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There is preparation for Islamic peace force


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 6 April 2012


Burns: Turkey is the most powerful country in the Europe and the Middle East


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 April 2012


Nato should be involved in the establishment of a buffer zone with Syria.


Going to war for peace won't help


Turkey — a unique member of NATO


NATO needs Turkey’s strength


Hillary Clinton Should Espouse the Security of Turkey, a NATO Member, Not the PKK Terrorists


The Turkish border has to be ‘secure’


About one-third of Syria's land could be under the control of Bashar Al-Assad and the remaining two-thirds of it could be bound to Turkey as a federation. Turkey can be a guarantor state and the matter will then be closed once and for all. It will also be under the guarantee of NATO: Turkey is affiliated with NATO and that federation will thus be included in the lands of Turkey. The matter will all be solved.


NATO, the US and a Marxist ally


75 % of Afghanistan is under the control of Taliban right now. The US and Russia bombed them with all their might. Millions of people have been martyred. What happened? The Taliban is still the governing force. Their struggle lasted 15 years and 44 countries participated. NATO participated but they couldn't stop the Taliban and they cannot stop ISIS in Syria either. Things won't happen as they imagine they would.


Can order come out of chaos?


Turkey is not against NATO or the EU. But we will become allies with Russia and Iran.


It is very disturbing that the EU displays a seriously unfair attitude towards Turkey upon incitement from the British Deep State. Turkey can stay as a member of NATO while being a part of Shanghai Five.


The real power behind Russian ambassador's assassination is not NATO, but the British Deep State. People should not be fooled by a deep state’s diversions.


Turkey is a key country that maintains balance. It would be great for her to be both in NATO and the Shanghai Pact.


In a turbulent world, what is truth?


Trump, the Islamic World and Israel


NATO weapons on the Russian border


The West's strategic mistake


NATO weapons on the Russian border


Much like chemical weapons, conventional arms kill innocent civilians


NATO weapons on the Russian border


The West's strategic mistake


The West's strategic mistake


The West's strategic mistake

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