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The most urgent question is the establishment of true faith (tahqiq ul-iman)

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The Communist Threat Must Not Be Underestimated!

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The disasters Darwinism brought to humanity

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The Struggle Against ’The Religion Of Irreligion’

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The bloody history of communism -3

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The bloody history of communism-2

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The bloody history of communism 1

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The ghost of communism wanders around New York

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The PKK’s Jugular Vein Can Be Severed by Anti Materialist Intellectual Propaganda

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There is no stasis in communism. There is this idea of constant revolution in communist thinking. And there is no world without blood in communist thinking. There is always bloodshed and terror and anarchy. Communism rejects a peaceful world.


They say, “Let the world be bothers.” Yes but does communism bring about brotherhood? It brings bloodshed like flood.


There is no affection, compassion in communism. Does love exist in the absence of these values? There is no love. In the absence of love people cease to be human beings. May Allah forbid. Therefore given that you subconsciously embrace good and beautiful thoughts, they all exist in Islam.


THE COMMUNIST REGIME DEFINITELY COMES INTO POWER BY VIOLENCE. COMMUNISM DOES NOT EMPLOY PEACEFUL METHODS. This is a truth. That is why a rational, scientific work has to be carried out.


The problem of the PKK is not something that we can solve by love, compassion and mercy, for it is a communist party. They do not understand love. Communists are people who come up with violence. The response must be given through philosophy and science.


The Danger of a Communist Kurdistan

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The communists suffer from the panic of being defeated.


The communists will be defeated; this is how the destiny is.


The panic of the communists reveal their weakness.


The only solution against communist way of thinking is to explain that person that his/her ideas are wrong without offending him/her. He/She would not understand if you explain things in an offending manner. That person would go against you and obstinate. You have to explain without hurting his/her pride.


The brain of anyone who reads the Atlas of Creation would reject communism.

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1-20 / Total: 51
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