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Answers of Mr. Adnan Oktar to the questions of Mr. Ryan Jones from Israel Today, June 23rd, 2010, Israel


Bulgaria, Dnevnik newspaper, November 20th 2008


Jesus will return to earth


Russia, English Pravda, 19 September 2008


Turkey is the natural leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union


Turkey must assume responsibility for the upkeep and protection of the kaaba


The union to be established between Turkey and Azerbaijan will be the first and most powerful step toward the Turkish-Islamic Union


Turkey a regional leader


Turkey's global political influence will be reminiscent of a map of the Ottoman Empire


Turkey will become a focal point


Turkey will emerge even stronger from the economic crisis


Turkey is Syria's best friend


Turkey: A symbol of peace and tolerance


Only Turkey Can Rescue the European Union (EU) from the Swamp of Materialism


The Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish Leadership and Supported by the Turkic Union


Turkey Will Be a Super-State in 10 to 20 Years


Turkey and Azerbaijan Must Unite as Two States, One Nation


Science Research Foundation (


Where is Prophet Jesus (pbuh) now and what activities is he carrying out?


Turkish leadership will be based on love, affection and compassion and will bring about peace and tranquility


We are keeping up with Europe in terms of our national income


Greece and Turkey will unite


Sheikh Ahmad Yasin Bursavi explains that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is in Turkey.


Visas are lifted with Belarus as well


Turkey, the new super power


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear from turkey and will never leave until the end of his struggle


Europe will be stronger with you


Israelis would opt for Turkey if you ask for ''an apology'' or 'Turkey’!


Israelis would opt for Turkey if you ask for ''an apology'' or 'Turkey’!


USA is desperate, Turkey is the super power!


We will ask Turks to enter the EU


U.S. ambassador Wilson: Turkey and Iraq must co-operate


Full backing for Turkey from the Arab world


We expect more help and support from Turkey


The future of the Caucasus depends on Turkey


Turkey in action in the Caucasus


Turkey is the new route


Turkish troops are a guarantee for the Afghan people, of course they must be in Afghanistan


They diminished Turkey. They left a very little piece of land to us. We were all over three continents, now we are a small piece of land. The former glory of Turkey must encourage us toward the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union. They can submit petitions. That is a prayer; that is considered as a prayer.


A European style democracy and quality is becoming to Turkey. Indeed an understanding of quality surpassing them is becoming to Turkey. This has to be accomplished without any delay.


John Feffer - Codirector of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies / USA


Turkey has a population of 75 million. I swear that without the martyrdom of seventy five million people, we would never give up those lands.


Great interest in the Turkic American Alliance/TUSKON conference; there can be no world peace without Turkey


Turkey was almost the bastion of Darwinism, now it has turned out to be the bastion of Creation, the bastion of faith, many thanks to Allah. That is because Hazrat Mahdi (as) is here.


Turkey will be a superpower not with wars but by reviving Islam in the region


Assyrians are the essential children of Turkey


Turkey Embraces The Helpless Across The World


We are an integral whole with Turkey


Countries are adopting Turkey as a model


Somalia should want the Turkish Islamic Union


Time to remember a huge claim


His Highness Sheikh Ahmet Yasin’s conversation with Adnan Oktar


Reading the Treatise of Light Collection is very important in order to hinder the spread of Radical Islam


The conflicts with Syria should be resolved amicably and peacefully


Brotherhood Is the Biggest Strength of Turkey


Secret, private meetings should be held for the cooperation of Turkey and Iran. To hold such secret meetings for goodness is the method of the Prophet Noah (pbuh).


It is possible to convince Bashar Al-Assad. Turkey should get in contact with Al-Assad and Ahmadinejad. Mr. Ahmadinejad and Bashar Al-Assad should come together and announce that they want the Unity of Islam.


Turkey is a reasonable country, no one should expect a war.


US- Turkey – Iran should do good by forming an alliance; they should take Al-Assad out of Syria.


We want Syria's union with Turkey.


Turkey is the country in which the system of the Mahdi is believed the most in the world. The second country is Iraq. Masha'Allah.


The deep state in Syria is holding Bashar Al-Assad captive. It is possible to convince Al-Assad by telling him that he would not be approached with a vindictive spirit and to take him out of Damascus right away. However he is very anxious and afraid at the moment. Let us reassure him and take him from there and bring him to Turkey at all costs. We should be in contact with Ahmadinejad about this.


While there is still time, before it is too late Turkey should unite with Iran.


Because the system of the Mahdi is founded in Turkey, our country is under protection. Even if economic crisis spreads all over the world, even if the world gets destroyed, by the will of Allah, Turkey will be like the ark of Noah.


If Israel, Egypt and Turkey unites, the region becomes a sea of peace.


First and foremost, Russia should step in for the Unity of Islam. Russia, Israel and Turkey. These are three crucial points. When they include Egypt as well, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Russia would form an amazing power. After that all the other countries will join this unity one after the other.


We will have our Kurdish brothers in Iran, in Iraq, in Syria, also in Turkey live a happiest life in the warm environment of the Unity of Islam, insha'Allah.


Not the model of Islam in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in other countries but the model of Islam in Turkey is the most liked model in the world. And we are the ones that are most influential in this model.


When the Unity of Islam is established, Turkey would not be turning her back to Europe, on the contrary she will embrace Europe; they will be one within the other. Turkey will have a more sophisticated culture, a high quality understanding of arts, a more beautiful understanding of freedom and democracy. Consequently Turkey and the Islamic world will possess a structure that Europe will envy. In such a structure, Europe and Turkey would of course embrace each other and would of course be one within the other.


Turkey is under the protection and shadow of the system of the Mahdi. The main effect in the success that has been attained is the spirituality of the system of the Mahdi. I mean it is not the military remedies but the results are attained with spirituality, with the special knowledge of Allah.


Turkish Government's letter addressed to the administration of Bangladesh


The name Kurdistan is not acceptable. The name of this state is Turkey.


Turkey will become a super power with spirituality, not with tanks and cannon balls.


Disintegrating our country is a great plot against which our nation must be very cautious.


They want to fill the South East of Turkey which is full of Muslims and mosques with communist murderers.


Let us talk to Putin and offer him a union in between Turkey and Syria. He should be a mediator to this union. If Turkey unites with Syria this problem would come to an end.


Israel and Turkey will forge an alliance as strong as steel insha'Allah.


People living in Turkey, everyone feeling love for Turkey -let them be Laz, Kurdish or Circasian- are called Turks.


All those people living in Turkey are Turkish. Even if we come from Circassian origin, even if we are Arabs, Laz or Kurds; when asked we all give this response proudly. The name of the land we live on is Turkey.


China has a very cruel and ruthless state model but that can be changed, that can be corrected. Turkey can win over China.


Mr. Erdogan: Turkey will energize Europe


If Turkey adopt Marxist ideology -may Allah forbid- if she adopts communist ideology nothing will have any meaning. That is why intellectual struggle against Darwinism and Materialism should be the most prioritized agenda of the government.


Almighty Allah is preparing Turkey for the Unity of Islam. But the Allah's creation is very sophisticated. Almighty Allah implements a very intricate, very detailed plan. Allah is the One Who creates all plans. Almighty Allah draws everything to that path step by step.


What Turkey should do is to be a nation very determined also about a fervent compassion, an exuberant love and peace. We need to be a very determined nation about friendship. We should not let those who act like jackals get along among us. We need to teach those mafia type people, those jackals, those who persecute women, those bullies, manners with knowledge and love and education and have them dissolve among us. Turkey will then be the crown jewel of Europe.


All humanity should be saved from the superstition of Darwinism. All the states in the world are in this swamp and they are unable to get out of it. They want to drag Turkey into this swamp as well. Turkey should not accept this.


Counter propaganda activities should be carried out against all sorts of anti-Turkey ideas that would disrupt our national structure. The state should have a unit about counter propaganda. There might also be a general directorate related with that.


The name of this country is Turkey. We call everyone living within our borders Turks. There is no need to dwell on this matter any longer.


Europe embraces modern Islam peculiar to the Companions of our Prophet (saas). Europe is essentially against fanaticism and coarseness.


Everyone living in Turkey, accepting to be called a Turk and everyone living within the borders of our homeland are Turkish. There is no claim of national superiority, there is no claim of racial superiority or racism in this. There is the spirit of brotherhood. A nation should have a name. And the name of this land is Turkey.


Darwinism cannot take root in Turkey while we are here.


May Allah shed holy light on all the houses of our brothers who hold Quranic conversations in all corners of Turkey.


Israel should not be on thorns. Turkey would in any case embrace Israel, it will protect and watch over it. Turkey has no animosity towards Jews; on the contrary compassion towards Israel prevails in Turkey. No one can ever take down this standpoint.


There is richness where the system of the Mahdi is. There is no separation in Turkey's destiny.


Turkey is a blessed, sacred estate.


Praise to Allah, the oppression of believers in Turkey has come to an end


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (8 March 2013)


We will never let Turkey be disintegrated, by Allah’s leave. Against disintegration, 70 million Turks are ready to be martyred.


Turkey is beautiful as a whole. The Unity of Islam is very beautiful. Separation is horrible. We do not want horrible things. We do not want to lose our homeland and our people. We do not want to lose our religion and faith. That is the reason why we adopt an attitude against separation.


The reason behind the abundance in Turkey is the system of the Mahdi, it is the love our nation has for the Mahdi (pbuh). It is our people's asking for the Mahdi and for the Unity of Islam. Allah has given abundance to Turkey just because of this, masha'Allah.


Asking for the Unity of Islam, asking for the Turkish-Islamic Unity should be the mark of whole Turkey.


There is no idol in Turkey, because Darwinism-materialism has intellectually collapsed. We have broken idols with knowledge, science and love. Just like the Messenger of Allah (saas) breaking down the idols inside the Kaaba, just like the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) breaking down the idols, just like the Prophet Moses (pbuh) breaking down idols; we intellectually broke down the idol of Darwinism in Turkey as well. And thus our people entered an era of contentment and peace.


"It appears that Turkey will become the super power of the near future." That is a nice statement but it should be elaborated. What is meant by super power is a super power of love, a super power of compassion. Turkey is a super power of faith.


As Turkey, we do not have a claim for supremacy. Allah is the Supreme One. I mean Turkey is not a big brother or anything. Turkey aspires to serve for the good pleasure of Allah, to be the servant to this end.


Greece should unite with Turkey, we should be like one nation in two states. Let us open our borders and unite instantly. They are our brothers, they are beautiful people. Let us have fun together, let us be happy. That would be great.


America is a super power but it is a super power in the sense of knocking down the others. Turkey is a super power of love, a super power of faith, a super power coming from the Qur'an.


''There is no need to search for new names. She already has an excellent name: 'Turkey'. A very beautiful and decent name.''


The friendship of Israel and Turkey is crucial for the Union of Islam. We will strive to maintain friendship with Armenia, Azerbaijan and all the other countries just as well. And we are currently striving to that end insha'Allah.


''We've helped get the Israeli apology over Mavi Marmara incident...''


A federative system can by no means be accepted for Turkey.


May the curse of Allah be upon those who deviously attempt to divide our people. May the curse of Allah be upon those who deviously attempt to divide our nation. May the curse of Allah be upon those who deviously attempt to divide our country.


Noone should attempt to bully and play tough for our state and our people. Our people would respond to that through laws and justice.


"If Turkey and Israel, two of the greatest powers in the world, become allies, the morality of Islam prevails throughout the world in a very short time…"


This is Turkey, the name of this nation is the Turkish Nation. This name can never be changed.


We submit our efforts related to relations between Israel and the Islamic world for Allah’s approval


Recently some people keep saying; the word "TR (Turkish Republic) will no longer be used." That is not the case. No one would ever be able to do that. No one could ever even imagine to do something like that. Turkish Republic will remain until the Last Day, by the leave of Allah. Turkish Republic will end with the Last Day. Before that, no such thing would ever happen.


Mr. Adnan Oktar's talks with his Egyptian MP guests from Freedom and Justice Party


Turkey is a country that takes love as a basis and that refrains from hatred.


Let there be a high quality understanding of democracy in Turkey, one that is even more advanced than that in Europe. Let there be such freedom. Let the whole world envy our understanding of democracy.


Turkey is a giant; she would not be disturbed by fleas.


An enlightened Turkey means Turkey that is closed to communism-fascism. How could an enlightened person believe in Darwinism? How could an enlightened person become a communist?


Turkey belongs to everyone living on this land.


If a person who is trying to save his life takes refuge in Turkey, it is a religious obligation to accept that person and to protect him. Anything contrary would be religiously forbidden and it would be like being a partner to an assassination, may Allah forbid.


We will not let the door be closed to people who take refuge in us from Syria. Even if they are a million people, we will welcome those brothers and sisters in Turkey.


By the leave of Allah, Syria will be under the control of Turkey. See that I am giving a glad tiding here. That is a clear fact. The borders in between Syria and Turkey will be abolished. These borders are not Syrian. The British have drawn those borders with a ruler, during a desk job. Turkey will be one with Syria. This dissension will be overcome and we will be able to go to Damascus as ever we like.


There is no conflict of religious sects in Turkey for there is spirit of the system of the Mahdi


Turkey should form a very strong alliance with Israel. That would make Syria shiver. I mean Israel-Turkey alliance would make Syria shiver because such an alliance would give rise to an amazing power.


Idealist youth is the cement of Turkey. They are all very reasonable people. They are in love with Allah, they are in love with the Qur’an. They constitute a front of steel against the disintegration of Turkey. No one can ever plot against Turkey in a place where idealists exist. No one can neither divide nor play a trick against Turkey.


Very wondrous events will happen in 2014. 2014 is a milestone in Turkey. It is very important. There will be many referendums, there will be an election. 2014 is a very crucial year.


Turkey should be very powerful as the mainframe. Nothing can come out of separation of Syria, they can be separated, Iraq can be separated nothing can come out of that as long as Turkey is strong and as long as they depend on Turkey. There is no risk in that. Because as long as the father is strong enough, he can lead and channel his children very well. He shows love and compassion.


''Mustafa Kamalak Master should hear us out: The Presidential System will lead to Federation, and that will divide Turkey, may Allah forbid.''


The system of Turkey is founded on democracy. There is no dog-eat-dog struggle. It is not acceptable to attempt to change the government by vandalizing. Our people know who to vote for.


Some communists want Turkey to specifically remain poor. That is because in a wealthy country communism cannot prosper.


Big incidents will take place in Turkey and people will change. The sun of the system of the Mahdi will rise on this magnificent country.


There is no harm in the criticisms of European Parliament about Tukey. We would benefit from it if there are any justified aspects.


BBC Radio 5 interview with Ceylan Ozbudak (13.06.2013)


Our nation is one and in unity. We are in unity and togetherness. We will not let the state of Turkey be destroyed, we will not anyone rip Turkish Nation apart.


The party of God will definitely be victorious. God calls them the victorious party. We are the party of God. Turkey is the party of God. The whole Anatolia is the party of God.


Devout Turkish youth against fundamentalism


Turkey's destiny is not on the rocks. The system of the Mahdi is the destiny of this beautiful country.


Turkey is not an appropriate country for communist way of thinking. Turkey is the only real right wing country in the world.


The European Union does not want Turkey because of the radicals. Our State should support people who are against radicalism.


As a nation, we are after being great in faith, in love, in democracy, in freedom and in every kind of beauty. Turkey should be a great country because it has a central position in the region.


Arts have died in Europe, what we see now in the name of art are the pieces of those artists who are already dead. There is no living art. We, as Turkey, should start a lively, fresh understanding of art.


Turkey is the most blessed country while Europe is in dire straits. Turkey is the country with the most healthy economy. There is a sound balance in between foreign trade and in domestic trade. And that happened thanks to AK Party. Ak Party has been instrumental in that success.


Turkey must lead the way on the subject of art and beauty (24.06.2013)


Ceylan Ozbudak on Josh Tolley Show (25 June 2013)


The name of this country is Turkey; this is not in a racial claim. When you say "How happy is the one who says I am a Turk," that also covers Kurds, Laz citizens and Circassians as well. I mean that is said for everyone living on this land. "How happy is the one who says I am a Turk."


Turkey cannot do anything on her own about the problems going on in the Islamic World. All Muslims should unite as soon as possible. Scientifically refuting Darwinism and establishing Unity of Islam is an absolute solution.


Turkey is the center of the Islamic and Turkish world. If Turkey becomes a great and strong country, the abundance of that would reach everywhere.


Turkey is the mother of the whole world and she will gather her children and unite them.


Those who have secretly tried to spread communism have failed as a result of our activities (27.06.2013)


Our nation will never accept discrimination based on race (27.06.2013)


If Turkey is not another Egypt, another Iran or another Pakistan today; it is all because Ataturk.


USA is a blessing for the whole world. Islamic countries have to protect and back USA up. Especially Turkey should look after the US. First they say; "USA go and save them!" and then shout out; "US is the great satan."


Adnan Oktar: The Us Could Direct The Funds Reserved For Bombing Syria To Refugees


If Turkey gets hit, neither the US nor Europe would be disturbed. A plot that would put Turkey in a difficult position is being played.


If Islamic countries go into Syria from 70 different points, the war will end in 70 minutes. (16.09.2013)


They will never accept Turkey in the European Union. That is because there is anti-Christianity, there is anti-Judaism, there is an anti-semite mindset in some of the people. Many people are against music, many are against dancing, against bare-headed women, against make-up, many are against well-groomed ladies. That will only be changed with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi.


When we say Turkish we mean Armenians, Kurdish, Laz people, the whole Turkish nation, everyone living inside the borders of Turkey.


The salvation of the US and the salvation of Turkey are in the Union of Islam. However this would be a Union that will be one with Christians.


Mardin belongs to people in Izmir, and Izmir belongs to people in Mardin. The whole Turkish nation is the owner and the ruler of all Turkey. Every single inch of Turkey belongs to all our people.


The whole world can trust Hakan Fidan with their minds at peace


Turkey would not take sides. We can only be in a position that embraces everyone.


Turkey cannot take sides. When one does something wrong, we only criticize the wrongful part yet we also explain the good parts very well, we emphasize those good parts very well. That is what befits Turkey.


We would never be on the side of any small group or big group in Turkey. Turkey is on the side of all nations. As a language we act on compassion, mercy and love. Even if there is one single person alienated, we will protect and look out for that person.


Turkey is not under the control of any country and never attacks an Islamic country (27.10.2013)


Fanatics are the obstacle to Iran and Turkey being friends (01.11.2013)


Turkey always follows a very rational, very reasonable policy. I mean Turkish government would never adopt an irrational attitude that would put a slur on our history. That is because in Turkey there is a state culture that comes from the Ottoman times; they do everything in consultation and act reasonably. Turkey would never do crazy things. Turkey is always dignified, sensible and reasonable. She would never adopt an immature attitude.


Judging Turkey Fairly


Turkey joining the EU will benefit Europe 1 - Didem Ürer


Turkey’s accession to the EU will benefit Europe 2 - Didem Ürer


Turkey is a country that implements rationality and compassion very well. She is proceeding on the right path and she will continue to do so, insha'Allah.


Turkey: Persuade Armenia to Withdraw


Mark C. Donfried - Executive Director and Founder of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


Staffan Nilsson - Former President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), ICD Advisory Board Member


Turkey Is Not Turning Away From the West


Unwarranted brouhaha


Our Prophet (saas) said that Syria would become Turkey’s foe in the End Times (24.01.2014)


The Role of Turkey


Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none


Two Countries Geographically Far Apart But Very Close In Heart And Soul; Yemen and Turkey


Turkey-Iraq détente must for regional peace


Turkey's unforgettable Jewish history


Turkey, friend of the innocent!


The Danger Revealed by the Election Results in the Southeast


What is next for AKP after poll win?


What awaits Turkey after elections?


Iran-Turkey: Relations of old friends


Can all the parties in Turkey unite?


Turkey must take the lead role to end conflict in Syria


Turkey’s journey towards the European Union


Is Turkey democratizing or the exact opposite?


Cyprus: Can we untie the knot this time?


Turkey, Armenia must let bygones be bygones


Soma tragedy: Time to reform mining sector


Turkey: A country at the center of energy corridors


Fight PKK and its likes intellectually


What does Turkey’s 2014 local elections tell us?


A lesson for Egypt from Turkey


Guidelines to win Turkish presidency


Towards the election…


If many countries in the world have a little knowledge about compassion, that is because of Turkey; consequently, they take the system of the Mahdi as a role model.


A new era for Turkey


Many Islamic scholars approve ISIS’ killings (09.08.2014)


ISIS must stop threatening Turkey and America. They should repent for having shed the blood of Muslims (09.08.2014)


How Can the Economic Problems in Bosnia Be Resolved?


A 'New Turkey' after the election


A federal system is not a viable option for Turkey


The moral virtue in Anatolia is a model of humanity for the world


Lessons from Turkey on how to break free from military rule


Sustainable stability in Turkey


Prevailing in the world is in Turkey's destiny: Almighty God has given such a task to Turkey.


The Safety of Our Syrian Refugee Brothers is Entrusted to the Hospitable Turkish People


A Secure Zone Must Be Established at Once on the Turkish-Syrian Border


Turkey-Iran Bilateral Relations


The Salvation of the Kurds Lies in a Strong and Unitary Turkey


ISIS Released the Turkish Hostages


The Livestock of Our Syrian Brothers Will Be Accepted into Turkey


Buffer Zone: A Safe Haven for the Syrians


Turkey — a unique member of NATO


Foreign countries are training many Turkish citizens to make news and work against Turkey


The name of the new danger in the Middle East : ISIL


The global secret state plan to split up Turkey


How best to protect the civilians in Kobane


Azerbaijan and Turkey’s Shared Dream: TANAP, the Project of the 21st Century


Turkey should be famous for its respect for women and women rights


The Global Secret State Plan to Split Up Turkey


The 'Eastern Question' Still Persists In Europe


Anti-semtism should end in the world


The Position of Turkey in the War against ISIS


Turkey’s Executive Decision


The PKK's aim is not democratic autonomy in the region, but an independent communist Kurdistan


How Russia and Turkey can work together


Communist separatist terror organisation Pkk martyr Turkish troops treacherously


Adnan Oktar: Turkey will not leave Russia alone


Gaining at the expense of others


The fact that Turkey is a modern country should be emphasized thoroughly. It should be well emphasized that we are a democratic country that protects the rights of women, that advocates the arts, beauty, aesthetics and science. A misleading image has been formed about our country, portraying Turkey as inclined to radicalism: We need to eliminate that image completely.


Russia and Turkey can save EU from economic recession


We should be on guard about the stratagems being planned against Turkey for the elections and its aftermath


Love thy neighbor


Sectarianism has no place in Turkey’s Foreign Policy


The Increasing Importance of the Energy Factor in Turkish-European Relations


Elections Held Under the Shadow of Guns Would not be Fair


A new leaf in Turkish – Iraqi relations


Presidential system not in Turkey’s interest


The presidential system is a threat to Turkey


To be able to say what is right, as well as just what is wrong


Turkey and Russia can eliminate risk of new bipolar world order


The Presidential System Is Not the Only Way for Turkey to Grow and Prosper


A disaster has passed by Turkey. Since there is a beauty, since there is a light in Turkey , that disaster did not hit Turkey. Had there not been such a light, such a beauty in Turkey, Turkey would have been hit by that scourge, just like in the story of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh).


The reason why the scourge that inflicted the whole world did not hit Turkey is because there is a light, a radiance in Turkey. Or else Turkey would have been hit as well and that would have put Turkey to rout, may God forbid.


What Lies Ahead For Turkey in 2015


Turkey and what to expect in 2015


ISIS will not attack Turkey, and the tomb of Shah Suleyman will later be put back where it was before


Turkey’s ‘Shah Euphrates’ Operation and ISIS-YPG Conflict


Is PKK’s terror really ending in Turkey?


It is unlawful for Muslims to kill one another


Red Terror raising its head


Turkey Asks For Peace In Yemen, Not War


If you accept this land as your homeland, if you accept this state as your state, you should be aware that this state has established rules, it has a constitution. "Everyone living within the borders of this land is Turkish." What does this mean? That means we are brothers. No matter what happens, you can be an Armenian, you can be Kurdish, Laz, Turkish, we will name all of you Turkish and live altogether in peace. That is great.


Iran, Turkey and the future of the Middle East


Shias and Sunnis are brother, it is very wrong to discriminate between Islamic schools


Turkey: A new abode for Syrians


How Turkey and Russia change international energy hub


Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs: We Do Not Have Any Pre-Conditions For The Normalization of Our Relations With Turkey


New era dawns on Turkey


Tal Abyad is not what you think!


What is the right path for Turkish democracy?


Mr. Adnan Oktar responded to the black propaganda against Turkey started on Twitter, with the Hashtag #TeröristPKK YPG


The Turkish people’s message


Iran and Turkey to bring peace to the Middle East


Turkey’s rendezvous with the ballot box


Those fearing the PKK encourage Turkey to fight against Muslims


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with his guests Rabbi Yehuda Glick and Israeli politician Mr. Mendi Safadi (A9TV, July 1st, 2015)


The Turkish border has to be ‘secure’


What shape will the new government in Turkey take?


Is Turkey joining Syrian war?


Long-Standing Communists in Turkey


What next for Syria?

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