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China must end its genocide of muslim Uyghur Turks and declare the whereabouts of the Uyghur Turks who have been forcbly taken away


The genocide of the Muslim Turkish Nation in East Tukestan must be stopped


Holocaust Violence (


The Winter of Islam and the Spring to Come


Terrorism: The Ritual of the Devil


The Ideological Basis of the Rwandan Genocide is Rooted in Darwin's Theory of Evolution


Extremism is one of the reasons behind the genocide in Central African Republic (13.02.2014)


The disgrace of the 20th Century: The violence of the holocaust- Intro


The Shame of the 20th Century: The Holocaust


Turks, Kurds, Arabs also suffered along with Armenians during WWI. The Pope must speak after acknowledging the historical facts


The number of Muslims France killed in Algeria alone is 1.5 million. Is that not genocide? They gunned down all these unarmed people with automatic weapons; they raked them with machine guns. Is this not genocide? It is. But they [the French] do not accept this.


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on Armenian issue by LifeNews TV, Russia


Adnan Oktar’s comments about the 1915 Incidents


Adnan Oktar’s response to Sargsyan’s words regarding the Armenian issue


Since we do not make any claims about a genocide, it would not be right for our Armenian brothers to make any claims about a genocide. There was a war going on. What should be done is to bind up the wounds of that war altogether with friendship and brotherhood.


The ugly side of twentieth century history: the Armenian issue


We need to open our borders with Armenia and abolish the necessity of passports and visas. Let us embrace our brothers and remove the damage that has been caused by a one-hundred-years-old fascist spirit. A lot of blood had been shed on both sides. This has been brought about by the ruthlessness of fascism. Let us show the whole world that we have put an end to this scourge.


Statements of Adnan Oktar regarding Zionism and the Holocaust


What the Nazis did was pure evil. Jews are calm, peace-loving people


Response to the allegation of Holocaust Denial


The Armenian genocide allegations are fallacious. One cannot call a war 'genocide, war is called war. Both sides sustain loses in war. What does genocide mean? If one side does not take arms and fight, and the other side comes and annihilates them; then this is called 'genocide'.


The British deep state got the idea of carrying out genocide on the Turks from Darwin


Unite to stop Rohingya persecution


No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas


No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas


No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas


Travel ban not a solution to terror threat


Crimea Crisis can be turned into an Opportunity


The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State


The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State


Crimea Crisis can be turned into an Opportunity

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