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Ability to use one's intellect is a privilege


While praying to Allah for a blessing, one must also ask Him for the moral values with which to appreciate it


Being patient is a great virtue. People want everything to happen instantly, they want everything to come to conclusion immediately. However Allah had hidden some blessings only behind patience.


Technology is God's mercy on human beings!




German advocate's conversion to Islam


Love of Allah (


Allah will bestow a great blessing and power on Hazrat Mahdi (as) in a single day


Love of Allah


Jannah: The Garden from the Qur'an and Hadith


Hopefulness in the Qur’an


True Wisdom Described In The Qur’an


The Day of Judgment


Those Who Exhaust All Their Pleasures In This Life


Paradise in the words of the prophet (saas) -2-


Paradise in the words of the prophet (saas) -1-


Love of Allah


Time: One of Allah's great blessings


Oxygen, our source of life


Harmony on Earth


One of the finest of blessings is 'giving thanks to Allah'


Every moment, every second


The propulsive power of life: The heart


Knowing our lord - for children 12


Jesus (as) will return


The blessings around us - for children 9


God's blessing of technology


Allah’s artistry in colour


One of the worst punishments visited on deniers is humiliation and disgrace in this world and the hereafter


God increases his blessings on those who are grateful


Believers’ love for one another


AL-WAHHAB - The All-Giving


AR-RAZZAQ - The All-Provider


AL-KAREEM - The Generous


AL-QASIM - He Who Shares; Who Allocates Blessings, Justice, and Wisdom


Never Plead Ignorance That Everything You Possess is a Favour From Allah


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 22 May 2012


It is an act of worship to praise an innocent, modest, beautiful person. It is fulfilling the commandment of Allah. What does Allah say, “And as for the blessing of your Lord, speak out!” (Surat an-Duhan , 11)


Allah creates blessings within the moment, the fact that there are reasons for them to appear should not cause people behave unmindfully




Allah establishes a special connection with those who believe and do good and sincere deeds. He listens to their words and wishes, accepts their prayers. In the Qur'an, Allah says; "[He will] reward them for the best of what they did and give them more from His unbounded favor". For instance, if Allah gives them health, He then increases their health, if He gives them welfare, He increases their welfare, if He gives them properties, He increases that, if He gives them influence, He increases their influence, if He gives them power He increases their power.


Allah does not give all kinds of blessings at the very same time. When He gives blessings from one side, He creates a shortcoming from another, so that people would be tested.


You see the blessings of Allah every single day. Remembrance of Allah every single day, thanking Allah every single day would bring contentment to the heart. That is a demonstration of love. As you express your thanks, you pour out your feelings and feel relieved.


Allah is never weary of giving you blessings. And you should never be weary of giving your thanks to Allah. Allah is never weary of loving you, so you should never be weary of loving Allah. That is a blessing. How beautiful this is. How can one be weary of his/her loved One.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 January 2013)


As foretold in the hadith, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) all people, without making any distinction about good and bad, will be given lots of blessings.


Women should be high and honorable in your eyes, they should be great and they should be given great value. In many place they do not value women. Then they would be lost, you would be loosing. Allah would take away that blessing from you. That would turn into a scourge. It would darken your soul and would feet very bad.


In some hadith, many blessings that are lawful are rendered unlawful.


Women should be held in high esteem, they should be shown a special respect. They should be protected specifically. Women are great blessings. Women are the greatest bodily and spiritually combined blessings of this world. There is none above them.


A person who has the morals of the Qur'an, a person who loves God would also love women who are the most perfect manifestation of God. However women are beautiful with their souls. They are soul and body. Women are perfect beings both in body and in spirit.


There is music in the Heaven. God gives that in our hearts as a pleasant feeling. All our people have fun, they all dance, they all laugh and play music. Yet that is a mistake according to radicals. Music is a blessing; music is an immaculate beauty. It is an amazing beauty that polishes the human soul and refreshes the human heart. There is music everywhere even in birds, even in waterfalls.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 July 2013)


God wants us to thank Him all the time. Abundance and contentment comes upon those Muslims who thank God.


Evil people are also benefiting from the blessings God gives to Muslims. I mean originally those blessings are not for them, they are created for sincere Muslims and these people are benefiting from them on the side. In the Hereafter, those blessings will be taken out of their reach.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 September 2013)


God gives very beautiful blessings to those who have faith, to those who believe. Almighty God enables them to experience human love in the full sense; He enables them to live compassion, fervor, passion in the complete sense. He makes them live all sorts of profound feelings.


They cannot attain anything with jealousy. As they feel jealous, God increases His blessings upon Muslims even more. And He takes away the blessings those jealous ones have.. He makes them even more scrunched, more scorched as time passes. They become even more introverted, they feel depressed, they turn into loveless, compassionless, affectionless, heartless sick people with no profundity, may God forbid.


God increases the blessings of a believer who is envied (10.10.2013)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 March 2014)


In paradise there will blessings similar to that of the world’s, but with perfect quality (12.04.2014)


Thank Allah for every blessing


A person cannot know love without appreciating the blessings bestowed by God


God has planned matters in detail for the comfort of man


The names of Allah 1


The names of Allah 3


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 9 February 2015)


Depictions of hell and heaven in the Qur'an


There is no rest in heaven but the instinct to get rest


Almighty God tells us to be thankful and to praise Him. I mean He commands us to be normal, decent Muslims and tells us that He will increase His blessings upon us. And He really does so without any exceptions, He increases His blessings bestowed upon all those who are thankful and who praise Him.


When in comfort, they unite against God in wide masses and rebel against God almost worldwide. When they are crushed, they pray to God and beg. What is the need for that crushing? Do not do that, be wise, repent. Be thankful to God and say, “O Lord, You are Great, I do love You so much” and see that God would make blessings rain down on you. Why are you looking for trouble? Why do you go astray and run riot? Why do you crush yourself?


Bigots consider the blessings in this world unlawful because they do not assess them in line with the Qur'an's shield


God creates millions, billions, trillions of wonders in this world, so much so that it is innumerable. God wants those blessings appreciated, He wants the artistry He created to be seen and appreciated individually. God says "If you tried to number God's blessings, you could never count them."


Adnan Oktar: I have always welcomed sufferings and blessings with joy


God bestows better means, more beautiful blessings to those who are more devout and that is visible. But of course Muslims will be patient. I mean Muslims should see the beauty beneath the ordeals and the beauty beneath the blessings.


Making mention of the blessings of God is crucial. One would become egoistical and abnormal when he forgets to do that, his heart would not be in anything he does: May God forbid. That is why God tells us to invoke His Name. Invoking the Name of God would bring relief and beauty to one's heart.


Some people think that nothing will happen when they don’t believe


Paradise - Special Ramadan Programs


What is the role for a woman in Islam? (Vice News Interview)


Worldly blessings are gifts from God


God is He who provides without limit


Most people don’t mention God’s name despite the many blessings God grants them


God always wants love. Or else neither beauty, nor anything else would have any meaning. Think about the mansions in Heaven and think about them filled with robot-like beings, think about those robot-like beings swimming in the pools of Heaven. Such a view, may God forbid, would be painful. As God bestows that blessing on humans carrying God's soul, on those who've suffered through ordeals, difficulties, an amazing beauty would be formed. With that, Heaven would find its meaning and by that, God would be measured with His true measure.


Almighty God gives blessings in abundance but the lack of thanking Him for those blessings is really irritating. You are invited to a palace, there are amazing foods, desserts, yet you simply eat them and leave yelling and kicking the door with your foot on your way out. Neither a thank you, nor any admiration; that would of course draw scourges upon you.


God gives us blessings incessantly for 24 hours every day yet some people do not even want to spare half an hour of that time to God. That makes them deserving of their scourges.


What is obstinacy? It is immorality and cruelty. Your good conscience is convinced; then why do you dig your heels in? With whom do you try to curry favor, to whom do you act disdainfully? Feel love for your Creator. God says, "I will love you but you should show your love to Me strongly and appreciate the blessings I gave you."


A poor person would be humble and modest. They would appreciate the value of their blessings much more. Wealth might appear to be a blessing but poverty is a great spiritual wealth as well. And that is not that much known.


Poverty might appear to be a pitiful concept on the outside, but actually poverty makes people humble, devout and good-mannered. It makes people appreciative of blessings and makes them recognize the value of those blessings.


One should be fastidious about religion, protect and watch over Islam strongly. God protects us and watches over us. He gives us our eyes, nose, mouth and ears. He makes our hearts beat non-stop. We would drop in our tracks if it didn't. He gives us food, He creates colors for us, He creates voices, He creates beauties. God is constantly attending to all our needs.


One wakes up for the morning prayers with love. God created you with all these details and gives you uninterrupted blessings. In the morning God gives you food, He feeds you at lunch time and also at dinner. He gives you your breath constantly and has your heart working uninterruptedly day in and day out. If He stops your heart for a moment, you would be dead. If He stops your breathing for a moment, you would be dead. If you consider prayers to be too much for God, that would be foul play against God.


If you believe in God, it would be cruel not to wake up for the morning prayer. That is because you promise God and say that you love God, that you appreciate His blessings on you and that you are thankful to Him. But then you say, "I do not want to thank You!" How is that acceptable?


Constantly giving thanks for blessings


In the Hereafter, the deniers will be questioned for each of the worldly blessings before going to hell


Everywhere we go around the world, we witness God's magnificent art of creation. In the afterlife, we will be questioned about all these blessings and beauty granted by God.


God showers believers with constant blessings and beauties as they continue their good deeds. There is always a great reason for everything.


Faith is the greatest blessing in the world. We’re believers not for the gifts God bestows upon us, but because God exists and we are in love with Him.


There is magma boiling underneath the Earth’s crust, and the crust is as thin as an apple skin. On it, God creates life that is full of numerous colorful vivacious blessings.


God creates colorful beautiful blessings, kids, music, lurid fruit within the brain that is in utterly darkness. Yet people do not remember God even once.


God takes revenge from those who do not love Him despite the blessings He bestows on them. If they had loved God very much, the world would turn into Paradise.


When one encounters a difficulty, he needs to appreciate it and make use of it well. Difficulties and illnesses are blessings for Muslims.


The world is full of numerous beauties, but one may get no joy from them without love for God. True happiness comes by knowing that they are gifts from God.


God bestows His blessings on those who enjoy love. Loveless ones live by hurting every moment of their lives.


One says he speaks very well, but it is God Who makes him speak that way. Or else he claims he is so intelligent, yet, God creates intelligence every moment. God grants ceaseless blessings to us every moment. So God would not be pleased if we do not remember Him at every minute.


There are countless blessings bestowed upon us by God but only those who look carefully see the grandiosity of these blessings.


Muslims pray for being guided to the straight path, knowledge, guidance from God and beauties; not to the path of those who are misguided.


The possessions and blessings one is given in this world will remain behind when death comes. Only God and His heaven will remain eternally.


Love of God is the most important blessing in the world. There can be no love without love of God. Nothing will have any meaning.


People's cruelty and ungratefulness is something God dislikes. Ungratefulness is an awful immorality. We always have to remember God’s blessings. Muslims need to remember the blessings God grants them and have profound love for God.


God creates amazing beauties. It is important to remember and be thankful for all these blessings all the time.


Entertainment, music and dancing were shown as blessings that must be prohibited to Muslims. These worldly blessings are for Muslims.


God beautified everywhere with His blessings. If one forgets God by turning a blind eye on Him, then may God forbid, He would forget him also.


God protects the good people. When others try to take the blessings away from the good ones, God increases them even more.


The fact that the blessings and facts leading to faith are widely explored in the Qur’an show that contemplation is the real topic one should concentrate on.


The Existence of God means Heaven. God’s Existence cheers us up and means endless life; that is one of the most pleasing blessings.


We’re surrounded by countless blessings. Most people can appreciate fruits, water etc, but miss how vital for instance the oxygen is.


Our Prophet (saas) informs us that in Heaven, there will be unimaginable beauties and gifts.


The lives of believers on the other hand is a display of beauty, etiquette, kindness, culture, sophistication, blessings, cleanliness; in short, all beauties imaginable.


People don't like the fact that everything is fleeting in this world, because it is in human nature to desire the Hereafter, the eternal. However, death helps people focus on God and the real life in the Hereafter. That’s the reason behind death.


God is the Creator of everything. In the Hereafter, He will hold us to account for every gift, every blessing, including the beauty of a fruit, its vitamins, its mineral content and its perfect packing.


Even with a single remark in the grocery store such as ‘God created all these beautiful vegetables & fruits’, a Muslim could be doing a great service to Islam


Wherever one turns his gaze, there is a blessing from God. God provides countless blessings - from a TV remote to fruits to vegetables at the groceries.


It’s important to remember and praise God everywhere. For example, you can go to a restaurant and look at the menu and say ‘God is creating so many blessings’.

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