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The invalidity of the claim that mutations miraculously give rise to evolution


The invalidity of the famous Darwinist claim that ''useful mutations do exist.''


The Evolution Impasse 1


The collapse of evolution


The Repairer DNA Precludes Evolutionists' Mutation Scenarios


The claim that 'natural selection makes conscious selection' is one of the worst frauds in history


The idea that 'mutations cause evolution' is a falsehood




How perfect had Allah created the species of living beings! Sunlight, ultraviolet may be a damaging light, it has to ruin everything. Indeed the generation must proceed toward abnormality. But it definitely never happens. Does genetic perfection continue for 350 millions? There is not even a miniscule change.


The people of Hell ask, “I was seeing with my own eyes, what happened to them?” Were you not believing in chance? Were you not believing in mutations? Mutation blinds the eye. You say it is coincidental, yes that is what has exactly occurred.


Eyes are miraculous organs. They claim that they come into being as ordinary organs as a result of mutations. An ordinary process cannot be the cause of their existence. An ordinary process can only make you blind. Mutations can only make you unable to walk. Mutations can only cause blindness, deafness. They can only destroy existent systems and do nothing else.


In hell, the bodies of those who advocate evolution and creation by coincidence will look malformed and distorted as if they were created through mutation just the way they claim to exist in this world.


Mutations are detriments that occur in the genes of the living beings. Mutations cannot bring about a new species or cause one to evolve into another.


99% of mutations are harmful and 1% are ineffective. It is scientifically explained that even those 1% ineffective mutations are proved to be harmful in the long term.


Evolutionists confess that the probability of a useful mutation is like shooting at the motor of a car and expecting it to work better.


99% of mutations are harmful while the remaining 1% are neutral, and proven to produce harmful effects in the long run


Famous evolutionist admits: Mutations do not lead to an evolutionary development

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