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The Bloody Revolution is the Method Shown by to the Communists by Lenin

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Results can be attained not by executing the leader of the terrorists but with ideas and explanations.


The most beautiful solution against terror and anarchy is Islam as the Companions of our Prophet lived. This is the system that Christianity would be able live in comfort, this is the system that Judaism would be able to live in comfort.


Terror has no religion

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Being against anarchy and terror does not mean being sheepish. Advocating anarchy is savagery.


One Cannot Fight Terror With a Defeatist Spirit, Positivity Is The Key To Defeating Terror


Intellectual mobilization must be declared against the terror of the PKK

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Love puts away terror, anarchy, egoism and stinginess.


Violence begets terror, violence begets horror and by doing so you would be playing into the hands of irreligious people, into the hands of persecutors. Irreligiousness spreads in places where there is violence. Religion spreads in peaceful environments, in loving, compassionate environments.


There is no such thing as good killing

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It is evident that the YPG and the PKK are terrorist groups

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The plots of the World deep state to divide the Middle East

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Mr. Adnan Oktar’s comments about the attack on the office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo

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Mr. Erdoğan: There Is A Terrorist Threat Against Some Political Parties

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Darwinism lies at the root of all terrorist activities, all acts of violence. The whole Islamic world is Darwinist. Darwinist education should be stopped, there is no other solution.


Red Terror raising its head

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