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A Call For Unity

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A call for unity - 2

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A call for unity - 1

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A Muslim feels no anger towards any nation en masse, he intellectually stands only against those individuals involved in persecution

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Allah likes love, not bloodshed

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A broad scaled prayer was made in Israel for the coming of Moschiah, that is the Mahdi (pbuh). That is really very good masha'Allah. Muslims in Palestine should also gather and pray saying "O Lord send Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to us." Both in Israel and in Palestine people should pray to Allah saying "Lord, turn the whole region into a sea of peace."


A Muslim would be a man of peace, a man of love. One should keep love and peace; art and science constantly on the agenda, uninterruptedly.


A Muslim should not be ambitous about his belligerency, but his pacifism. Muslims should solve problems with compassion and love.

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As people who advocate peace, we need to be very strong willed and resilient in the face of difficulties. Hardships should be our joy. And we will strive to correct those people who are in error with compassion.


All power belongs to God. Peace is not something impossible, founding friendships is not impossible. But one needs to be very well intentioned; one should not be after his/her own interests. If related parties have an ambition for their own interests, fight is bound to happen. In the system of the Mahdi everything can be solved with love because the system of the Mahdi is not after personal gain and interests because it is sincere.


Assad's license to kill with conventional weapons


Anyone who approaches with good intentions, anyone who wants love, peace, beauty, friendship, anyone who wants the world to live benignantly would be our natural ally. We would of course support all such people with science, knowledge and with ties of brotherhood.


Adnan Oktar: "Let us make peace and unite so that the world will turn into Heaven on earth”

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America can bring peace to the Middle East with cultural activities, by supporting the system of the Mahdi (08.01.2014)

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A Cry for Help to the U.N. from Rohingya of Myanmar


Arbiters have always achieved good outcomes by reconciling Muslims (13.03.2014)

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