural gas and energy sources.


After our statements, Russia took a solid stance against the British Deep State for the first time in history. This is why Russia is under attack.


The attacks against Russia will not have any impact. If Turkey, Iran and Russia ally, they will become a solid force.


The Greater Middle East Project was British Deep State's plan to destroy Middle East. The recent alliance between Turkey and Russia spoiled this plan.


In the following period, we will see that Turkey, Russia and Israel will be freed from the pressure of the dajjal [antichrist].


We, as Turkey, as Turkic states and the Islamic world, will support President-elect Donald Trump. Russia and China will surely support Trump as well against the British Deep State.


The British Deep State initiated serial killings against Russia. They pretend those to be natural deaths, but in fact carry out assassinations.


Turkey will be very strong if she allies with Russia, Israel, Iran and China. In that case, plots against her will never work.


Turkey and Russia should support China as well. An alliance between Turkey, Israel, Russia, China and Iran would be a very effective and powerful alliance.


Russia and Turkey must be very close allies. Russians are honest, humble, well-intentioned people. They would not want any country to be separated.


Turkey must also look out for China, Russia and Iran. Turkey should always assume a humble and compassionate role. We are not after our self-interests.


One of the characteristics of Russians is that they are away from the wannabe mentality of the British Deep State.


The system of the British Deep State is based on blood and violence, but British courtesy and politeness is nice. It would be wrong to externalize this. Let's take British gentlemanship, French politeness, Italian art and beauty as example for ourselves. Russia and Iran could also do this.


The Islamic Union should be immediately formed with the participation of Russia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and China.


If Turkey, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China join forces, Islamic Union can be easily formed. There are many Muslims in China.


Turkey and Russia should ally on the matter of Crimea. Both countries could act as guarantors for Crimea. Let's bring life to the Black Sea together. Turkey and Russia acting as guarantors for Crimea does not mean the separation or exclusion of Ukraine. This guarantee is a historical right.


Turkey should reject the policies of the British Deep State and George Soros on Crimea. We should ally with Russia so that we can be a guarantor for Crimea. Let's improve Crimea as Turkey and Russia. We can turn the Black Sea into a lake of peace through Turkey-Russia alliance.


Turkey and Russia, that is, President Putin and President Erdogan, are two lions making a stand against the British Deep State. We must ally and be friends. Russians are very beautiful people. They have an Anatolian nature. A Turkey-Russia alliance must reach to the highest level. Let's not waste any time.


An Islamic Union where Turkey, Russia, China, Iran and Israel are united must be established urgently. This would end the British Deep State.


Watch out for provocations against Russia


Let us be close allies with Israel, Russia, China and Iran. Let us overturn the evil plots of the British Deep State.


Obama and his staff had communist tendencies. We’re hoping that Trump will undo the damage Obama did. Trump is an anti-communist, anti-Darwinist person. Russia, Turkey, Iran, China and Turkic Republics should support Trump.


Against the perfidiousness of the British Deep State, meticulous attention must be paid to protect Mr.Trump.


Kanal İstanbul hem Türkiye’nin hem de Rusya’nın Yararına


Saying Russia is the mastermind behind the violent events are merely an effort in vain to distract attention from the British Deep State. This structure is very influential among the Russian bureaucracy as well. Putin is well aware of the fact that he is encircled by the agents of the British Deep State and is giving a strong struggle against this threat.


Russia and Turkey should not leave Trump alone against the pressure of the British Deep State. If he were backed up strongly, he would act bravely and righteously.


If Turkey acts together with Iran, Israel, Russia, China and the USA, the British Deep State will lose its influence.


Harun Yahya's comments on downing of the Russian warplane covered on Russian press


The Origin of Life Conference at the Svyato-Aleksievskaya Pustin Education Center


Any country getting close to Turkey is targeted with international plots, including Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran.


Harun Yahya Representatives at the ‘Russia-Turkey Relations’ Conference


Turkey and Russia could act as a guarantor for Crimea to turn the peninsula into a center of peace. Crimea is a sacred region. Let us revive Crimea under the guarantee of Turkey and Russia. Let us strengthen our friendship with Ukraine.


Putin is an honest man. Turkey and Russia should have a stronger relationship.


Sheikh Shamil had historical bravery and grandeur. Russians also admired his courage and determination.


It's not complicated to correct the relations between America and Russia. Love and friendship are not complicated. It's easy to be friends in brotherhood.


It would be great if Russia and America would make a nonaggression pact and cut their military spending in half. Then, they may spend what they save for the welfare of their people.


Trump, the Islamic World and Israel


Also in Russia, there is a secret deep state structure working against Putin and they are acting under the control of the British deep state.


Syria’s territorial integrity is important


Rafsanjani was a very prominent name in the Turkey-Russia-Iran agreements. He said that he would never allow a Sunni-Shia war.


Russia and Turkey should ally against the British Deep State.


Turkey, Russia, China and Iran must show the highest level of support for President Trump. People against him would see the world's support then.


Some circles reacted when we said that we must become allies with Israel, Russia and Egypt. Now they see that we are right.


It's not normal that Russian diplomats are dying due to cardiac disease. This must be investigated on suspicion of assassination.


After Russia developed an attitude against the British deep state, a series of murders began. These murders must be examined. President Putin must be protected.


Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what


Defense is important for the USm but if they become friends with Russia and sign a non-aggression treaty, both countries could spend for the welfare of their people instead of weapons.


Crimea Crisis can be turned into an Opportunity


Trump can only get results with Iran by explaining the compassionate and merciful aspects of the Mahdi movement. It is not possible to attain results with weapons. The US will be able to resolve the disputes they have with Iran by acting jointly with Russia. They should not fall into the British deep state’s trap that forces them into a conflict.


Let’s expose all the plots of the British deep state against Russia. Let’s not leave Russia alone.


Syria is one step closer to peace


Trump-Putin Cooperation Presents a Historical Opportunity for the World


A joint meeting of the Chiefs of Staff of Russia, the US and Turkey will form a new world order against the British deep state.


Turkey is doing great by strengthening its ties with Russia. Russians are good people; they are decent and reliable.


Turkey and Russia are brothers and will always remain as brothers. Russians are very decent people.


The articles of Mr. Adnan Oktar that were published in the international media outlets in February 2017


The best response to the plots hatched against Turkey is promoting Islamic Unity. Russia, Iran, Israel and other Islamic countries must unite with love.


Trump-Putin Cooperation Presents a Historical Opportunity for the World


Trump-Putin Cooperation Presents a Historical Opportunity for the World


US based Jefferson Corner website publishes Harun Yahya articles.


Crimea Crisis can be turned into an Opportunity


After we drew attention to the British deep state, there has been an awakening both in Turkey, Russia and the US. That is great.


NATO weapons on the Russian border


A key project drawing Russia and Turkey nigh: The Turkish Stream


Some circles struggled immensely to drive a wedge between Turkey and Russia. Yet all such attempts proved futile thanks to our efforts. We've thwarted such plots with my articles published in Pravda and other publications and helped rebuild the friendship between Russia and Turkey. Putin saw through the plots behind the Russian jet incident and saw President Erdogan’s honesty. Now, these two leaders will, insha’Allah, build an alliance.


A Russia-Turkey alliance will be an effective power against the British deep state. The USA, Iran and China should join, too.


NATO weapons on the Russian border


It would be a mistake for USA to consider fighting Iran, because it would mean fighting Russia as well. It’s important to be on the side of peace at all times.


It’s great that Turkey, Russia and Iran agree on a policy to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.


Both Russians and Iranians are great people, with humble characters. The British deep state is discriminating against Russia. Let’s be good friends with them.


Turkey, Russia and Iran should form a powerful, solid bloc. We should also help Armenia and not be spectators to their isolation in a faraway land. Azerbaijan is very dear to us. Let's help them solve the conflict with Armenia and build an alliance of friendship in the region.


Special precautions must be taken especially against poisoning in case that the British deep state targets Russian politicians.


It’s great that Mr. Erdogan is taking steps to make our alliance with Russia stronger. We should do the same with Iran.


Turkey-Russia: an important alliance


It is perfectly natural for the US and Russia to forge an alliance. It is very wrong to criticize Mr. Trump simply because he wants that friendship.










Turkey-Russia: an important alliance


NATO weapons on the Russian border

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