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Protein cannot form unless the cell exists as an integral whole


Deceptions regarding prion proteins will not save despairing Darwinists


The five essential conditions for protein formation


The invalidity of the claim that ''RNA is the forebear of life''


The invalidity of he claim that ''the probability calculations regarding protein formation are wrong''


Unable to Account for a Single Protein, Darwinists Now Place Their Hopes in Fossilized Footprints


The glorious irreducible complexity in the synthesis of a single protein


The Miracle of Protein


The collapse of evolution


Why are Darwinist journals ceasing publication one after the other?


What do Darwinists generally use to deceive people?


The invalidity of claims regarding ''deep impact''


Darwinists' ''Artificial Life'' Deception


Genome Research Is Demolishing the ''First Cell That Formed by Chance'' Claim


The question Darwinism and materialism will never be able to answer: what is the origin of life?


Why are Darwinists so determined to humiliate themselves?


Darwinists risking humiliation over their speculation on a single fossil pinky finger


Communication within the cell


Allah (God) breathed his spirit into man


Why proteins can not emerge by chance?




Even Dawkins has admitted that the existence of protein requires a sublime intelligence.


Darwinists should not be on thorns unnecessarily; they will not be called bigots when they say Allah has created proteins.


If evolution were a scientific concept, we would be the ones advocating it until the end anyway. We would look at the fossils and say that Allah has created us in this system. All of the 450 million fossils show that there is no evolution. A protein cannot come into existence through coincidences. Alright then, how do you come up with such a claim?


Our state should put forth the evidence that refutes Darwinism; they should open paleontology museums and exhibit million years old fossils. The fact that even one single protein cannot come into existence through coincidences should be explained in the textbooks.


The minimum complexity essential for Life


What is the main reason why Darwinism is a pagan religion?


The miraculous aspects of proteins


According to what Darwinism alleges, basically a single protein should form by chance


Within us there are intelligent people made out of the proteins


DNA and protein are interconnected. One cannot exist without the other.


There is great intelligence inside DNA also, since the spirit of God enfolds all places


The Myth of Evolution Again from the Top: “Let life start without protein, but not without sugar”


Darwinism should be taught in detail in school but the scientific response to it should also be given. Let us simply take fossils and display them in front of classes for students to see. That is it; we do not want anything else. Scientifically, it is not possible for a protein molecule to come about by coincidence; they should say this out loud.


Darwinism can be taught more inclusively, yet it must also be taught that a protein can never come into being by coincidence.


Because of a mental numbness, people cannot appreciate the wisdom in the protein. They regard this astounding marvel to be normal.


All scientists openly say that the protein molecule couldn’t have come into existence by chance.


Intracellular Molecular Machines That Perform Protein Care and Cleanup


Just as a computer cannot come into existence by chance, a cell and a protein cannot come into existence by chance. Some Darwinists only support the theory of evolution only for their own reputation.


There is no evolution in the creation of angels, jinns, devils or when people will be resurrected in the Hereafter. Humans aren’t created by evolution. 700 million fossils unearthed so far prove creation and show that evolution never took place. The formation of proteins proves creation and refutes evolution. The theory of evolution is unscientific.


The theory of evolution has nothing to do with being scientific. It explains existence of everything with 'coincidence.' Sixty separate proteins must simultaneously exist to form a single protein. Only this fact ends the theory of evolution that insists on coincidence. We say, 'Let fossils be displayed.' They say, 'No.' Can there be a scientific theory that fears fossils. Darwinists are trying to ban science.


Darwinism must be explained so that the youth can learn what superstitions are, but the scientific response of this superstition must also be given. Fossils and the structure of the protein must be explained in schools.


In Response to Michael Skinner: Epigenome DOES NOT PROVIDE NEW INFORMATION to the DNA


Most people who support the theory of evolution support the theory without knowing anything about evolution, fossils or protein formation.


The theory of evolution is a pagan superstition from the Sumerians and ancient Egypt. It's unscientific. Darwinists panic as they realize this fact. Protein's structure is very complex like lace. Other proteins are needed for a protein to be formed. This can't happen by coincidence.


Scientifically not even a single protein can come into existence by chance. Saying living beings formed by chance is irrational.


Structures of molecules are woven like lace. Not even a single cell or protein could come into existence by coincidence.


It is scientifically impossible for a single protein to come into existence through coincidences. Evolution theory cannot even account for the formation of a single protein. Evolutionists should go and buy barrels of protein powder and wait for millions of years for life to appear; no living being would come up from that. There is a being inside the brain that sees without an eye and hears without an ear. The evolutionists should investigate who this being is.


Fossils must be exhibited at the halls of all schools. Protein structures must be displayed on schemas. Young people can decide whether evolution is true or not for themselves.


Protein synthesis in the cell is a miracle


Plants pick the right ingredients in exactly the right amounts from the soil and places them in equal amount in all the fruits and vegetation. God creates them so skilled; no factory could outsmart them. No human could match the skills or precision of plants. God allows them to recognize every mineral, vitamin, and protein and choose these all in correct amounts.


Ribosomal Quality Control


Allah's Art of Color


700 million fossils prove the invalidity of evolution. There is not a single fossil proving evolution. It is impossible for proteins to form by chance.


DNA: A Glorious Marvel of Creation

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