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It would be wrong to present something right and auspicious as if it is wrong. In order to prevent something like that, the goal to attain a historical and natural beauty in Taksim should be well emphasized.


Mr. Bahçeli put forth his attitude about the Gezi Park incidents. It would be inappropriate to make individual outbursts apart from that.


Uprooting a tree and carrying it to a different location is like carrying a baby from one place to another. For that reason it should be very well emphasized that the uprooted trees will be carried to another location and replanted without being harmed. Furthermore it would be great to tape and broadcast this. We would be happy to see that the trees carried to a different location are healthy and alive. Anything on the contrary would grate us.


Our immaculate young people in Gezi Park can protest on a legitimate basis.


What did the Turkish police say to young demonstrators in Mersin?


I kiss those youngsters who kept silent while the azan is recited from their foreheads.


It would be highly beneficial to inform our people who participate in those demonstrations on legal matters as well. Innocent people should not put themselves in trouble because of nothing. It is very important for our youth, for our dear ones, not to be deceived by ill-intentioned plots.


Let us build a pool in Taksim as big as an artificial lake. Let us bring Italian artists and have very artful sculptures around that pool.


Taksim should be made the greatest square of the world. Let us have gardens and vineyards there. We can build very beautiful gardens. Building new fruit gardens, vineyards, small zoos would be very nice.


The demands of people screaming out in the streets are unclear. They should very clearly and very openly explain what they want and why.


Youngsters should voice their wishes sincerely; our people, our government would accept such wishes anyway. For instance they should be clear about the points that you think you are not free, the aspects you do not want the government to interfere, about why you do not want dams to be built, why you do not want a new AKM building instead of the old one.. They should explain everything clearly..


The communists demands for Gezi Park were taken from the book of Lenin


We want a giant pool and classical bronze statutes for Taksim. Additionally a classy masjeed, very chic cafes, very classy restaurants can be build.


The real thing that would solve the whole matter in Gezi incidents is; planting 10 times more trees in Taksim. Furthermore the trees taken out from Taksim can be brought back.


Before all else the location of the gardens and the trees that will be planted should be defined in Taksim. That is because building a giant garden in Taksim is the essence of the whole matter; such an act would have a worldwide impact.


Taksim should be reforested widely in such a way that the whole world would be amazed by it.


It is very nice that new trees are being planted in Taksim.


20 Trees, 152 Thousand Flowers to Taksim


Our master Tayyip has made the Gezi Park a place like heaven and that is it.


Our Prime Minister is not someone who resists things that are good and beautiful. He is very nicely atoning for the Gezi Park incident.


It would be great if our state subsidize the shopkeepers in Taksim financially at least for a while, until they gather their strength.


The shopkeepers in Taksim have all suffered a great deal. The government should make special arrangements and allocate a special aid for them. I mean the government should help all those with legitimate, legal income.

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