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Islamic countries should unite and enter Syria together.


Iran, which backs Syria, acts as the protector of the communist block (11.09.2013)

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Islamic countries are after their own pleasure, they are indulging themselves. They are watching Syria as if they are watching a movie from a distance.


If Islamic countries go into Syria from 70 different points, the war will end in 70 minutes. (16.09.2013)

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In a sense, Al-Assad is saying; "Alright then, I will not kill by chemicals, but by choking, by hanging and chopping, by burning."


It is simply unbelivable that people are thanking Al-Assad for the destruction of chemical weapons. All forms of killings are atrocious, and as such there is an abdication of reason in the world about this.


It is related in the hadith that more than 100 thousand people would pass away in Syria (22.11.2013)

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It is related in the hadith that two armies would clash in Damascus (22.11.2013)

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It is related in the hadith that more than 100 thousand people would pass away in Syria


It is stated that in the hadith the army of the Sufyan will not succeed because of the system of Mahdi (16.12.2013)

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In the hadith it is related that the system of Sufyan will govern Egypt and Syria (16.12.2013)

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If the armies of all Islamic countries enter Syria from seventy different fronts with seventy divisions or seventy brigades, this trouble would be solved within 3-4 hours. Syria would retreat and this persecution would come to an end. The rest is easy.


Islamic unity key to solving Syria's war


It is wrong for Muslims to fall out as the evil in Syria goes on (15.01.2014)

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Islamic peace force can stop Syria killings


It would be cruel to deny compassion to Syrian refugees (13.02.2014)

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Is Bashar Assad the sole Bashar Assad?


Is the cause really sectarian division?


It is unacceptable for Syria to attack our Turkmen brothers (26.03.2014)

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Inoffensive, wronged civilians would be protected by establishing a secure zone in Syria

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