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Darwinists now raise their hopes by importing pagan priests from America


Christian priest who converted to Islam


The error of Buddhism


A priest and an imam come together to illuminate the history


John Hirling - Christ Presbyterian Church Minister / USA


Catholic priest Thomas Reese, fellow at Woodstock Theological Center in Georgetown University / USA


Reverend Amy Bezecny - St. Luke's United Methodist Church / USA


Reverend Herschel Moore - Christian Church Disciples of Christ / USA


Some people with a bigoted mindset want to see Islam as something like the life of a Catholic priest.


Our Christian brothers must learn the Gospel from Prophet Jesus (as)


It is wicked to persecute priests who have dedicated themselves to God (28.07.2013)


Our brothers activity inside a Russian Orthodox church (16.05.2014)


Archpriest Sergey Lepnin, Belarus Orthodox Church Chairman of Priests / Assistant Professor at Minsk Religious Studies


Homosexuality is an obscenity banned by God. Imposing something people loathe because of their faith is a great persecution. Consequently, forcing priests to wed homosexuals in churches is a cruelty which is against the faith of priests.

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