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Middle East

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Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Yori Yanover, December 18, 2009, USA


USA, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Joel Richardon relating the end times and Hazrat Mahdi (as), January 10th, 2009


Darwinist corruption in Arab countries


How Islamic Union will affect the economic development


Switzerland, international relations and security network (isn), an interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Dorian l. Jones, 1st of March 2008


Middle East trusts in Turkey


We will build the Middle East together


You be leader of the Middle East


Turkey back to the region where it was ejected 100 years ago


Turkey is the opportunity for the peace in Middle East


Turkey is an opportunity for peace in the Middle East


Middle East trusts in Turkey


We are waiting for the descendants of Ottoman


Solution in Middle East is Turkey's leadership


There has never been peace in Middle East after the Ottoman


Visas are being lifted in almost all parts of the Middle East


Visas are being lifted in almost all parts of the Middle East


We will build the Middle East together


Turkey back to the region where it was ejected 100 years ago


Turkey is the opportunity for the peace in Middle East


Turkey is the hero of Middle East


Turkey is again the negotiator in the Middle East


Turkey is the natural leader of the Middle Asia and the Middle East


Turkey is the natural leader of the Middle Asia and the Middle East


Articles 1


The Middle East in the end times


Islam: The light illuminating the world


Answers of Mr. Adnan Oktar to the questions of Mr. Ryan Jones from Israel Today, June 23rd, 2010, Israel


How will the awaited ottoman model come?


In the light of the hadiths of our Prophet (saas), what will happen in the Middle East in the end times?


The messiah dajjal has secretly started work


Islamic peace throughout history


Turkey Should Be Included in the Middle East Quartette


According to the Middle Eastern Nations, Turkey is the role model


In Lebanon Prime Minister Erdogan proposed a Middle Eastern 'Schengen Area'


The birth of the New Middle East


In growth, Middle East Union will quintuple Europe


The 'Middle East Union' is being set up


''Turkish Peace''


The age of Turkey is at hand; the World talks on Erdogan’s Middle East tour


Turkey will become the health center of the Middle East


Turkey can't be indifferent to the Middle East


Turkey Should Be Included in the Middle East Quartette


For success in Middle East, it is essential to listen to Turkey


The White House is getting prepared for the Islamic administrations in the Middle East


Turkey is the key actor in Middle East


According to the Middle Eastern Nations, Turkey is the role model


Ahmet Davutoglu: ''The Union of the Middle East is an outcome of our natural history''


The birth of the New Middle East


Israel starts to demolish the walls


''Turkish Peace''


The purpose is to be a peace envoy in the region


New York Times: The Turkish influence in the Middle East is a growing factor


Never without Turkey for The Middle East


We need your leadership


Turkey: The sole leader state in Africa, the Middle East and Asia


Burns: Turkey is the most powerful country in the Europe and the Middle East


Daniel Levy, Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation / USA


Turkey Will Be the Leader of the Middle East


Saakasvili Praises Turkey’s Role in the Region


Time to remember a huge claim


Ahmet Davutoğlu: “ The borders in the Middle East must be removed”


The destiny of the Middle East and Asia is such that they will be saved through the system of the Mahdi.


Middle East Conflict


The unity of Islam is a great ideal. It is the ideal of all of us, of all the Muslims. It is the common policy of the Middle Eastern countries.


Lack of quality is very widespread in the whole Asia and Middle East, and because of that lack of quality they are being crushed. Quality should be improved in all Islamic countries.


The discrimination in between Shias and Sunnis should be wiped off the region and Shias and Sunnis should embrace each other. The system of the Mahdi should be made an agenda and the unity of Islam should be formed. Actually the region is like Heaven. Iraq, Syria are all historical places, there is an amazing flora in the region but because love and friendship does not come into play, the region has turned into a living hell.


It is Islam that will deliver the Middle East. It is Islam that will bring welfare; it is Islam that will bring joy. People will be happy with religion.


A system that embraces the whole Middle East, China and Russia, feeling compassion to all and to America as well, a system that loves the whole World; that is Islam. It is a system that loves everyone, that favors everyone.


It is the belief in Messiah that is storming through the Middle East at the moment. The belief in Messiah lies in the origin of the war waged in Iraq and it is the belief in Messiah that caused the occupation of Afghanistan. The situation in Syria at the moment stems from the belief in Messiah as well. Belief in Messiah is one of the fundamental beliefs in Israel. It is the belief in Shiloh- Mahdi. Belief in Shiloh-the Mahdi is a true belief commanded by the four main denominations of Islam. It is a point of faith in the Shia belief.


How happy are the Americans, how happy are Turks, how happy are those who reside in Middle East.. the days Allah promised have come.


Pictures from Peace and Brotherhood Conference


It is not possible to govern Middle East without religion. Religion is the soul of the Middle East. You would be ruining Middle East with artificial intellectualism.


It is religion that sustains Israel, it is religion that sustains Middle East. You need to act respectful regarding religion, calm down and handle issues easefully by stepping forward with compassion and mercy. There is this tension of fight, this excitement of conflict, that needs to be calmed down.


Religion is the heart of the Middle East. Middle East cannot survive outside religion. And for thousands of years, Middle East did not live outside religion. I mean people cannot live without religion, they would die. The meaning of life would be lost. People would be devastated.


The world is not at ease at this moment, the Middle East is in a bloodbath. Not fear, but terror is going on in the Middle East at this moment. Without the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) that is what happens.


Making coups is an atrocious act peculiar to Middle East and Asia. It is a crude behavior which only takes place in 3rd world countries.


Egypt Will Be Calmed Only Through Democracy and by Adopting a Modern Understanding of Islam


The majority of the armies are organized against their own people in the Middle East, they are organized to make havoc of Muslims. Look at Syria, look at Egypt; they both are afraid from Israel yet they act like bullies when it comes to their own people.


It is not possible for Islam to prevail using the way of politics. Bediuzzaman says; "politics darkens souls." An intense politic ambition is observed in the Middle East.


Lack of quality is virtually swallowing people, it is ruining them underhandedly. For instance lack of quality that wreaked havoc in the Middle East, ruined Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria and is now attacking people in Turkey.


Staffan Nilsson - Former President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), ICD Advisory Board Member


America can bring peace to the Middle East with cultural activities, by supporting the system of the Mahdi (08.01.2014)


Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none


The Way Forward For The Middle East


Sectarian Conflicts and the Sounds of Civil War once more in the Middle East


The Unending Storm in the Middle East: SECTARIAN WARS


Religion is the other name for the Middle East. Religion is the spirit of the Middle East. Middle East wouldn't exist without religion. Life wouldn't exist without religion.


Some regions of the Middle East stink of dead bodies and cordite, and have become places where lack of quality prevails (24.05.2014)


Tribalized States Or Tribes That Are Effectively States In The Middle East


The right wing, conservatism, should not promote a life lacking quality. There is a mass of people who speak a lot and misinterpret rightist ideology most unbecomingly; because the Middle East is under their control, this darkness, this impure appearance can be widely seen in many places.


Time to reset basis for forging alliances


We agree with Tony Blair: Peace in the Middle East Is Only Possible through Education


Not a struggle against men or armies, but ideologies


Stopgap arrangements will not help Mideast


God is All-Powerful, and the US and ISIS, indeed, all are obedient to God in the course of destiny (24.06.2014)


Our Prophet (saas) Foretold the Current Events in Iraq and Foretold ISIS 1,400 years ago


A country with a strong judicial system is a safe country; such a country is one in which people live comfortably. If the judicial system is on a shaky ground, the whole country will be on a shaky ground. The judicial system is in an awful state in the great majority of the Middle Eastern countries.


The Christian Church in the Middle East


The Middle East Needs Love and Unity More Than Ever


In defending Palestine, the Middle East must abandon its weak and wretched mentality (21.07.2014)


The Islamic world is paying the price for ignoring Hazrat Mahdi (24.07.2014)


What is it that turns the whole world into a blood bath?


New conflicts have put the whole of MENA into turmoil


A growing threat in the Levant


We do not want any of the countries in the Middle East to be divided. The PKK will not be able to found an independent state in those lands; we won't allow it. They should forget about that.


The world is being designed according to the system of the Mahdi right now. When looked at carefully, it will be seen that the whole Middle East is being designed specifically for the system of the Mahdi. This is what lies at the root of all these wars, all these incidents.


The name of the new danger in the Middle East : ISIL


People in the Middle East have been tormented and oppressed for many years and ISIS emerged as a reaction to this


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear after a great terror among people throughout the world


The plots of the World deep state to divide the Middle East


The Pseudointellectual Sycophants of the Middle East and Asia


The Middle East Needs Unity


The PKK's aim is not democratic autonomy in the region, but an independent communist Kurdistan


The system of the antichrist is planning to establish an antichrist system in Turkey and ruin the entire Middle East with the people they turned into the followers of the antichrist. In the meantime, they don’t want to use American soldiers; they don’t want to use European soldiers. They want to use the Middle Eastern people they have turned into communists against their own people.


They want to suffocate Muslims in their own lands by making Middle Eastern people annihilate other Middle Eastern people. Because the PKK is a filthy, treacherous and fickle structuring, they found them to be the most suitable ones.


The USA Must Not Build A “North Korea” in the Middle East


We will never let Turkey be divided. The collapse of Turkey means the collapse of the Middle East. The collapse of the Middle East means the collapse of the whole region and that means the dawn of the Last Day.


When the Turkish state possesses the strength to bring order to the Middle East, there will be nowhere left that Turkey cannot reach, including the U.S. Let me say this openly.


Whoever feels an affection towards the system of the Mahdi, and feels an attachment to it, becomes exalted and gets stronger. That is because the geography of the Middle East is shaped according the Mahdi (pbuh), according to the system of the Mahdi.


Middle East countries are defeated and hurt only because they distanced themselves from the Qur’an


The US is in trouble, they are fed up with the presidential system and they want to rid themselves off the presidential system. The Parliamentary system is the wisest of all. The countries that have presidential systems in the Southeast or Asia have all turned into dictatorships and either ruined their people, or bloodily collapsed and ruined their leadership.


Asian and Middle Eastern countries governed under presidential systems have collapsed and been divided into smaller states


Our Prophet (saas) foretold the sequence of the incidents occuring in the Middle East in our time


You have no attachment to the Moshiach, meaning the Mahid (pbuh), but the whole Middle East revolves around that. Whether you like it or not, that is the case. The foreign policy of the U.S. is shaped in pursuance of Moshiach, the Mahdi (pbuh). So is the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia and of Iraq.


Iran, Turkey and the future of the Middle East


We need to eradicate racism in The Middle East


Iran and Turkey to bring peace to the Middle East


Who is US ally in Middle East?


US’ fatally flawed policies


Iran and Turkey: A Common Legacy that will Shape the Region


Turkey being in difficulty, the Middle East being in difficulty is a condition for the plan of the system of the Mahdi, I mean it is the requisite of destiny. All these events take place as a requirement of this plan and they will continue to take place. The partitioning of Syria, the partitioning of Iraq in the End Times are all related with the system of the Mahdi. That can be seen clearly as a light when we look at the hadiths. That is as clear as crystal, that is explicit.


Who Is The West Arming In The Middle East?


For a lot of people, death of a Middle Eastern is less significant than death of an animal


What will happen in the Middle East before Mahdi becomes visible


The 'fire' spreads to the West


Shifting Balances and Maintaining Control in the Volatile Middle East


The culture of Turkey should cease to be Middle Eastern and become European


If the bigoted appearance in Turkey increases, it would turn Turkey into a Middle Eastern country and crush her tragically. They would do exactly what they have done to Syria and Iraq. But if Turkey attains a European appearance, she would find her value and be appreciated by the whole world.


It is very important that Turkey has a European appearance. See that even the most conventionalist, most Orthodox ones want to go to Europe and like Europe. That means theirs is a way of life that is more suitable to human nature. There has to be arts, there have to be beautiful roads, beautiful buildings, beautiful people. Life should be beautiful. That is how human nature is. If what they have been saying was true, they would have gone to the Middle East, to Egypt, to Pakistan, to India or Iran. But they don't. Furthermore some of them hate it there, they don't want it in any shape or form.


If we become a very modern country, a very enlightened country, if we attain the highest levels in the rights of women, if we become outstanding in arts, science, aesthetics and quality, we would become the strongest country in the world. Otherwise we would be a country that inevitably remains in the chain of Middle Eastern countries. Everyone would walk all over us and we would be devastated, may God forbid.


Can order come out of chaos?


Foes to Friends


Turkey-Israel: Promising Alliance for Middle East


Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live conversation with Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani, the Founder of Syrian Liberal Democratic Union on A9 TV (January 7th, 2016)


Why plans for redrawing the Middle East will fail?


Israel-Turkey: A hopeful alliance in a divided Middle East


Middle East should be Far from the Madding Crowd


We need to be a very modern European country. This is something our government should emphasize the most. Without modernity, there would be no progress in science, in arts. Without modernity we would not have any military power. We would become a classical Middle Eastern country and collapse gradually.


The main idea across the Middle East revolves around the system of the Mahdi. Evangelicalism is entirely rooted in the system of the Mahdi. The CIA bases all its actions on the system of the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi is also the main philosophy of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS, and of the whole Shiite world. The entire Sunni community espouses the system of the Mahdi. Everything happens within the context of the system of the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi is the main reality in the world. The Middle East is currently being shaped round the system of the Mahdi.


The real cost of Middle East wars


For everyone’s sake, support for the PKK-PYD should be abandoned


PKK sees the whole Middle East as their enemy. Their threats towards KDP prove how immoral they are


Let us join hands to defeat the plot against the Mideast


They aim for a benumbed, insentient youth instead of an energetic, vigorous one. Through the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic mentality, they want people’s brains and souls to decay; they are corrupting their nature and trying to turn them into misogynists. They are destroying the [idea of] feminine beauty. And this is how they sneakily devastated the Middle East. People should not fall in to this trap.


Once upon a time there were Christians in the Middle East


The Spiritual Bridge connecting the West and the East


Middle East’s incessant wars must come to an end


Will the elimination of IS solve all the problems that the Mideast faces?

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