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The chemical weaponries in Syria can be destroyed, on the condition that, all people in the vicinity are evacuated and that there is no one left in the region.


Turkish citizens ran for help to the Syrians

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The reason for the assaults Syrian government carries out is because the Unity of Islam has not been established yet.

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The way that Turkey takes responsibility for Syrian refugees is proof of the leadership quality of the Turkish nation

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There is a communist, godless, Bookless government in Syria. If only Alawites could be in power. In fact Alawites should come to power. We would be proud about that.


The massacre committed in the Bayda village of Syria is related in the hadith of our Prophet (saas)

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The hidden meaning behind the pain the Islamic world experiences

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There is barbarity going on in Syria, people are fleeing to Turkey for their lives. Some unwanted dissensions, incidents might take place in the meantime. There is no need to exaggerate them.


The panic of the current Syrian government should be calmed down. They are consumed in a fear of death. Giving them a guarantee to ensure that they will not be trialed if they withdraw might have a calming effect.


Those Syrian brothers and sisters of ours who have been made to return from the border should come back to Turkey. There must have been a mistake. An apology should be extended to those brothers and sisters of ours. The government should settle those Syrian brothers and sisters of ours in every corner of Hatay. They can live wherever they like along the border.


Turkey should form a very strong alliance with Israel. That would make Syria shiver. I mean Israel-Turkey alliance would make Syria shiver because such an alliance would give rise to an amazing power.


The world is not at ease at this moment, the Middle East is in a bloodbath. Not fear, but terror is going on in the Middle East at this moment. Without the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) that is what happens.


Turkey should be very powerful as the mainframe. Nothing can come out of separation of Syria, they can be separated, Iraq can be separated nothing can come out of that as long as Turkey is strong and as long as they depend on Turkey. There is no risk in that. Because as long as the father is strong enough, he can lead and channel his children very well. He shows love and compassion.


The attack in Reyhanlı is a trick played to alienate our people alienate from our Syrian brothers and sisters who took refuge in our country. That was a test from Allah. Allah has tested our compassion in this incident and showed the whole World how compassionate our people are.


The Islamic world is going through the birth pangs of the system of the Mahdi (28.06.2013)

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Those persecutors in Syria and in Egypt will certainly be defeated. All persecutors will certainly be defeated, that is the law of God. In mass destructions God keeps Muslims away.


The majority of the armies are organized against their own people in the Middle East, they are organized to make havoc of Muslims. Look at Syria, look at Egypt; they both are afraid from Israel yet they act like bullies when it comes to their own people.


Those who see the little children dying in Syria but do not want Islamic Unity must question their consciences (21.08.2013)

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The system of the Mahdi is one that will both stop the bloodshed and usher love in (28.08.2013)

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The money spent on bombings can be allocated for refugees (30.08.2013)

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