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Darwinist Propaganda

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The evolution of the horse series is a fraud


Why are Darwinists so determined to humiliate themselves?


The Darwinist techniques of clamor and demagoguery


Evolution surveys under the monopoly of the Darwinist dictatorship


Darwinists: 'We admit it... The story of bird evolution is a lie!'


Darwinists 'common ancestor' deception


Darwinists' efforts to cover up living fossils is fraudulent


Darwinists insistently do not like the imaginary ancestor of humans, which they fabricated, to be called “ape”


The invalidity of the claim that there is disorder in the universe and the world


The evolutionist tradition of concealing fossils


The invalidity of the claim that new species evolve every year


The true facts about the fictitious 'missing link' Ida that Darwinists never mention


Britain's 'September 11'


The deception that there was no oxygen in the primeval atmosphere


The invalidity of the claim that mutations miraculously give rise to evolution


Darwinists could not speculate on the platypus


The Dark Spell Of Darwinism


The collapse of evolution


Evolution International (


Never Plead Ignorance that Evolution is a Deceit and Allah Creates Everything


Channels That Only Show Animals’ Savage Aspects Are Engaging in Darwinist Propaganda


There is no solution to terror apart from scientific struggle. This struggle is to be started from the textbooks of the Ministry of National Education. Scientific truths should be put in them. The youngsters who have been misinformed up until now should be given the correct information as well.


If the textbooks of the state openly say; "the universe has been created by coincidence," that would cause the resentment of Allah. Abundance would not come upon that country. There would be restlessness, anarchy and terror. More than restlessness, may Allah forbid, Allah might inflict scourges, sufferings and troubles upon that country.


The only thing that Turkey must do to get rid of PKK terror organization is to show courage and emerge as the sole country that unilaterally puts an end to the Darwinist education.


The Pope should before all else put an end to the Darwinist propaganda done in Vatican.


There can be no national awareness in young people who are ignorant of the scientific response to Darwinism and materialism (07.06.2014)


Darwinist Propaganda Techniques


So long as the state continues with Darwinist propaganda, so long as the textbooks of the state continue to say "There is no God, there is no Book, there is no religion, there is no faith" under the influence of Darwinist philosophy, so long as they say, "The existence of Heaven and Hell is not true, they are giving you incorrect information by saying that they exist," in books, the power of the PKK would increase.

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