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Turkey was almost the bastion of Darwinism, now it has turned out to be the bastion of Creation, the bastion of faith, many thanks to Allah. That is because Hazrat Mahdi (as) is here.


Turkey will be a superpower not with wars but by reviving Islam in the region

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Turkey Embraces The Helpless Across The World

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Time to remember a huge claim

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The conflicts with Syria should be resolved amicably and peacefully

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Turkey is a reasonable country, no one should expect a war.


Turkey is the country in which the system of the Mahdi is believed the most in the world. The second country is Iraq. Masha'Allah.


The deep state in Syria is holding Bashar Al-Assad captive. It is possible to convince Al-Assad by telling him that he would not be approached with a vindictive spirit and to take him out of Damascus right away. However he is very anxious and afraid at the moment. Let us reassure him and take him from there and bring him to Turkey at all costs. We should be in contact with Ahmadinejad about this.


Turkey is under the protection and shadow of the system of the Mahdi. The main effect in the success that has been attained is the spirituality of the system of the Mahdi. I mean it is not the military remedies but the results are attained with spirituality, with the special knowledge of Allah.


Turkish Government's letter addressed to the administration of Bangladesh

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The name Kurdistan is not acceptable. The name of this state is Turkey.


Turkey will become a super power with spirituality, not with tanks and cannon balls.


They want to fill the South East of Turkey which is full of Muslims and mosques with communist murderers.

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The name of this country is Turkey. We call everyone living within our borders Turks. There is no need to dwell on this matter any longer.


There is richness where the system of the Mahdi is. There is no separation in Turkey's destiny.


Turkey is a blessed, sacred estate.


Turkey is beautiful as a whole. The Unity of Islam is very beautiful. Separation is horrible. We do not want horrible things. We do not want to lose our homeland and our people. We do not want to lose our religion and faith. That is the reason why we adopt an attitude against separation.


The reason behind the abundance in Turkey is the system of the Mahdi, it is the love our nation has for the Mahdi (pbuh). It is our people's asking for the Mahdi and for the Unity of Islam. Allah has given abundance to Turkey just because of this, masha'Allah.


There is no idol in Turkey, because Darwinism-materialism has intellectually collapsed. We have broken idols with knowledge, science and love. Just like the Messenger of Allah (saas) breaking down the idols inside the Kaaba, just like the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) breaking down the idols, just like the Prophet Moses (pbuh) breaking down idols; we intellectually broke down the idol of Darwinism in Turkey as well. And thus our people entered an era of contentment and peace.


The friendship of Israel and Turkey is crucial for the Union of Islam. We will strive to maintain friendship with Armenia, Azerbaijan and all the other countries just as well. And we are currently striving to that end insha'Allah.

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21-40 / Total: 126
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