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cunta Mısır ordusu

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Art and beauty and all things that make people happy must be the main priority in Egypt


There must be a modern conception of Islam, based on the Qur’an, the application of the spirit of the Companions, in Egypt


The understanding of the quality of Paradise must prevail in Egypt


It is the obligation of Muslims to protect Muslims in Egypt


Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) explained the incidents in Egypt very comprehensively (07.07.2013)


Egypt Will Be Calmed Only Through Democracy and by Adopting a Modern Understanding of Islam


Turkey can mediate between the parties in Egypt (08.07.2013)


Darwinism is the root cause of the coup and popular uprising in Egypt (11.07.2013)


What will the F-16s that America is going to be sending Egypt be used for?


It is Islamic Unity that will save Egypt (13.07.2013)


If people speak of the system of the Mahdi in Egypt, the result will be ease and prosperity (13.07.2013)


In BBC World sister Ceylan told that a coalition government must be established in Egypt (14.07.2013)


The Islamic world must have a leader if the bloodshed in Egypt is to stop (22.07.2013)


Neither in the Islamic world, nor in Egypt, can any solution be attained through politics; it can only be attained through the establishment of the Unity of Islam


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s views regarding the slaughter in Egypt (14 August 2013)


God says; ''If you unite, I will save you, protect you, give you peace and abundance.''


There might be some provocative attempts against the Ikhwan, so they should be cautious


Islam can prevail in Egypt through love and friendship (16.08.2013)


“They talk about everything to do with Egypt, but the only thing they never say is what the solution is”


Satan is trying to drive a wedge between Muslims in Egypt, but Islamic Unity will thwart that scheme


What Now for Egypt?


With its statements in favor of the coup, Israel is turning Muslims against it (20.08.2013)


"Violence conducted by the army in Egypt might give way to Al-Qaeda style formations"


Many religious scholars support the coup and the slaughter in Egypt (24.08.2013)


The slaughter in Egypt is increasing. With His title of The Compeller [al-Jabbar], God is obliging people to seek Hazrat Mahdi (14.08.2013)


A solution for Egypt: Turkish Islamic Union


Those who are against Sisi in Egypt experience these problems due to erronoeous policies (25.09.2013)


In Egypt scholars stifle the fervor of Muslims (10.10.2013)


In Egypt people must chant unifying slogans (09.11.2013)


People in Egypt turned against the Brotherhood because they feared fanaticism (12.11.2013)


How could the Brotherhood, with its orthodox conception of Islam, succeed? (30.03.2014)


It is very wicked of some people in Turkey to support the death penalty. Fanaticism is a scourge on Muslims. (07.04.2014)


Islamic scholars should issue a fatwa [religious opinion] saying the executions in Egypt are unlawful (06&08&09.04.2014)

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