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Setting forth the final opinion about Cyprus


Setting forth the final opinion about Cyprus


Turkey: We will freeze ties with EU if Cyprus given 2012 presidency


We would never give a drop of Cyprus


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 March 2012


Our Sheikh Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi an-Naqsybandi al-Haqqani q.s. (qaddasallahu sirrahu) is the light of Cyprus, he is the light of Mediterranean. He is the Qutub al-Aqtab.


Our Sheikh, our Sultan, His Highness Sheikh Nazım Al-Qubrusi is the adornment of Cyprus. Mediterranean is beautiful with him.


Sheik Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani is the beauty and wealth of Cyprus (03.01.2013)


Cyprus: Can we untie the knot this time?


Turkey: A country at the center of energy corridors


Energy sources cannot be used unless peace is attained in Cyprus


Sane approach must to resolve Cyprus issue


A new hope for Cyprus


Turkey and its red lines in Cyprus


The cynicism of realpolitik


Focusing on the real solution for Cyprus


We have lost all our territories in the Abdulhamid era. He sold Cyprus to the English for 98.000 gold.


There is a document written in the handwriting of Abdulhamid regarding how Abdulhamid ceded Cyprus to the British in exchange for money


The Bomonti beerhouse was opened in Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s rule. The archival records of the palace demonstrate that wine was brought into the palace from Cyprus during his time.


The current Cyprus issue started when Sultan Abdul Hamid II handed Cyprus over to Britain in exchange for 98,000 gold coins.


There are documents showing that Sultan Abdul Hamid II gave Cyprus to Britain in exchange for money.


Sultan Abdul Hamid II gave Cyprus away to the British Deep State in exchange for gold coins.


Many issues are known erroneously about Sultan Abdul Hamid II era. Cyprus was given to Britain in return for gold. Both in Palestine and other places, settlements for Jews were established during Abdul Hamid II era. Theodor Herzl was backed up during Abdul Hamid II's era, he was included in consultations. It is possible to see this in letters he wrote. Many are unaware of these facts.


At the time of Abdul Hamid, Cyprus and Palestine were sold against payment. They have the wrong information about the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid.


Theodor Herzl lived in the Ottoman palace for six years and assumed a role acting as a consultant at the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Theodor Herzl was consulted on matters of the state and Cyprus was sold to the British Deep State against payment in gold.


The Ottomans lost the most extensive land at time of Sultan Abdul Hamid. He gave away Cyprus in return of 98,000 gold coins to Britain in his time.


Abdul Hamid sold the Palestinian lands to the Jews and, received gold in return for Cyprus; these are documented by handwritten sales contract. It was only two years after he was crowned in 1878 that Abdul Hamid sold Cyprus. This has no aspect to advocate.

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