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Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan: Today the Status Quo and Political Tutelage Have Lost

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A lesson from Ferguson riots


Racism that spoils the fun and football


In the world we dream of, children are not killed


Lessons from Turkey on how to break free from military rule


Dr. Yusuf Abdul Azeez, University of Technology Malaysia, Nigeria

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Imam Walid Hammoud, Teacher of Islamic Faith, Helsinki

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New conflicts have put the whole of MENA into turmoil


Dr. Fazl ul Hadi Wazeen, Member of Supreme Council, Assistant Professor at the International Islamic University, Afghanistan

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Dr. Fazl ul Hadi Wazeen, Member of Supreme Council, Assistant Professor at the International Islamic University, Afghanistan

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Prime Minister Erdoğan: The Same Thing Could Have Happened to Us

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The Americans are rescuing the Yazidis with Christian love. Muslims are just watching.

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If there were love and peace we would be sending candies and honey to Gaza instead of medicines

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A Bullet Changed the World, But the Balkans Are Still the Same


A federal system is not a viable option for Turkey


Building a nation is done with love


Oh, Muslim awake!


Because a religion that ascribes partners to God –may God forbid- has infested the whole world, Islam that is purely based on the Qur'an is lived by in only a few places. What is dominating [the world today] is the religion that ascribes partners to God.


At the time of the Mahdi (pbuh) religious sects will be abolished. Everyone acts according to the Qur'an. The whole of humanity would then be entering the plain, beautiful, immaculate, upright religion, that is Islam, and they would all be living by it with peace, security and abundance.


A person who fears God would become very wise and would be very meticulous about what is religiously lawful and what is not and all his attitudes would be very proper and balanced. When one doesn't fear God, may God forbid, that instantly reflects on his behaviors. He starts to say whatever comes to his mind and acts however he likes. When one fears God however, he would act very selectively, very meticulously and very beautifully. A Muslim would keep away from being egotistical and selfish.

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21-40 / Total: 22276
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