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Bigots who have no activities of their own, criticize our worldwide activities.


Bigots have one single style and it lacks quality. Their attire, their food, their way of living are all very tasteless.


Bigots do not talk much about love of Allah and profound faith. The things they write implicate rage and hatred in general. They do not have the power or the ability to talk about love and compassion.


Bigots develop a specific style of the classical right wing amongst themselves. They do not understand anything from aesthetics. They do not have an understanding of arts and quality. Their understanding of clothing, for instance, their understanding of foreign policy is all the same with each other. They only have one point of view and never a second one. Their such point of view is like a fixed idea in their heads.


Bigots do not strive for people to have faith. They only libel others. They just voice their hatred, their rage and that is it.


Bigotry is a scourge just like communism is. Bigotry is one of the horrible ideologies.


Bombs are exploding every single day in Afghanistan and in Iraq. There are massacres every single day, hundreds, thousands of Muslims are being martyred. What is this? These all stem from radicalism.


Buddhists in Arakan hate Muslims because they regard them as radicals. If Muslims were to approach Buddhists with compassion, they will see that Buddhists are actually very lenient people.


Bigotry stands in the way of peace

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Bigotry, fanaticism is such a scourge on humanity. Fanaticism and misinterpretation of the Qur'an is what lies at the root of the troubles the whole Islamic world is now suffering from. They make havoc. These all stem from the conservative Orthodox understanding of Islam. There is such a scourge upon the world and Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will save us all from this scourge.


Bigotry and radicalism is the greatest scourge in the history of humanity. It is even worse than fascism. Even in communism, you could be able to talk to their supporters, but you can never talk to a bigot. Bigotry is such a fearsome ferocity.


Bigotry: The Dark Danger

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Bigotry is a contest of immorality under the guise of piety.


Bigotry will be buried in history in a manner that it will never resurrect again. THE SYSTEM OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) IS AN ANTI-BIGOTRY MOVEMENT.


Bigotry will not flourish again after the death of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as), but there will be kufr. THEY WILL BECOME TERRIBLY PERVERSE AND TEAR DOWN MOSQUES. THEY WILL ALSO TEAR DOWN THE KAABA.


BIGOTRY, AS AN EVIL SYSTEM, IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT LEAST AS MUCH AS IRRELIGIOUSNESS. SO IRRELIGIOUSNESS AND BIGOTRY ARE THE TWO HORNS OF THE DAJJAL (ANTI-MESSIAH). I have said this before as well. Both Are Grave Dangers. Both makes people unhappy, both derange the mental balance, the spiritual balance, both derange the social balance. Both drive the society mad.


Before anyone else we are the ones against bigotry. We desire the Islam prevalent in the Age of Bliss. ALLAH GRANTS VICTORY TO THOSE WHO DEMAND THE KIND OF ISLAM PREVALENT IN THE TIME OF THE AGE OF BLISS.


BIGOTS ARE ESSENTIALLY IRRELIGIOUS. They have no Allah, Book, faith or religion. But they try to portray themselves as really devout. Those opposed to bigotry mistakenly attack the faith. They make matters worse. THEY SHOULD EMBRACE ISLAM AND THE QUR’AN TO OPPOSE BIGOTRY. If you want liberty and beauty you must embrace the source of these, THE QUR’AN.


Bigotry and obscurantism are a sneaking threats; the only way to struggle against them is with the Qur’an.


Bigotry promises a horrible and dark life. When we ripped away this scourge, the bright, enlightened, free, joyous, beautiful aspect of religion appeared.

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