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Yigit Bulut

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Darwinists' great shame over their claims of chance


The invalidity of the claim that ''moral understanding exists from birth, you cannot ignore an actively existing concept''


The invalidity of the claim that ''objecting to evolution stems from a standard psychological unease''


The invalidity of the claim that ''the fossils known as transitional forms have been retracted because better ones have been found''


The invalidity of the claim that ''transitional forms do not mean deformed living things''


The invalidity of the famous Darwinist claim that ''useful mutations do exist.''


The true face of the claim that ''everyone in the world believes in evolution''


The invalidity of the claim that ''evolution has nothing to do with chance''


The invalidity of the claim that ''RNA is the forebear of life''


The invalidity of he claim that ''the probability calculations regarding protein formation are wrong''


Responses to the claim that peptide bonds can be established in the laboratory


The invalidity of the claim that ''the fact that species may change little or not at all does not disprove evolution''


The claim that Darwin was a scientist and evolution is a science


No Darwinist is really a Darwinist at all


The invalidity of claims regarding ''deep impact''


Time to remember a huge claim


Yiğit Bulut: Erdoğan is the Most Patriotic Leader in Turkish Republic's History


Yiğit Bulut is a brave young man who advocates beautiful and beneficial things.


Yiğit Bulut: The Road to the Destination Runs through Love


Yiğit Bulut: The body doesn’t have a head, that’s why it cannot rise

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