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Islam is the fastest-growing religion in London

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It should be very well emphasized that atheist and communist citizens can enjoy an utmost freedom, comfort and security in this country.

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It is needless for atheists to be troubled with criticisms. I am merely showing an effort for those atheist friends to go to the Heaven as well. I want them to have a peaceful and comfortable life. Normally I could have completely ignored them but we are the only ones among religious circles who approach atheists and communists with compassion.

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It is also God Who creates the Atheist Association (26.04.2014)

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Imam Mahdi's (pbuh) method of communication will convert atheists into Muslims

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It is important to protect not just a single group or movement, but all people including atheists, the irreligious and others.


It is very wrong to oppress an atheist. An atheistic person honestly reveals his stance. In cases of oppression, people turn to hypocrisy.


It’s not an offense to be an atheist. One may have difficulty in believing in God, but the conditions for him to say this out loud should be provided.


I respect atheists and agnostics. They honestly declare that they cannot believe and do not act dishonestly.


I do care for and feel compassion for our atheist brothers as well. They can come see me whenever they like and ask questions.


I have never approved atheistic Freemasonry and always made my intellectual stance against it very clear.

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