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The biological clock in plants


The Signs Leading To Faith


Deep Thinking


The miracle of seed


The blessings around us - for children 9


Signs of creation


Autumn leaves represent ecological balance


Bediuzzaman calls the students of Mahdi "sacred flowers."


20 Trees, 152 Thousand Flowers to Taksim


Special systems that increase plants' endurance against drought


Strong plants that can withstand difficult conditions


The world of plants


The signs in living things


The miracle of talking birds - subtitled -


Did you know these things about cocount palm?


The names of Allah 3


The beauty, innocence, purity, and fine art of flowers are the proof of the superior ethics of God.


One should love a flower, a mother, a cat, a woman as a manifestation of God. One should love nice scents, horses, every animal and everything as a manifestation of God. If one loves them only physically, it becomes the love of the flesh; and flesh has no lovable side to it.


I cannot understand how some people can look at the flowers and deny God. Flowers carry the mark of God's beauty.


Spring flowers are adorable. They are all conscious and blossom when God tells them to. They carry the mark of God.


Beauty of a fruit first comes with its bud, then the flower and the fruit. God will question each person of these beauties one by one.


All flowers and fruits come out of soil and all are knowledgeable of vitamins, minerals, color and aesthetic. Coincidence can never do this.


Flowers live in the most difficult conditions on the streets, but without soap or water, they are pure and clean. All are God's artistry.


All flowers tell us that God is the Supreme, God is the All-Mighty, that He is the ever Pure and the Most Beautiful One.


God says, “Love Me, love each other and never forget." God makes us love Him with flowers, butterflies, with humans.


In spring, all the trees are adorned like brides. Their efforts to grow and bloom are so sweet. Flowers are so beautiful as well.


Flowers have very thin roots underneath soil. With these roots they take potassium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals but leave the rest. Plants carry the metals they take via their roots using water. They know which matter to use for which color in which amount. Plants don't have any eyes but they paint their flowers like an oil painting. The borders of every color is pre-defined by the plant.


The existence of even a single flower is sufficient to believe in God.


Every flower knows the amount of iron and zinc it needs to take from the muddy soil and the amount it will use. It knows what is needed for every color. This is a miracle of God.


It is an amazing artistry that plants' roots, that have no eyes, no feet or hands, know what to take from the soil and form the harmony of colors seen on flowers with symmetry. Trees can produce many vitamins that cannot be attained synthetically and in a way that won’t be harmful to humans. The artistry of God is amazingly beautiful.


Once a flower is picked in Paradise, it is immediately created again on its branch.


A single branch and flower of a tree attest to God's art of creation


God's fascinating art of Creation

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