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People will look for solutions, but will finally attain salvation (by Allah's leave) through the Mahdi


Miracles of the Qur’an Vol.1


Allah's Miracles in The Qur'an Vol.1


General Knowledge from the Qur’an


True Wisdom Described In The Qur’an


Perished nations -1


Perished nations -2


Muslims who desire the oppression in the world to end should seek for the Islamic Union with all their hearts


The whole Muslim world must strive for the liberation of the oppressed people of Kashmir


The Turkish-Islamic Union will be the salvation of the Pattani Muslims


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will save people from material and spiritual dangers and from the Divine Wroth.


There is no egotistical approach in the Unity of Islam which demands the deliverance of only one's self. For us to be happy everyone should delivered and be happy.


People will never be saved if they say "we are –may Allah forbid- more intelligent than Allah". Unity of Islam and the system of the Mahdi is the way to salvation Allah shows us.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (15 March 2013)


There is no way other than the model Allah shows us. There is no salvation in any of them. They will always hit their heads to the rocks and never have any results.


Sincerity is the greatest blessing. Allah informs us in the Qur'an that only His sincere servants will be saved.


The project of deliverance Allah shows to people is the system of the Mahdi. It is the system of the Jesus Messiah, it is the formation of the Unity of Islam.


Palestine and Egypt should pray saying “My Lord, bestow the Unity of Islam upon us.” If they ask solely for the deliverance of Palestine or for the deliverance of Egypt, that would not be acceptable. They should want the salvation of the whole Islamic world or else the scourges upon them would not come to an end.


Without a spirit aiming to save everywhere and everyone, God would not give absolute salvation.


There should be an ideological system to help save everyone. The current system only arrests people, but shows no guidance for salvation.

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