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Treatise of Light

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The significance of the year 1956 in terms of the end times

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The significance of the year 1956 in terms of the end times

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The Sayyid Issue in the Risale-i Nur

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The year 1956, in which highly significant political and natural events took place, also represents an important time in terms of the lifting of the ban on the Risale-i Nur collection, which had been banned until that date

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The Prophet Jesus (as), Hazrat Mahdi (as) and The Islamic Union

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There is no other scholar who explains Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as detailed and as perfect as Bediuzzaman. The details he has given about the Mahdi (pbuh) are amazing.


The Collection of Treatise of Light is a most beautiful work, it is very endearing. It is most beneficial for all Muslims to read it.


The state of those who do not have a copy of Treatise of Light collection is like that of those who do not have water in their homes.


There is no one else in the World who talks about the system of the Mahdi as rational as we do. It is never been explained based on sources in an undeniable fashion with proofs from the Treatise of Light, from the hadiths and from the Qur'an in anywhere else.


There are some people who try to hinder Prophet Jesus’ (as) coming although they claim that they are the followers of Treatise of Light

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The original style of Treatise of Light is amazing. It has a special spirit of discourse, a spirituality. Simplifying the language of the Treatise of Light is not at all acceptable for us.


The explanations of Mr. Arınç have the flavor of the Treatise of Light in them. It was a very nice speech.


Treatise of Light is a very refreshing very beautiful work. Those who read the Treatise of Light from cover to cover really becomes very mature. They gain a very beautiful perspective towards the World, the incident and think highly of people.


The Treatise of Light consists of magnificent books. The Treatise of Light should certainly be read everyday. It should be kept handy. The undistorted, true passages of the Torah and the Gospel should also be benefited from.


Those who read the Treatise of Light from cover to cover and perfectly understand it attain a distinguished reasoning. They become totally different personalities with their reasoning, with their judgments and submission to God. But that happens when they really know the Treatise of Light, when they internalize and perceive what is written inside.

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