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The truth that Darwinist bus posters confess: Darwinism = Atheism


There will be no war between Iran and Israel, it is inappropriate to occupy the agenda by falsified news


Britain's 'September 11'


Atheist freemasons got into a flap


Atheist masons are in a state of panic


Why Darwinism Is Incompatible with the Qur'an


The collapse of atheism


The collapse of atheism


Prof. Robert Davis, from Glasgow University, warned that the Scottish curriculum is “under pressure” of atheists like Richard Dawkins


“Joining the Shanghai Group without having Islamic Union would mean joining Asia’s ruthless and bloodthirsty mafia”


The communists have a spirit of oneness that Muslims currently lack.


Atheism is very widespread in Europe, churches are all empty. Darwinism and materialism wreak havoc on the world.


China is a country who experienced the torment of Darwinism-materialism, the pain of atheism.


It is also God Who creates the Atheist Association (26.04.2014)


Those who accept the moment when time and space did not exist must also embrace Creation


According to the Qur'an, how should believers struggle against disbelievers?


Atheism has started to regress in Israel. It used to be very strong before. After we have distributed the Atlas of Creation in Israel, after we distributed our books in Hebrew, the return to religion has picked up speed. A return to religion has picked up speed in Europe and in the US as well; we've been instrumental in that.


The only reason behind all the bloodshed around the world, the Islamic world falling apart, Muslims wreaking havoc on each other, the sufferings, the rapid spread of homosexuality and atheism, the power of Darwinism is the English shadow state. All the countries around the world should expose the English shadow state.

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1-18 / Total: 18
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