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Turkey is a country that takes love as a basis and that refrains from hatred.


The advocators of peace, the proponents of love should be much more determined, much more strong willed. They might try to deter us from our path, deviate us from our way but we should continue with determination and strong will.


They have attempted to set Alawites against the Sunnis. We said; “We love Alawites very dearly, we love Shias very dearly, we love Wahabbis dearly, we would never let anyone say a word against them.” We have thus wiped out that mentality as well. With this determination we are walking on a new path and we are moving forward every single day.


There is no violence or terror in Islam. There is love, mercy and friendship in Islam. Why does Allah give Heaven to us? Had Allah asked for terror, He would have given that in the Heaven as well. Allah wants love, compassion, peace and security. Allah tells us to greet each other with “salam.” What does “salam” mean? It means wishing safety and wellbeing.


The system of the Mahdi only focuses on where we can find love, on where we can find mercy and where we can find compassion. It focuses on how to attain friendship, brotherhood, companionship, on how to make advancements in artistry and science? That is what the system of the Mahdi is interested in.


The system of the Mahdi does not attend to politics. Mahdi is a teacher of love. The system of the Mahdi is merely a person who encourages love, peace, brotherhood, companionship, goodness, well intentions, arts, science and similar matters; it is a person who intensely injects that spirit to the public and a group, a community around him. That is the essential foundation of the system of the Mahdi.


The system of the Mahdi is a spirit that embraces everyone. And it does not aspire politics. It is the profession of teaching love. Just like teachers of English language, teachers of French language; Mahdi (pbuh) is the teacher of love for the world.


The system of the Mahdi is the wisest path to follow. It does not have any claim. I mean the system of the Mahdi does not ask for goods and chattels, it does not ask for splendor, it does not ask for anything. It just demands love.


The system of the Mahdi does not need anyone. The same is valid for the Prophet Jesus Messiah, Sayyidina Jesus Messiah Ibn Maryam. He doesn’t need anyone either. He just wants love and nothing more.


Those on the side of the Mahdi (pbuh) would always talk about stopping the bloodshed, about love, compassion, freedom, peace, science, arts and aesthetics.


The system of the Mahdi will be an age of love and liberty.

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Those who love Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would also love our Prophet (saas). If one loves our Prophet (saas), he should also love Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Our Prophet (saas) has passed away but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a part of him; he is his son. If you love the Prophet(saas) you should take his son alive as basis. And you attempt to make him forgotten that means you do not feel love for our Prophet (saas).


The kindness and humanity of Americans is very nice. It would be a grave lack of conscience and cruelty to attempt to suffocate the joy and beauties of America.


The Middle East needs love and unity more than ever

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The slogans all over the world are all about hatred. We never come across any slogans on love.


There is a profundity in the hearts of poor people. They have a deep love. Their love, their affection is very beautiful. Their love for God is very beautiful. Their tendency towards arts and aesthetics is very high. Poor people are generally very well-mannered in every aspect.


The countries should compete each other for love and affection instead of competing for weapons.


The money spent on arms and bombs should be given to the people, the poor and orphans.

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There should be a love race instead of an arms race in the world (29.10.2013)

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They have turned this world into a society of hatred. Log on to the internet, visit any website; there is 99% hatred, 1% love. There is always hatred, always innuendos, always fights. The tide should be turned. It should be at least 99% love.

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