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Throwing litter into the streets shows a lack of manners. Those who do that are lowering their own quality of life first.


It is unacceptable for Muslims to try to trouble each other while hypocrites and unbelievers cause tyranny all over the world and blood is being shed all over the Islamic world.


We should not leave Mr. Trump alone against the British deep state.


Our Prophet (saas) explains in his hadiths that the disaster of lovelessness and dishonesty will end by means of the Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the teacher of love and sincerity.


Believers should be loving towards and not seek faults in each other. They should focus their entire energy on their intellectual efforts against the system of disbelief.


Believers should always be forgiving. God forgives. Believers should be happy that their brothers and sisters repent and correct themselves after making mistakes.


It is important to win people over. Anyone can make a mistake. It is important to allow them to correct their mistakes.


Imam Rabbani said that some so-called Islamic scholars would be hostile towards the Mahdi when he appeared and claim that the Mahdi changed their religion.


God creates animals so adorably; they elicit strong feelings of compassion from us. They are all very beautiful, very cute. This is a great gift of God.


Following the Qur’an completely, being devoted to God with a very deep love; that will improve the physical and mental health of a person.


Believers should always be elegant and refined. Their sense of humor is also refined. But crude people find revolting things funny. A cultured person refrains from such coarse behavior. Believers are better than responding to vulgarity with a similar attitude. Believers should act with nobility and honor in every situation.


It is important that people improve themselves all the time. Muslims should always improve themselves with the Qur’an as their guide and get rid of the negativity and greediness.


My friends are all cultured, sophisticated, high quality people who love and fear God greatly.


The dajjali system is constantly promoting hatred all around the world. And we are constantly negating that effect with positivity and love.


The universe is created for love. Without love, there would be no purpose to life. A lack of love will lead to disasters.


Man is responsible for his actions. God inspires every person the right choices. This is a great blessing for people.


We should let the whole world know about the injustice done to Muslims in Bangladesh. Most people are not even aware of this tyranny.


Let’s continue to draw attention to all the injustice done to our fellow Muslims in Bangladesh and take care of them.


When a Muslim brother or sister hurts, no matter where they might be in the world, we will feel that pain. Muslims are brothers and sisters and are obliged to take care of each other.


People should know that when they get ill, God heals them, not the doctors or the medication. They are only means that God creates.

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21-40 / Total: 36312
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